After all, the family’s wife is even more worrying, but thinking about the 2000 yuan remuneration fee, Wu Hao hesitated. After all, in order to have a child, his wife has quit her job. The family’s life depends on Wu Hao. Not much, but for a poor doctor who hasn’t worked for long, it is a lot of money.

After thinking about it, Wu Hao nodded and agreed. Putting away the mobile phone, Wu Hao walked to the entrance of the hospital and stopped a taxi, and hurried to the funeral home.

The funeral home of Director Zhang is not far from the hospital. Wu Hao arrived ten minutes later. The sky was completely dark at this time, and there were a few muffled thunders from the gloomy sky. , All of this seemed even more permeating in front of the funeral home.

In the morgue illuminated by the incandescent lamp, a corpse was lying quietly on the morgue, but strangely, the abdomen of the corpse stood tall, like He was a fat-bellied old man, and Wu Hao felt sick when he thought of this.

Seeing Wu Hao walked into the morgue, Director Zhang immediately smiled and walked to Wu Hao, patted Wu Hao affectionately on the shoulder and said, “You can count Xiao Wu. It’s here.”

Curator Zhang is a thin middle-aged man. He looks handsome and bleak, with a pale face with a slightly sick appearance, so he is very suitable for a place like a funeral home.