At noon, when Yuan Yuan, who lives in Building No. 6, took his little daughter home, he saw Uncle Qi, Uncle Lai and Uncle Xia who had moved in recently, sitting in the corridor and chatting. He asked his daughter to say hello. Everyone liked this. Elf ghost.
Uncle Peng asked her what her name was, and she said grimly: “My original name was Maomao, just now my father bought me a new name called Yuan•••••Yuan••••••”

  “Yuan Shengtai!” Yuan Yuan answered her daughter when she saw her daughter scratching her head in a hurry.
 Uncle Peng even boasted the original name of the original ecology well, naturally. At this time, she asked, “Where’s your name, Grandpa?”
 Yuan Yuan scolded his daughter for being rude, but Uncle Peng said that he could not treat the child like this. Only when she knew my name would it be fair. He said to Maomao: “My name is the loudest, it’s Peng Kacha!”
 When the elves listened to them, they danced happily, and yelled. Everyone was amused. Uncle Peng said that it was because when he was born, it was raining in the sky. After a click of thunder, he came to the world. At that time, his parents agreed that this was the name given by Lei Gong, so let’s call it Peng Kacha. Later, I just called it down and didn’t spend a penny.
 The little elf hopped up to Uncle Lai and said: “Grandpa, what’s your name?”
 Yuan Yuan scolded his daughter again and said, “This child is getting more and more disrespectful!”
 Uncle Lai said his name is not good. It turns out that the villagers have a custom of naming children. When the child was first born, he heard which creature called first, and called that creature’s name. Therefore, there were more than 20 people called dogs and cats in their village. And he was born on a quiet night, without the sound of a creature. His parents were very anxious. At this moment, two sounds of “groan, groan!” were heard from the low window outside the house. The old couple were overjoyed, but soon they frowned. Do you think their surname is Lai, so they can’t just call their son a toad, right? The couple pondered and pondered, and finally named their son Lai Kedou.
 Uncle Peng said, “It’s still a toad!”
“Grandpa is wrong,” Yuan Shengtai corrected: “Mom said the tadpoles will change, and the tadpoles who don’t listen to their mother will grow up to become toads. If they listen to their mother, they will become the frog prince when they grow up!” Squatting on the ground to learn the frog jump, this jump jumped in front of Uncle Xia, she looked at Uncle Xia, but did not speak.
 Uncle Xia smiled: “This little elf, don’t you just want to know my name? Grandpa told you, but you have to cover your nose to listen.”
 The little elf opened his eyes and asked, “Why?”
 It turns out that Uncle Xia’s mother gave birth to him suddenly in the latrine, which makes Xia Uncle’s father a headache. His mother said: Call Tianxiang! His father heard the fire: naming people is not only for the sake of calling, but also for the environment at birth.According to historical records, the latrine is obviously smelly, but the name is added to the fragrance. It is not seeking truth from facts. In the future, children will have problems with lying. Besides, the name of neither male nor female affects the fortune of wealth. As the saying goes: fertilizer is a treasure of the farm, farming Indispensable, I think it is called Xia Xia Bao!
 The little elf listened and was full of wishes, but she still sniffed and said mischievously: “Grandpa, your name doesn’t smell?