Once upon a time, in our Tujia cottage, where p was poor and backward, living in the era of slash and burn, the school desks were made of a wooden board and a few stones. The toilet is the same. Make a big hole in the ground and put two wooden boards on the hole. It saves materials and costs less investment, which is simple, convenient and feasible.
  Here is a very naughty student named Hu Lao Er. I like pranks the most.
 One night, he sneaked into the school and saw the plank on the toilet pit, sawing the plank to be broken, and then turned the plank over and placed it on the toilet pit. Then write on the wooden board what Hu Lao Er saw in white rock. When the teacher accidentally got up to go to the toilet at night, he fell into the toilet all of a sudden. The teacher was puzzled, puzzled, why this wooden board is so useless! Was wondering or who saw the plank off and did all the wicked things? Either only his second child can do it. Only he can think of such a tricky idea. When I got up the next morning, my dear, he even dared to leave his name as Hu’s second child. It really is him. It’s strange to see if I didn’t fix it today.
The next day, Hu Lao Er came to the school, the teacher called him to the office and asked: “Yesterday, you saw the wooden board on the toilet. Tell me honestly, otherwise you will have a hard time today.” “What is the toilet? The plank! I don’t know!” “What do you mean? The plank on the toilet is sawn off, good fellow, with your name written on it. Don’t you dare to say that you didn’t do it. Who did that.” Teacher, God’s reason and conscience, I didn’t do it. I’m not so stupid. If I did, why do I write my name? If the teacher did, would you write your name? Are you so stupid? Isn’t it? You won’t, do you? If that’s the case, wouldn’t I ask for hardship?”
 The teacher is speechless. There is no evidence to prove that he did it. Had to let him pass the sophistry. From then on he looked at him differently.
Once again, Hu Lao Er poured brown sugar into the bamboo knots, taking advantage of people not paying attention, to form a section, like a human pulling stool, and then put it section by section on the teacher’s desk. br>
 When the teacher took a look at class, who was playing the prank again! Actually dared to shit on the teacher’s desk, an unknown fire blew up from her head and said, “Who was shit on the teacher’s desk today and gave it to me. Every student reported it.” The classmates all talked: “It must be Hu’s second child. Only he will do wicked things. Teacher, let him eat. Who will listen to you in the future?” The teacher said: “Hu second child , What did you say today! All the students in the class said you did it. You must give me this rake today. Otherwise I will expel you. You are not allowed to step into the school. Don’t believe me , You try.” “Teacher, I can’t do anything if you say that, and I can’t find evidence to prove that it wasn’t me who did it. It’s hard to blame for the anger! Well, I have to eat it today, otherwise I won’t Have a good life!” The classmates watched Hu’s second tableThe shit was really eaten. The classmates laughed. Hu Lao Er said in his heart, you will eat shit tomorrow, don’t believe it, just take a look.
 On that night, Hu’s second wife really pulled a bunch of shit on the teacher’s desk in the dark. In class the next day, the teacher was angry. Furious. I asked Hu Lao Er to eat it yesterday. Who ate the leopard gall today! Pulled a shit on my desk again. It’s lawless. So he said in class: “It’s your second husband, who did it again today! Why don’t you remember anything like this! You hurry up and eat me again. Otherwise, I will kill you, an unrepentant fellow.” “Teacher , Do you think that shit is delicious? Do you think I am really not afraid? You even borrowed ten courage from me I dare not. Obviously I only ate shit yesterday. Am I so stupid? I won’t do it today . It’s up to you what you do with me. I ate the shit yesterday by myself. Today I have to eat a little bit by the whole class. This way I feel better in my heart. Then I will convince you. “The students had to pinch their noses. Live, eat a little bit for one person. Forget it.