Editor’s note: The experience on the road is indeed scary. Some strange things always happen. The plot can be more detailed.

In this world, many strange things may happen every day, but not everyone can encounter them, and I would never dream that I would experience them myself. Such an incomprehensible horror and weirdness. To this day, when I think of this encounter, I feel terrified.

  It was a night in late autumn a few years ago, and the miserable sky seemed to cover a huge black cloth. When the hour hand pointed to midnight on time, I got off mid-shift and rode a motorcycle back home. My home is about 30 minutes’ drive from the factory where I work. Even just half an hour, it makes me afraid every time. In addition to being timid and afraid of walking at night, the main reason is that I must pass through. There is a large deserted cemetery along the road. Every time I walk here, my scalp feels numb and my legs tremble. Tonight is no exception. Seeing that terrible cemetery is close in front of my eyes, I began to fluster habitually again, and hurriedly increased the throttle and rushed forward desperately. The world seemed dead silent, and only the wind in the ears howled sternly with the roar of the motorcycle engine. This cemetery is too big, it seems that I can’t get rid of it. Almost next to the road, there are several new tombs with wreaths all over them, dancing in the wind like terrible ghosts. I felt a bit cold in my back, and subconsciously raised the speed to the limit and rushed forward like crazy. I wanted to go home quickly and didn’t want to stay here for even a second. www.guidaye.com Ghost Story

At this moment, I suddenly noticed a white shadow rushing out from behind a grave pile in front. Flopped on my wheel, I yelled out in shock, and the handlebar was beaten like a ghost, and the white thing rushed past my front wheel. In an instant, I saw that it was a huge white cat. I took a breath and my heart was beating as fast as a drum; the cold sweat was already on my forehead, but the matter was not over yet. Just as I was in shock, suddenly I heard a scream of cats piercing the night sky from under my wheel. I was so shocked that I almost fell off the car. I stopped the car abruptly, and through the light of the rear headlights, I finally saw the body of a black cat of the same size. The flesh and blood of the same huge black cat had been crushed by my rear wheels. It was so terrible to see it, and what made me scared was its two. The eyes were still intact, staring at me tightly. I felt cold all over and I took a breath and didn’t dare to look at it again. It rushed out like an arrow on the gas.

Along the way, the dead black cat and the two weird eyes kept in my mind. I obviously only saw a white cat, but where did this black cat come from? It’s not my fault, I didn’t mean it, I didn’t see it. I comforted myself like this. I finally got home. The clothes on my body were already washed like water. I felt weak and sluggish all over the bed and fell asleep. ThisNightmares continued throughout the night. When I opened my eyes, it was three poles in the sun, and I was helplessly climbing up and thinking back to the last night’s panic. I think maybe I should eat something to supplement my physical fitness. Thinking of this, I opened the door to buy breakfast. The moment I opened the door, I fell into the room like an evil spirit. It was too horrible, too incredible, too weird, because I saw the body of a black and bloody black cat in front of the door, with its two eyes open and staring at me. This, this is not the black cat I crushed to death last night and who is it? But how did it get here? The more I thought about it, the more scared I became, and I lost consciousness when my eyes went dark. www.guidaye.com A Complete Collection of Ghost Stories

When I woke up again, the black cat was gone. There was only a pool of blood that had turned black. I worked hard to clean the blood stains and burned two pieces of yellow paper, which was a kind of comfort to the black cat. Then I quit my job in the factory, and the road that frightened me has never traveled since.