Hu Jinke and Yan Baorong are a couple of doctors. They still work in a hospital, of course not in the same department. Hu Jinke is in obstetrics and Yan Baorong is in pediatrics. Although the two are in their early 30s, they have become business backbones because of their outstanding work.
 They have been married for four years and already have a lovely daughter. Although the daughter is cute, in Hu Jinke’s heart, she always feels that her daughter is inferior to his son, and because he can only give birth to one, his heart is not balanced. Because of the imbalance, it will inevitably be brought out in the beginning and the end.
  After Yan Baorong heard this, he felt that Hu Jinke was complaining that he had not had a son, and was a little unhappy, so he said: “Hu Jinke, blame me? I have no boys and girls!”
  But Hu Jinke does not think so, because since he had a daughter, he has been conducting research. Through research, he felt that the medical theory of giving birth to boys and girls is wrong, so he refuted Yan Baorong, saying: “That kind of statement is wrong and misleading. Do you know why you gave birth to a daughter?” Hu Jinke also asked Yan Baorong.
  “That was because I accepted your X sperm” Yan Baorong said immediately.
 Hu Jinke listened, waved his hand and said: “No, it’s…”
  “Why is it wrong?” Before he could say anything, Yan Baorong stopped him and asked.
 Hu Jinke went on to say: “This is genetic!”
  “What inheritance?” Yan Baorong asked.
“Oh, let me give you an example first. For example, when you buy sheep and pigs in the countryside, it is of course the mother. If it is a lamb and a pig, it is for calving. The buyer must ask the seller. How many pigs can produce in one litter, do you know why?” Hu Jinke said.
  “Why can there be more picks?” Yan Baorong said.
  “Yes, big ones produce more, but small ones produce more? This is heredity. And, this heredity is not determined by the public.” Hu Jinke followed up.
  “Hey, Hu Jinke, how do you compare pigs and sheep with people?” Yan Baorong was not happy to listen.
  “I’m just a metaphor, but the truth is the same.”
  “Absurdity!” Yan Baorong muttered.
  “Let’s talk about you now, look at your mother, the first child is you, a daughter, so your first child, that is, your daughter, this is the code that your mother has inherited from you, determined.”
“Nonsense, there has long been a clear conclusion in medicine that boys and girls are not in women, but in men.” Yan Baorong was a little angry and said tit for tat.
 Hu Jinke waved his hands again and said: “No, no!”
  “Why is it wrong?” Yan Baorong asked Hu Jinke, staring at him.
 Hu Jinke didn’t care whether Yan Baorong was angry or not, and said: “Why is it wrong? I did an investigation. I was born in Corey in the past six months.For babies, 72% of mothers copied her mother’s fertility rules. “
  “What, you say it again?” Yan Baorong asked as if he didn’t understand.
  Hu Jinke explained: “I mean, 72% of the mothers give birth to her mother how she gives birth.”
  “Why?” Yan Baorong asked again.
“I’m studying this question. According to the results of my preliminary research, it should be like this. That is, women have inherited the mother’s fertility code, and this code has the ability to recognize and select sperm. This code always follows Your own will, choose the sperm you need, and reject the sperm you don’t need. For example, this code is like the guard at the door. What kind of person lets in, what kind of person does not let in, let it come Decided. This genetic code in a woman is the guard who keeps the door.”