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The old artist has been dreaming about one thing every day recently: When I retire, I must be like the old man in Beijing, carrying the bird cage and wandering around.

Don’t believe me, how much does Beijing Master love to walk the birds?

There is a saying in “Yenjing Miscellaneous Notes”: “There are many people in the capital who raise birds, and the idle walkers on the street have eagles, those who have cages, and those who hold a small pole and tie a small bird to make it, and there is nothing to do. , Must be carried in and out.”

When you are wandering around Beijing now, as long as you go out early enough, you will be able to see a group of old men pulling the birdcage in the street park, old alley or Shichahai, and there is a sound of chirping.

However, the uncle Beijing has recently met his opponent-“Fear of the Wind”·No feelings·Bird Walker·Uncle Belgium.

△Belgian masters walked the birds to make people “fearful”

They didn’t put the bird cage there and spread their hands with one hand and they were all done, but they were focused and focused on counting the birds.

Even if you are sitting in a wheelchair, hanging drips, and your wife shouts to go home for dinner, you will turn a deaf ear to it. It is bound to be clear that you can count the birds in front of you.

On the degree of “boring”, the Belgian master may be slightly better.

1. Fighting birds, the Belgian uncle is fascinated

Don’t look at Belgians being serious, always in suits and ties. Once people get older, they have to do some confusing behavior. The Belgian man is no exception.

When you visit northern Belgium, you may see a “weird” scene:

A bunch of old Belgian men carrying stools consciously kept a distance of 6 feet(1.8 meters) on the country roads, facing the The wooden box chanted words, and from time to time he drew a stroke on the long wooden stick in his hand.

△They just sit for an afternoon/futilitycloset

This is not a religious ritual, they are all doing the same thing, fighting the birds (Vinkensport).

Every summer, in the fields, seashores, trenches, roads, broken bridges, and abandoned railroad tracks in the Flemish region of Belgium, mountains and white-haired old people will grow up in the same place, forming the “Great Wall of Human Flesh.”

The next thing they have to do is simple, one person, one bird, one stool, one stick, that’s enough.

△If the note is wrong, this bird will end up worryingly

Don’t think that these old men are not doing their jobs. This is the traditional intangible cultural heritage of the Flemish region of Belgium. It has been an ancient folk movement that has been maintained for more than 400 years. The earliest record was held by Flemish merchants in 1596.

The old artist even doubted that Flemish merchants invented the sport entirely because of difficult business and too much pressure.

△This tells you that it is sports? Non-still picture

But having said that, although it seems that there is no technical content, it is really not just for fun. For “Fighting Sparrow”, every old Belgian man is stubborn.

In order to create a warm and comfortable environment for the birds, they have to install artificial lights from February and listen to the recording of “susk-e-wiets” to correct their pronunciation.

“Harm, there is actually no successful experience. I think it depends mainly on talent.” Philip Santens, the owner of Chaffinch who has won 5 games.(Filip Santens) said so.

Actually, behind his back, he was secretly listening to “Guns and Roses” heavy metal to his finches, feeding high protein foodWhen boring to the extreme, it derives a strange sense of happiness and humor.

Second, Belgians, mostly boring

Belgians are mostly boring. In fact, they never avoid this.

Belgium itself is a very “boring” country.


The 30,000 square kilometers of land is tightly sandwiched between the Netherlands, France and Germany. Only the North Sea in the northeast can take a breath. In history, Belgium has also been “changed hands” through the Netherlands and France. , Germany and other countries’ rule or occupation.

Belgians who speak Dutch, French, and German are also fascinated by their own national identity. People who speak different languages ​​often fight each other and cannot understand each other.

△Belgium is tightly sandwiched by the Netherlands, France and Germany/google map

It’s hard to make people’s hearts beat faster at the first sight of Belgium.

From the dull, flat beach in the northWhen you reject boredom, and even begin to accept and appreciate “boring”, the benefits of boredom are highlighted.

boring, the original is really useful.

First of all, when Belgium’s “dull” label is famous, tourists’ expectations for it will be greatly reduced, but they will often be surprised.

The British tourist Lisa said, “It’s amazing. When I traveled to Europe, I only thought of France and Germany. Belgium was just a way out of my plan. However, I was subverted.”

The vitality and beauty of Brussels, the artistic and literary atmosphere of the three major cities of Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp.

△Ghent/unsplash in Belgium

The Belgians are all low-key and connotative: from the amazing accuracy of the medieval Dutch master Jan van Eyck, the arrogance of the Baroque school Rubens, to the unknown genius Leon Spili Yate’s symbolism.

Here, there are always uninterrupted beer and the rolling Ardennes. You might see a Belgian just after get off work walking on pebbles.

In Belgium, there is an inexplicable “childish but simple” happiness.

△The cost of living in Belgium is not too high in Europe/unsplash

Furthermore, the cost of living in Belgium is not as high as that of the United Kingdom, France, or Germany. Someone once launched an interesting survey: When you hold £1 million(about 9 million RMB), how many years can you live in different countries in Europe?

Denmark is 17 years, France and Britain are 19 years, and Belgium is 23 years.

The happiness of having money and nowhere to spend, I really want to feel it.

Whether you are retiring or making friends with Belgians, you can experience the boring fun. There is no need for comparison, pressure and catching up. What you have to do every day may be an hour in a daze.

△In Belgium, even if you lie bored all day, you can be happy/unsplash

One of the reasons why old artists like Belgium is that in Belgium, boredom is never a derogatory term.

You can do meaningless things as you want, whether it’s fighting bird fighting, fishing on horseback, or spreading omelettes. This will not waste your time or your life.

Be happy, it’s over.

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