Once upon a time, there was such a family who had two sons and they were stupid. Not only did they not know the words, but they also did not know the numbers. When the parents were alive, they depended on their parents. After their parents died, they no longer depended on them. They had to do everything themselves. No, Ersha’s clothes are broken, so he can only buy cloth by himself.
The cloth shop owner saw that he was second fool, knowing that he had a chance to make money. He knew that he didn’t understand anything, and asked the second fool pretendingly: “How many feet do you need to make clothes? How many feet do you need in total? Should I buy twill or Buying plain weave cloth?” Er Shao replied and just made one, and the others would just shake his head. The cloth shop owner glanced at Er’s stupid height, and suddenly tore off the cloth that was more for three clothes, and increased the price. Then he reported the money and passed the cloth. Ersha took out his purse, poured the money on the counter, let the cloth shop owner accept it, picked up the cloth, and said in surprise, “So much?” Not much, I can’t use it. You can put them at home to give birth.” Ersha was even more surprised, and asked the cloth shop owner: “The cloth will give birth to babies?” The cloth shop owner replied: “The babies under the cloth are clothes.”
  Er silly brought the cloth and looked for a tailor to make clothes. When the tailor saw Er silly took so much cloth, he knew that the cloth shop owner deliberately cheated him. He was happy and wanted to make a profit. Just ask Ersha: “How many feet of cloth did you buy in total? Do you know how many feet of cloth you need to make your own clothes?” Ersha naturally shook his head again. The tailor happily measured Ersha’s size, leaving all the cloth, and let Ersha pick up the clothes the next day.
 The next day, Er Shao came to pick up the clothes, and it happened to have a try. Wearing new clothes, he went home happily. The tailor took out the rest of the fabric and wanted to make himself a body suit. He just finished drawing here. He wanted to cut it, but he didn’t want to. Ersha came back, and the tailor hurriedly hid the cloth. Er Sha came to get the cloth, saying that there was still cloth left to make two clothes, so he took it back so that he could clothe the cubs.
When the tailor heard this, he wanted to laugh and be angry, so he anxiously told Ersha: “The cloth has been used up, and there is nothing left.” Ersha twisted his neck and said, “Yes, there are two miles left, you Can’t give it to me.” The tailor asked Ersha how many feet of cloth did he buy? How many feet of cloth did you use to make clothes? Ersha didn’t know, only shook his head.
 As soon as I heard the yelling, the neighbors gathered around. The tailor usually takes advantage of the neighbourhood’s cheapness. The neighbourhood loves face and it’s hard to tell him. This time, he was so silly that he was so angry that he took the opportunity to ridicule the tailor: “You shouldn’t cheat a fool. Ah.”
Now, the tailor became even more anxious. On the one hand, he asked the second idiot to the neighbourhood to make sure that he was not silly, and then asked the second silly, “You don’t know how many feet of cloth you bought or how many feet of cloth you have used. “” Er Shao replied. He really didn’t know whether the tailor was ignorant, he heard what others said. The tailor was secretly surprised: Could it be that Er silly came across a sensible person when he came to make clothes? But at this point, the tailor had to embolden himself and asked: “Who said that? You called him, and I asked him face to face.”He didn’t say anything, until he was pressing, he said that his brother stupidly said it. As soon as the tailor heard this, his heart fell to the ground, and he immediately asked Ersha to call Dasha, and he had to ask if he could get it right.
 Dasha is here, and the tailor asked him if he knew how many feet of cloth Ersha bought and how many feet of cloth Ersha would use to make his clothes? Dasha replied, he didn’t know. The tailor made no sense and yelled: “Then what do you say I am ignorant of the two silly two-body cloth?” Unexpectedly, Dashou was not afraid at all, and yelled at the tailor: “What are you yelling at? I have no knowledge. But my daughter-in-law has knowledge. My daughter-in-law figured it out and told me, and I told Er silly again.”
 Dasha’s wife is also a fool, but she is better than Dasha’s second silly. She can know one, two, and three, and can count the additions and subtractions within three, but those above four don’t know. When the tailor heard this, he was smug: Don’t you know three numbers? Dozens of feet of cloth, you can’t count the cold. So he said to Dasha disdainfully: “Call your learned wife and let her count it out in front of everyone.”
Da silly daughter-in-law is here. She is silly and has no scruples when she speaks. She tells everyone, let alone the second silly, she doesn’t know how many feet of cloth she wears for her own clothes, and she doesn’t even know the second silly buy. She didn’t know the number on the ruler, nor did she ever measure the cloth with a ruler. But she knew the star flower on the weighing pole, and she knew everything within three catties, so she knew that the tailor was ignorant of the two silly clothes.