One day, Lao Zhou from the office took his elderly father to the bathroom to take a bath.
 He first took a shower for his father and helped him put on his clothes. He told him: “Dad, Zhuzi, wear it by yourself. I will come back after I go down and wash!”.
 After a while, he came up after washing and saw his father wearing only one sock, sitting there, and asked “Why do you wear a sock?”, his father replied: “Ah, one…”.
 Lao Zhou knew that his father was old, and it was useless to ask him, so he looked around, but no matter how he looked for it, he couldn’t find the missing child.
  Strange! He was there when he took it off just now! Why did you disappear after taking a shower? Lao Zhou felt cold, so he had to say, “Forget it, go back and change pairs!”
  So he put on his clothes and took his father back home.
 While changing his father’s zombie, he accidentally found the missing zombie. It turned out that the old father actually put two zombie on one foot!