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This year’s Zhejiang college entrance examination essay with full scores suddenly set off a wave of reading comprehension and IQ testing for all people on the Internet.

The title of the composition is as follows:

Student Xiaoxin also read this work admiringly.

Modern society takes Heidegger’s phrase “all practical traditions have been disintegrated” as its target.

The expectations that originated from family and social traditions are losing their reference.

But in the face of the seemingly boundless sky of the future, I want to follow the life of Calvino “The Baron in the Tree” rather than revitalize it prematurely.

I am ashamed. I just entered the first paragraph of the article. Among these 85 Chinese characters, Xiaoxin wasThe two new words “嚆” and “翮”, and the three new words “嚆 Arrow”, “origin” and “zhenhu” are stuck.

Read the three sentences together, and the native language in front of you has gradually become unfamiliar…

1. “The writing is so gorgeous and so good, it must be my problem if I don’t understand it”

In order to conquer these eight or nine hundred characters, some readers brainstormed and annotated the article.

Some people take on the task of translating, translating the composition into daily sentence patterns online.

With the help of enthusiastic netizens, after concentrated and careful reading, Xiaoxin probably understood what this composition wants to express:

We aspire to be independent and free people and have ourselves for the futureHowever, we cannot ignore that people themselves are “social”, and the direction and goal of our efforts cannot be separated from the influence of family and society on him.

You can choose to “live in a tree”, but remember to “always love the earth”-a person must have ideals and be down-to-earth.

It stands to reason that from a thinking point of view, this essay responds to the question set in the examination questions, and can score some points for the views on “the gap or dislocation between the individual and the family and society”.

Not only that, but in a short examination room composition, Heidegger, Calvino, Nietzsche, Ceslaw Milos, Wittgenstein and other famous artists and their works were mentioned in one go.

The amount of reading and knowledge required behind this is indeed not difficult for him to stand out from the same writing templates such as “Moving China’s good people and good things” and “Heaven will descend to the people”.

The dispute mainly lies in the way of expression.

The idea in the composition is not complicated or novel, it must be expressed in obscure language?

Are all the seemingly in-depth quotations used in the right place and properly?

For example, read the second paragraph of the article again:

Our passionate souls are naturally endowed with the pursuit of transcendence, disdain for the constraints of the old coordinates, and love the fragrance elsewhere.

But when this kind of expectation flows into an unthinking criticism of past concepts, and even moves towards nihilism and Dadaism, it is worthy of vigilance.

The gap and misalignment with order have never been a violation of order.

Even though we have a detailed blueprint, we still can’t hold ourselves to have set our own anchor on the top of the wave.

After simplification, Xiaoxin probably realized what this passage says is that in today’s society, there are more choices and more possibilities for human development. People begin to criticize the past without thinking, which also causes people today Hard to believe incode of conduct.

Some people say that after reading this composition, I read the feeling of the English reading test.

Obviously I know most of the words, but when combined, I don’t understand what the author wants to express.

Many people who eat melons complained about this composition as “unintelligible.” Some criticized it as too obscure and difficult to achieve the purpose of communication.

Some people describe it as “bluffing” and “showing off”. It is likely to give ordinary people the illusion that “It must be my problem if it is written so gorgeous and so good to understand.”

Some people also complain about the above-mentioned complaints. It is unreasonable to criticize the work because they cannot read it.

But in the final analysis, if the words of an article are not expressive and the basic meaning of communication is difficult to find, it cannot be considered qualified.

Second, “I give this composition full marks, but please don’t imitate it lightly”

Actually, the essay “Living on the Tree” was controversial as early as when it was graded.

On August 2, according to an article published on the WeChat public account “Teaching Monthly” of Zhejiang Teaching Monthly News Agency, in the process of evaluating the composition, the first scoring teacher scored 39 points, but the last two scoring teachers gave A high score of 55 points was given.

Finally, the essay review team gave a full score.

Chen Jianxin, the leader of Zhejiang College Entrance Examination Composition Marking Group and Associate Professor of Zhejiang University, commented on this article:

“From the beginning to the end, the logic is rigorous, the reasoning is in place, there is no extra nonsense, and all the citations are not to fill the appearance or fill the word count.”

At the end of the review, the scoring team leader also reminded everyone, “Of course, I do not want students to imitate the obscure.”

The academic community’s affirmation of this full score composition is not only an isolated case.

