According to the routine, I will introduce myself first. My name is Ma and my name is barrel. To put it bluntly, it is a toilet that everyone avoids. Why call me the toilet? No one told me, I think it was to be different from the rice bucket. The whole grains of other people’s decorations are the essence. Unlike me, a lot of dross, no need to guess what everyone knows. However, no matter how much the master ravaged me, trampled on me, I belong only to my master! Unlike the companions in public toilets, they suffer all kinds of human “insults.”
 If you do not believe it, the facts are proof. I remember one time, when the host came home, he rushed to me, and I was so touched that tears broke out in my eyes. You know, the owner usually goes straight to the bedroom when he enters the door, so how can he think of us first? As the master’s toilet, of course I am obliged to open my mouth, waiting for the master’s “reward”. Who knows, the master punched me in the face, and I had the “first intimate contact” with me, which made me quite embarrassed. Unexpectedly, when I said it was late, it was soon, and in an instant, the master poured heavy rain and threw up my stomach. Compared to the past master’s “golden feast”, I will never forget your great kindness.
 Later, the owner vomited all the things that should be vomited, not even the bitterness. The smell of alcohol rushed to my face, so I knew the answer. It seemed that the owner had a hangover. This is a red flag, but it’s a pity that I can’t speak. Thinking of the beauty of the past, someone would invite the owner to have dinner in two or three days. The owner, known as “A Thousand Cups Not Falling”, always beats the crowd in various dinners and wines. Because of this, the owner also gets a lot of “benefits.” Let me tell you a secret that is not a secret. The master has hidden a large amount of money in my stomach. If I don’t cut me a lot, I won’t even be able to find a god. I think this is called “hiding dirt and holding grime”.
  Another time, the host sat down on my face as usual, and I still waited happily for the host’s “bombing”. I waited and waited. After waiting for a long time, there was no movement, but I heard the master’s stinky farts gushing out one by one, making me almost suffocated. Fortunately, the owner was suffocated, his face showed blue veins, and his abdominal muscles tightened, expelling the “dirty” that stayed in the digestive system. It seems that the owner not only has poor liver function, but also poor gastrointestinal function. What should I do if I get tired if this continues. My dear master, you must know that “the body is the capital for making money”. If you fall, how should I live? I really want to pat your butt to remind you. Who told me to have nothing but a big stinky mouth; if you fall, how should those young and beautiful juniors enjoy? Master, my beloved master, can you hear my cry? …
 Recently, for some unknown reason, the owner never came to “take care” of me again. Suddenly there is no sign of the master, which is really unaccustomed. A few days later, I saw some people come to their homes to search for things. It turned out that the owner was reported, and the person who was subject to discipline inspection was invited to “drink coffee”.
 Now, where should I go? “One person has the Tao, the fairy and the toilet. “I don’t want to be born in the same year, the same month and the same day, nor do I want to die the same year, the same month and the same day. I just want to follow my master, where are you going? I will go wherever you are!
 Maybe it was all my wishful thinking, maybe it was all my self-love; later, the master boarded the classroom and I went to the garbage disposal site.