1. There are too many leeks.
 In the era when young intellectuals went to the mountains and the countryside, the intellectual youths who were transferred from the city to the countryside, because of the disconnect between knowledge and practice, asked what they shouldn’t ask and did what they shouldn’t do.
 An educated youth spot, an educated youth who just arrived saw the production team leader and suddenly asked: “In addition to vegetables and potatoes, why are there so many leeks in the fields and fields in the production team?”
The captain said: “We grow rapeseed, oil crops, not vegetables, and potatoes. We don’t know what potatoes are. The ones that look like leeks are wheat. The leeks and wheat are well separated. The taste of leeks is very fragrant. Not fragrant. You can’t use young wheat as leeks.”
  2. Soap for washing lard
  There is also an educated youth who buys a few kilograms of lard from a food store. In order to eat hygienic lard, he takes the bought lard to the river to wash, but there is no way to wash off the dirt on the lard.
They think that soap can decontaminate, and as long as they wash lard with soap, they are not afraid that it will not be washed off.
 Some people hurried back to their residence and brought soap to wash the lard. No matter how they washed it, they couldn’t wash off the dirt.
 They asked the members, why can’t soap wash away the dirt on the lard?
Fang didn’t laugh at them, and sincerely told them: “The lard you bought back doesn’t need to be washed. There are other dirty things on it. First remove it by hand. Then use a kitchen knife to cut the lard into fine pieces and put it in a pot to refine the oil. , It’s better to refine until the lard residue is dry. The refined oil is very clean.”