In an interview with @梨视频文化, Professor Yang Qingxiang of the School of Liberal Arts of Renmin University of China mentioned that the scoring teacher gave students full marks after review and re-evaluation. This move is worthy of recognition.

Professor Yang also said, “This is not to encourage everyone to write a composition like “Living on a Tree” in the exam, but to encourage everyone to write personalized according to their own interests and according to their own personality, not The same composition.”

First of all, as far as Associate Professor Chen Jianxin’s comments are concerned, there is a contradiction between the two things of “rating a full-point composition” and “not encouraging other students to imitate this full-point composition”.

The full score evaluation will inevitably lead to other candidates:

This essay is a sample essay, and writing an examination room composition like this can get a high score.

After all, the evaluation of the scoring team represents the official opinion. For students, in the environment of competition for examinations, aligning with high scores is about aligning with this writing style.

Some netizens joked that if this continues, it is expected that next year’s college entrance examination, all college entrance examination candidates will write “Bourdieu Field” in their composition. After all, any exam question can fit this concept.

Professor Yang Qingxiang of the National People’s University encourages students to write personalized essays. Of course, the starting point is also good. I hope that students will not be bound by the so-called composition template, and don’t just think about writing “eight-part essays in the examination room.”

But “personalization” is a very flexible and very vague concept.

What kind of expression can be called a personality? What are the criteria for “individualization”?

There were individual candidates who used classical Chinese to write composition in the examination room, utilise ancient characters, have literary talents and thoughts, and finally received the olive branch of a prestigious school in a different way.

But if it is to attract attention and pursue individuality, such an approach will be slanted. The college entrance examination examination room has not never seen such examples.

In the 2009 college entrance examination, an examinee in Sichuan wrote an examination room composition using ancient characters like oracle bone inscriptions, bronze inscriptions, and seals that most people do not understand.

Unlike this year’s full score essay, people who understand it can appreciate its profound meaning. As soon as the ancient characters of the Sichuan candidates appear on the scene, the scoring teacher may be confused:

I can’t read this text.

For grading, the scoring team first asks experts to translate the text of the composition into simplified characters, and then evaluate the level of the article.

In the end, the ending of this article is not like “Living in a Tree”. Due to the wrong essay, the candidate’s score is “probably only a few points.”

Sichuan ProvinceA sociology expert from the Academy of Social Sciences once told the media that if the student over-behaved, he might be suspected of spoofing.

Three, a good article and an excellent test composition may not be the same thing

After “Living on a Tree”, which was spit out with deep rhetoric and academic vocabulary, became popular, an examination room composition in the Jiangsu Roll in 2007 was also mentioned again.

Some people say that a good article should be plain, simple, simple but powerful.

The text does not need to be cryptic and forcibly dazzling, and the words can also make people feel the sincere emotions.

Whether this “Thinking of the Sky” is a good article, of course, is a matter of opinion.

But in the evaluation of the college entrance examination that year, it was considered not a good composition for the college entrance examination.

The first scoring teacher scored 36 points first, and just passed; the second review teacher gave 42 points, a score located in the middle of all students; based on the difference between the first and second reviews, plus the third teacher’s score Judging 39 points, this composition scored 37 points.

Until the review stage, Professor He Yongkang, the head of the Chinese scoring group for the Jiangsu College Entrance Examination, discovered this article and finally gave it 54 points.

If there is no later revision, it is at most an examination room composition that has just crossed the passing line in the evaluation criteria of most grading teachers.

Such contrast may mean that a good article and an excellent test composition are not the same thing to a large extent.

After all, in terms of writing a high-scoring essay, a person has been set up a certain writing training path since the primary and middle school stage, and his assessment is also limited to a certain frame.

Limited space is not without benefits. It means becoming a so-called “excellent” with more patterns to follow.

For example, by your own means, you can stand out in a short scoring time and attract the attention of the scorer.

As Weibo netizen @云中上师 said, if this full score composition candidate really caters to something, then maybe that kind of pretentious wording and sentence construction is the result of the current style of writing advocated since middle school, the difference is only this One candidate used a more infrequent or more “good-looking” vocabulary and a more “advanced” citation, which is essentially an upgraded version of this style of writing.

To some extent, the seemingly different “Life on the Tree” fits perfectly with the elements of high scores.

This is how the writing class is taught, and so is the assessment.

In that case, is this perfect essay a good one? Is it important?

This article is from WeChat official account:There is a university (ID: youjian-university), author: small new students, editor: long johns, layout: chestnut shell