It is said that this is a few years ago. At that time, the construction of houses and houses in rural areas was not a matter of contracting, and they were all looking for help. Now to build a house, as long as there is money, the owner does not have to do anything. At that time, the first day I had to ask the person who helped me, and the owner had to cook and take care of the food. The hostess is not easy, and there is no steamed buns room. In the morning, you must mix it up in the morning to prepare steamed steamed buns. You have to choose dishes and prepare for lunch. Many women from neighbors in the neighborhood went to help with cooking. Sometimes it’s too busy to talk.
   A Yong’s family wants to build a house, and A Qi leads a group of people to help. At that time, there was no construction team, and they were all caught in a rush, and whoever was in charge would make arrangements. Archie is such a leader. Archie is so tricky, after drinking and eating at noon, he burnt millet soup. The millet soup was missing a bit, and Archie said to the people who came with him: “They all drink more soup, the soup is not enough.” So A Yong kept complaining about his wife A Yong’s inability to cook. In the evening there was too much soup to cook, Archie motivated everyone and said, “Eat more steamed buns.” As the steamed buns were not enough, A Yong complained again.
 The next day, there was nothing to do all morning. After eating at noon, Archie heard Ayong’s wife scraping the bottom of the pot when he scooped the first bowl. So he said to everyone: “Drink more soup.” But this time he miscalculated, do whatever it takes, drink as much as possible. what happened? Ayong smiled and scolded: “You bad Archie, this time I will scoop out a soup in advance, you can drink it, there is still half a mile.”