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Even if you haven’t learned any martial arts, everyone is qualified to laugh at Taekwondo.

“Don’t say that taekwondo is useless. A friend of mine has been learning for 8 years. The last time I had a fight with someone, I ruined another 50,000.”

Most people’s misunderstanding of Taekwondo originated in elementary school, thinking that learning Taekwondo can change their class status. Even if they can’t beat the strongest boy in the class, they will at least not be bullied by girls.

“In elementary school, the weakest classmate in the class practiced taekwondo during the summer vacation and came back to class in a kimono. I thought he learned to find me revenge, and was afraid for several days. But the only violence that occurred In the incident, Banba snatched his robes from the toilet and wore them for several days.”

This misunderstanding is in the one who puts on the Taoist suitWhen you reach the peak, you feel that you can already play. Although the experience in the course is similar to that of physical education, and when you learn the trend, it is the same as broadcast gymnastics. But the difference between you and your previous self is that you have it. Self-confidence to be proficient in a martial arts.

For more than ten years, a large number of Taekwondo training class flyers have always occupied every bicycle basket at the entrance of each elementary school. The Olympic math, calligraphy, and other interest classes have all been eclipsed. It seems that only Taekwondo is the strong choice.

When the boys in the class laughed at me for having a vaginal discharge, I only held the dream of being a hero in the street to save the United States, and laughed at these little boys for not knowing that I wanted to be on the top ten people in China.

But when the news broke that those black belt coaches who had been studying Taekwondo for more than ten years were killed by the group, anyone who did not forget their original intentions will find that the fist and embroidered legs they learned back then can’t help you fight at all.

“I tied the taekwondo idiot to the telephone pole with his yellow belt.”

When I grow up, those who have studied Mathematical Olympiad will settle their accounts, and those who have learned chess can also have two moves with the boss, and those who have learned Taekwondo can only be considered polite, after all, the only thing that can be remembered is bowing. Up.

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