Author: Gu pull the wind, editor: Zhong Rui, design: Zhuangcong Ting, title figure from: Vision China

Whether you are curious about “what is that person in your heart thinking” “do we have a chance to get back together”, or you want to know “what kind of person is the next love partner” “when will sweet love be my turn”, open Searching for “divination” at station B, there are millions of young people like you, seeking answers in the divination videos.

On station B, the #塔罗# topic has been viewed more than 16 million, the #constellation # topic has been viewed more than 19 million, and the number of views has exceeded 200 million. Searching for “interactive video”, “sexual orientation test”, “other half traits” and other “metaphysics” topics also occupy the top.

“Fortune-telling in the earth” is like gossip and feng shui, and “fortune-telling in foreign countries” has constellations and tarots. Human curiosity about unknown destiny will never disappear.

When we watch the divination video on station B, what are we watching? What do the fortune-tellers who “do not eat the fireworks” live on?

“Emotional Trash Can” and “Life Planner”, two sides of a fortuneteller

“When a customer called me, he was already standing on the roof,” Gin told the CBNData consumer station (hereinafter referred to as station C) , “I hit 110 to save her.”

Gin once studied under a fortune-teller in Japan and started his own fortune-telling business after returning home. Having been in the industry for more than ten years, in his own words, “There is nothing that can surprise me anymore.”

Gin revealed to station C,In divination, emotional problems accounted for 70%, “followed by career, wealth and luck, and then others.” When he continued to make divination videos, feelings were also his focus on choosing topics, “I also want to teach theory, but (Video) The effect is not good, so everyone likes to watch entertainment topics.”

Gin’s video “Choose a set of cards to see your peach blossoms in three months”

Fortune-telling videos of this kind are called “mass divination”. The fortuneteller will extract several sets of tarot cards during shooting. The information corresponding to the cards may belong to any viewer watching the video. The fortuneteller usually adds a sentence when explaining, “The result of the card is for reference only. You can select the part that corresponds to you and listen.”

In fact, the accuracy of public divination is quite limited.

UP Master and others believe that the main function of public divination is “healing.” “A basic criterion I give myself is that you should not feel more uncomfortable after listening to what I have said, otherwise the significance of this activity will be It’s wrong.” She named herself “and others” because she wanted to pay attention to every “existence that cannot be clearly defined” as much as possible.

and other videos “The Characteristics of the Next Peach Blossom”

From the reference quotation of Huoshao Cloud Data, UP owners who make original fortune-telling videos have more commercial value than distributed UP owners.

In view of the characteristics of fortune-telling bloggers, it is actually a bit difficult to “just eat” in the video. A small number of UP owners will use the official account or Weibo to divert traffic to their stores, and the sales of goods are mainly crystals or divination tools that “adjust energy”.

UP owner “Surra_Tarot Fengfeng etc.” recently launched a set of self-made tarot cards, priced at 108 yuan, 240 pieces per month, and it is already one of the best sales in many fortune-telling bloggers’ shops.

Most divination bloggers still rely on traditional one-on-one divination to realize their cash. For example, “Lisa’s Divination Channel” accepts divination appointments through its Taobao shop. The price is divided into two levels, 333 yuan and 520 yuan, and the store’s praise rate reaches 100%.

There are many divination bloggers who rely on the platform.

Gin told station C that before making the video, he was a head fortuneteller on the “Zezu Zodiac” app, and the charge was in minutes. The specific charging standard of the test constellation depends on different fortune-tellers. Basically, one question requires 10 to 60 test coins. On the iOS side, 68 test coins need to be recharged at 98 yuan.

From a solo fortune teller to becoming a self-media, it is the common path of many fortune-telling bloggers.

In 2016, Cai Yuedong, the founder of Constellation’s media fellow uncle, cashed out 178 million yuan and transferred the IP of his fellow uncle, which is considered to be one of the most successful cases of capital intervention in the “metaphysics” track. “Constellation does not ask for help”, “Chen Maoyuan Constellation”, “Constellation Goddess” and other constellation media have also obtained financing.

The clients that a single fortuneteller can cover are limited. If a group of fortunetellers gather together, an industry is naturally formed. Apps such as “Testing Constellation”, “Zhanxin”, “Odd Island”, “Mocha Constellation” and “Xingzhizhi” were established based on this logic, and they have also been favored by capital.

If it must be classified, divination should be regarded as “mind consumption”. The foundation of this consumption model is trust and support. From this perspective, there may be a natural conflict between divination and commercialization. Even with the support of capital, these “metaphysics” entrepreneurial projects may not be able to reach the end. The “Wonderful Dreamland” APP, which focuses on dream interpretation, received an angel round of financing in 2015, and was finally suspended in 2019.

Uncle fellows didn’t get out of the circle by the content of the constellation, and his main attack direction has been changed toEntertainment interview. The talk show “Hello Star” owned by Uncle Tong Dao has more than 2.2 billion topic views on Weibo.

Head companies and platforms are still trying to clarify the business model of fortune-telling, while the majority of fortune-telling bloggers are more inclined to get satisfaction from their current lives. “I haven’t been to work, because I’m lazy, I don’t want to use the official Taobao store,” Gin described his daily life to station C. “Every day I arrange one or two private divinations and make videos, and one day will pass. .”

And others even regarded herself as a video blogger, “My undergraduate degree is in movies, so making videos is no stranger to me.” She feels that divination is just an entry point for making videos by herself. , “I want to make a video about Tarot cards but not limited to divination.”

She doesn’t consider investing full-time in fortune-telling, but uses her account at Station B as a collection of works that has been slowly accumulated so that she can find a job in the future. “I’m taking a’materialist astrology’, like In the movie “Arrival”, the focus is still on the process of experiencing in it.”

It is not only a social conversation resource, but also an emotional outlet. Constellation and Tarot endure for a long time. This may not be enough to become a large market with a scale of hundreds of billions and trillions, but it is a long-term business opportunity.