Recently, Amin asked his father to live in the city to show his filial piety. His father was bored so he changed the back garden into a vegetable garden and planted some vegetables.
 Soon, the full length of vegetables such as radish, cabbage, etc. grew. In order to earn a face in front of his father, A Ming took a job-selling vegetables.
 On Sunday morning, Amin took the ripe vegetables to the tricycle and went to the vegetable market on the tricycle.
 Because it was early in the morning and there were not many people selling vegetables, Amin soon occupied a “gemous land”. As soon as the car stopped, a fierce and strong man walked over. “Small man, weigh me fifteen catties of cabbage!” The strong man sat down on the steps behind A Ming and lit his cigarette. A Ming was overjoyed: There was a business right here, and it was a great start! Amin quickly put the cabbage in his pocket and handed it to the strong man. The strong man took the cabbage and was about to leave. Aming reminded: “Big brother, you don’t seem to have given money.” After the strong man heard this, As soon as the smoke spit, he drew a knife from his waist, and saw a cold light flashing, the knife was carved on a cabbage. A Ming was already in cold sweat at this time, and said tremblingly: “Big Brother, I…I was wrong, you…you…go away!” The brawny man He drew the knife and left with the vegetables. Seeing that brawny man walked far away, A Ming let out a sigh of relief: “It doesn’t matter if you lose the cabbage, fortunately, your life is still there!”
After a while, an old man riding a tricycle came to Ah P and said: “The vegetable seller, I have all your food!” Seeing that this person is skinny and without any lethality, Amin put all the food on the old man. In the car. A Ming just wanted money, but the old man left without looking back. A Ming stopped and said loudly to the old man, “Hey! Old man, do you want to buy’Overlord’s dishes’? Who do you think you are Ah! Pay quickly!” The old man turned his head and left as if he hadn’t heard him. A Ming was about to stop again, another vegetable seller stopped him: “Boy! You can’t offend him! His son is Chief Wang!” A Ming was shocked when he heard that Chief Wang belonged to Armin. My immediate boss! He didn’t dare to chase him anymore, so he went home on the tricycle with his head down.
After returning home, Amin’s wife, Xiaofang, grabbed Ah P’s ear and said, “You are a waste of money! Such a cart of food is worth a penny! Do you want to pass it?” “Wife, it hurts! Although I didn’t have a cart of food this time, I had experience. Didn’t you say that failure is the mother of success?” Amin quibbled. Xiaofang was still reluctant and kept making noise until late at night.
At noon the next day, Aming said to Xiaofang with joy as soon as he got home: “My wife! Good news! The Chief Wang was found out of corruption, and those who were violated can get double compensation! We got 1,000. Yuan!” Xiaofang was very excited after hearing this, and hurriedly gave A Ming a hug. Amin said triumphantly: “Wife, make me a good cup of tea! I have to talk to the neighbors about this matter!”