President Ma of the Dashen Chemical Group, died of liver cirrhosis, and he was less than fifty years old. Many people regret it, saying that he has so much money!
  But Mr. Wu Dazui of Feng Shui in the village next to the chemical group said that Mr. Ma should have died long ago. Hades would be too unfair if he never died.
  Granny Li said, what did you say? People always want people to live longer.
  Wu Dazui said, he really deserved to die long ago, he ate too much.
 She said, what did he eat?
 He said, you know, this big factory was originally an enterprise in the county. I don’t know where it is said that it must be restructured and must be sold to private individuals. Originally it was sold for 60 million yuan, but he bought it for 30 million yuan. The Zhejiang boss gave 70 million yuan, but the county did not sell it, but sold it to him.
 She asked, what’s in it?
  He said that he must have exhausted all his methods and have forcibly consumed tens of millions of dollars in the country.
  After listening, she nodded, feeling reasonable.
  He said that in recent years, the factory has grown bigger, but the tax he paid to the country has been reduced by more than half. So you treat the workers in the factory better, right? After all, this factory is an asset accumulated by hundreds of workers for decades. After the enterprise became his private, he apologized to the workers. Let alone half of the workers laid off, the wages of the workers who go to work are pitiful. You know, didn’t some workers rent some land in our village to grow vegetables and food, and they worked hard?
 She thought about it, eh. It’s too mean.
  He said that Mr. Ma, a bastard who drank the blood and sweat of workers violently, was another way to eat more.
 She said, yes. Wu Dazui, you really know how to count.
  He said that a lot of money went into his pocket, and he did not see any good deeds. Even the pollution fee in our village, he now only pays half of the past. I heard that he had two mistresses and a few illegitimate children. I heard that there are houses in the provinces, cities, counties and even Beijing. How much Moutai did you say he drank? I heard that after he knew that his liver had a problem, he couldn’t drink Moutai anymore, so he drank several thousand yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan a bottle of red wine. How much food is discounted for this bottle of several thousand red wine? At least half a ton, right?
 She said, yes. Half a ton of rice can only sell for a few thousand yuan.
  Wu Dazui said, the ancients said that a person can only eat seven tons of food in his lifetime, which is the highest quota. He may have eaten the eighth ton of grain. Why didn’t the king let him die?