Today is the first day of the new year of the dragon. The year of the dragon is my natal year. I should retire in this year of the dragon.
  “I’m going to buy you two red pants!” My wife made a definite promise, and she bought it at a high price a few days ago, and then told me to wear them on time.
“In the past few days, the stalls on the streets have been selling red pants. They are selling for eight yuan a piece and a discounted price of fifteen yuan. You think you are spending a lot of money this time? You will never stop bargaining if you don’t cut down to one piece and five kilograms. Why are you willing to spend a lot of money to buy me invisible luxury goods?” I am grateful for the considerateness of my wife, and I have to tease you. play.
  “Is my husband a local stall?” The wife pretended to be angry.
  “Of course it’s not a local stall!” I said sonorously.
  “Why do you need to be more verbose!?” His wife had a charming smile.
  “Why do I have to buy two at once? My underwear will last for ten years.” I’m not talking nonsense. I always buy daily necessities in the supermarket in batches, and buying pants is no exception.
  “You have to have replacements, buy two, you can wear them in turn to ensure that you wear them all year long!” My wife’s consideration is thorough, can I still not listen to it?
  “So, when did the so-called on-time wear start to wear?” What I pretended to be a fool was to cause a conflict of words in order to further enhance the fun of family life.
  “Aren’t you an Internet expert? When should you start to change into red pants? You will understand if you search on the Internet?” My wife retreats for advancement, which is also a coincidence.
 I followed my order to browse the web and learned that I should put on my natal red as early as the New Year’s Eve, in order to avoid disasters and avoid disasters, to avoid evils and promote prosperity. Following this, it was New Year’s Eve yesterday. After lunch, I took a shower and changed my clothes. Of course, I changed into my natal red-red pants in time. At the same time, the change also included an orphan high-end red cashmere sweater customized by my husband.
  “These red pants and red cashmere sweaters are all secret underwear, how can such top-secret privacy be known to others?” I deliberately said.
  “Why do I have to let others know?” My wife seemed to be confused by me for a while.
“You think, if no one knows this inner natal red, then how can the monsters and monsters take the initiative to bypass me or retreat?” I said it as if it were true: “Think about it again, this inner natal red If no one knows, then how can Xixingjixing take the initiative to check in and find me?”
“According to this, it makes some sense. You really can’t take off your coat in the cold to let people peek into your underwear and underwear. When it’s hot, you can’inattentively’ reveal the connotation. So what good do you have? How can I do it?” My wife said so, I really don’t know if she was taken by me.I can’t get out of it when I get into the ditch, or is she teasing me with her own way of treating her.
“There is a way,” I deliberately panted and waited for my wife to continue to enter. Seeing my wife’s expression was noncommittal, I had to play gongs and drums and sing myself: “I made a big sign and hung it on my chest, and wrote, “I have worn my life red!” Madam, what do you think of my idea?”
 My wife yelled: “If you have the ability, just do it! I’m optimistic.”
  My wife and I laughed so hard, and our family’s auspicious dragon in the year of the dragon started from this fateful red…