A few days ago, the classmates had a small gathering. During the dinner, the topic was drinking. One of them asked the other: “I heard that your husband’s brother recently made a joke because of drinking. Is there such a thing?” , “Haha, there is such a thing”, so she smiled and narrated the following real interesting story
  Li Buqing (pseudonym) is a middle-aged person of about 50 years old. He lives in an ancient small town in Yangzhou area. He usually likes to drink and is often drunk and drunk. His wife can’t help him.
  This evening, he drank too much in the restaurant. I saw him, walking staggering forward, touching his head thinking about the way home, but he couldn’t think of it. At this moment, a person came across, and he immediately stepped forward and asked, “Excuse me, how can Li Buqing go?” Someone came to know Li Buqing and thought, don’t you know how to get to your home? , Play me? He replied badly: “I don’t know!”
Li Buqing continued to move forward, walked, and walked for a long time until he came to an alleyway. While looking inside, he thought, and said to himself: “Why can’t I find it? Did you move? “At this moment, Li Buqing’s wife happened to be out of the house, and she happened to see him at the end of the alley. When Li Buqing saw her coming, she said to her: “Eldest sister, do you know that Li Buqing’s house is there?” He looked like this, knowing that he was drunk again, so he said to him: “You asked the right person, come with me”, “Thank you!” So Li Buqing followed his wife to the house. His wife asked him to undress and go to bed, but he refused to live and die. His wife was in a hurry and came over to undress him. He pushed his wife away and yelled at his wife: “No, I can’t sleep on your bed, you Not my wife”. His wife was so angry and funny, he had to make a layup on the floor before he was willing to sleep. When he got up early in the morning, he suddenly found himself sleeping on the floor. He was puzzled. He asked his wife, why did you let me sleep on the floor?