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“Spent millions just to make the idol name a place, what is the picture?”

I believe many people have had such questions in the past few days.

A Weibo moving drama lasted vigorously throughout August. By September 1st, the dust finally settled. In the end, THE9 members Xie Keyin, Zhao Xiaotang and the 13th finalist Zeng Keni moved successfully, and the hard candy girl Zhao Yue, a member of 303, failed to move.

This is the most lively move this year, and it’s even out of the circle. Many people were surprised by this virtual move that cost millions of real money, but we saw helplessness and sadness in it.

What is the move that makes fans miserable passers-by? Today, FUNJI is here to chat with everyone, Idol Weibo moved to a blood and tears history.

What is moving: It costs money and effort, but also moves to fight for the tone

Speaking of moving, it is actually just moving around in the star power list. Compared to the influence of Chaohua, the star power list is not particularly important. For users who do not follow stars, this list does not even have a sense of existence.


From the emergence of the concept of “moving”, it has become a battlefield for talent show fans. As early as January 2018, there was a malicious swipe of the list, and the new star list was suspended for one month.

And the emergence of the 101 series of internal entertainment drafts will undoubtedly push this war to a fierce heat.

The popularity of the “101 series of draft sequelae” makes fans pay special attention to rankings, whether it is endorsement sales or Weibo control reviews, fans must compete. At the beginning of the draft, the idols did not have too many works or endorsements to allow fans to prove their strength, and the move naturally became the best outlet:

Is idol debuted at a high level? Moving proves TA is worth it! Idol made a low post? Move first to let TA get the ranking it deserves! Idol did not debut? Then move ahead of the debut group to prove that TA is no worse than anyone!

In the eyes of Xiu Fan, moving is not only necessary, but also a step ahead.

In May 2018, Chen Linong, who debuted in the second place of “Idol Trainee”, and Fan Chengcheng, who debuted in the third place, had a frontal battle. At that time, only champions could move on the new star list, and flowers were still in unlimited supply at 2 yuan per flower. In the end, Chen Linong successfully moved, and Fan Chengcheng didn’t make the list naturally until November 2018.

The first important turning point in the history of moving occurred in July 2018.

Still from NINE PERCENT. Two fans, Huang Minghao and Lin Yanjun, had an unprecedented battle for the move. Everyone in the restaurant circle asked “what color is July”. The competition was so fierce that the new star list was temporarily revised at the end of the month, from only the champions can move to the top three to move out of the new star list, and the upper limit of flower delivery was also set.

According to the data released by Lin Yanjun’s data station, the two companies have already spent more than 6 million yuan on the flower delivery alone.(1 Flower=2 admiration value=2rmb).

In August 2019, Weibo adjusted the flower delivery rules for the second time. This time, users can no longer directly spend money to buy flowers, but can only get them if they are members. Sending flowers has become a member benefit, which actually greatly increases the cost of sending flowers to users. This is also the direct reason why there will be a support club in August this year with low-priced annual membership members to attract non-fans to send flowers.

There were also celebrities who had objections to the move. For example, Zhang Yanqi, the first idol to oppose the move in internal entertainment. After learning that the fans were moving, Zhang Yanqi expressed his opposition to the matter on his Weibo. After the successful move, Zhang Yanqi also fulfilled his promise and insisted on doing charity projects every month.

However, “Zhang Yanqi-style moving” is rare, and it has not changed the phenomenon of moving.

The next turning point is the moving battle that just ended. The “Four Crazy Moving Houses” in August finally ended the battle, but it seems that the animalization phenomenon of the idol community seems to be spreading from person to person.

No, at the beginning of September, Yasaki seems to be ready to move.

After the draft every year, moving has become a painful thing for fans and idols to entangle.

Higher data, greater presence, the passion for fan team building, the original intention of moving, and the advancing and retreating of idols and fans in this matter seem to have no choice at all.