What is the meaning of the cervix is ​​too tight

As everyone knows, a lot of examinations are required during labor, and then the doctor will determine whether the pregnant woman has a normal delivery or a C-section based on the results of the examination. I believe that many women will be a little confused when they are told that the cervix is ​​tight, so what does it mean that the cervix is ​​too tight?

If the cervix is ​​too tight, it cannot be delivered in a normal manner during delivery. Although it is not a disease, it will suffer more in miscarriage or childbirth. There are many reasons for the tightness of the cervix, such as heredity, or it may be caused by dysplasia in the later stage. If necessary, surgery is needed to expand it.

In addition, the tightness of the cervix can also cause pain. In severe cases, it will affect normal married life. The tightness of the cervix can also spread to the connective tissue around the bladder through the lymph, and affect bowel movements. In addition, when the cervix is ​​severely stimulated, women are prone to pelvic heaviness and even infertility. Therefore, women must attract attention.

Slight cervical tightness will be improved after having sex, while severe uterine orifice tightness must be treated by surgery Treated. After the operation, be sure to pay attention to personal hygiene, and eat some foods that are conducive to the recovery of the cervix, such as some fruits and vegetables containing vitamins, or foods containing protein and so on.