Xiaoqian woke up from a nightmare, breathing a little hard, a drop of sweat slid down her cheek.

There is a wall mirror in front of the bed. In the darkness, Xiaoqian’s face is a little haggard, and her eyes are full of dark circles.

This is the third month after her boyfriend’s car accident, and I have nightmares almost every night.

At that time, he was by her side, supporting her tightly. When she woke up, the doctor told her that he had passed away and his injuries were much more serious than you. She almost collapsed, pulling the doctor’s clothes frantically and stubbornly saying that he was not dead, he would not die.

As if it was still the same as yesterday, he was lying next to her, whispering sweet words in his ear, with his meticulous care and gentleness.

Today, however, people take the tea cold.

Thinking of this, tears overflowed into her eyes, carrying her dumb pain and sorrow.

There is also despair. Despair for love.

The next day she went to burn incense. A nun caught her when she saw her and said, “Your lover has not left you because his wish has not been fulfilled.”

She was shocked when she heard that, and she thought that this man is really a god. So I asked her what should I do. www.guidaye.com Ghost Story

The nun nodded and gave her a red incense, very thin, very fragile, and very special.

She held it in her palm for fear of breaking it accidentally.

The nun said that this incense allows you to see him. So you have to finish talking before the incense burns. If he still can’t solve his problems, he will have to wait another hundred years before he can be reborn.

Then she lit the incense that night, sat on the sofa, and looked at the empty and quiet room suddenly feeling a little depressed, and a little nervous. What will he look like?

When Fang thought of this, he vaguely saw a man in a black suit coming out of the wall. He was faceless at first, but Xiaoqian was not afraid, she was so in love he. How can I be afraid.

The man sat on the sofa opposite her, his facial features gradually revealed.

Xiao Qian was taken aback, covered her mouth and started sobbing. The man seemed a little surprised, surprised that the focus of her eyes was actually on herself. Then I heard Xiaoqian choked and said: “You go, we have no chance in this life, we have to get together again in the next life. I don’t want you to be reborn for me, so we won’t be happy.”

The man was stunned, quietly condensing her for a while, and then finally with difficulty, he nodded slowly and left.

The incense burned quickly, and after it was over, sheTrembling back to the bed, she was in a trance for a moment, the love she insisted on finally ended in such an unexpected ending.

That night she fell asleep until midnight. In her dream, she was walking in a dark alley. There was a man on the other side of the alley. Xiaoqian thought it was him and ran over happily, but she couldn’t run to the end anyway. She felt someone behind her, and a chill came from the ground. Jump up, spread from the soles of the feet to the whole body.

Looking back, it turned out to be a huge monster. Its body was rotten, with a human face, but a huge mouth, filled with painful and struggling evil spirits, they tore each other and screamed, hysterical. The monster approached Xiao Qian. She wanted to run, but she couldn’t move her body.

Xiao Qian was immersed in a nightmare, but she didn’t know that a “person” was sleeping next to her. The man had no head, only a smoking lower body that seemed to be scorched. After a while, Xiao Qian began to scream, clutching in the air with both hands weakly. Something slowly emerged from the man’s neck. At first glance, it was a spider, then it turned into a praying mantis, and then a Gu eagle. It was ever-changing and endless.

This “person” is a badass. She likes to create nightmares for people, but the nun said something wrong. www.guidaye.com Ghost Story

In fact, it is not only her boyfriend who really followed Xiaoqian, but also-the evil demon.