Director Ma has been sitting on the podium with a straight face since he walked into the conference room, watching the dozens of people below, large and small, without saying a word. The atmosphere in the venue was quite tense. No one can figure out what Director Ma is angry with today. Even Secretary Li, his old partner sitting next to him, is at a loss, let alone others.
 Seeing that everyone was here, Secretary Li whispered: “Old Ma, everyone is here.” Director Ma presided over the bureau meeting with a straight face.
 As soon as Director Ma spoke, everyone’s heart fell. They thought it was a big deal. Isn’t it just to emphasize the strict economy of three orders and five applications? The deputy directors and department heads, who were still nervously recalling whether there was anything wrong, were found by the director, and all of a sudden, smiles appeared on everyone’s faces, and many people habitually took out their mobile phones to send humorous text messages to each other.
 Seeing everyone’s attitude, Director Ma became angry. After Director Ma became angry, everyone realized that he was severely approved by the Commission for Discipline Inspection today because of the prominent waste of the unit during the financial inspection and the serious overspending of official expenditures. The inspection team will come to check the implementation of rectification in two hours. Under Director Ma’s power, everyone put away their mobile phones and studied seriously.
Deputy Director Zhang in charge of the office suggested that all printing papers should be printed on both sides in the future, which can save 5,000 yuan a year; Deputy Director Li suggested replacing disposable pens with refills to save 1,000 yuan a year; Deputy Lin The director suggested canceling the original plan to replace the computer for the special technical department, which could save 6,000 yuan… The meeting was very lively and ended successfully before the inspection team arrived. Through various detailed and even bizarre rectification measures that save electricity, water, and consumables, there is no diet, and it is estimated that 20,000 yuan can be saved every year. Everyone was very satisfied, only Xiao Li, who was in the technical department, thought with a sad face, how could that old computer handle so much business.
  After listening to Director Ma’s more than ten-page report on the rectification situation, the leaders of the inspection team were very satisfied, and the inspection work ended with the team leader’s high affirmation. The cadres above the middle level in the bureau accompanied the inspection team to dinner at the most luxurious hotel in the city, and then went to the karaoke hall after the meal. When bidding farewell, the leaders praised the rectification work in the bureau again under a drunken hiccup.
 The next day, Director Ma, with a swipe of a pen, signed four powerful characters on the receipt of more than 20,000 yuan-“Agree to reimburse.” Two weeks later, at the commendation meeting for the implementation of strict economy and rectification, Director Ma walked up to the podium with a smile on his face to receive the medal of “Advanced Unit for the Implementation of Economy and Reform and Reform”. The golden bronze medal reflected Director Ma’s smiling face. It was very weird. The people who attended the meeting that day were still fresh in their memories for a long time, and even the city leaders who presented the awards were shocked.