There are twins in my class, and neither of them has been smart since they were young. In fact, I had meningitis when I was young. Learning is simply impossible. After staying a few levels, it is still the same as the “nephew playing the lantern-as usual”. I have been in elementary school for five years and I am still in the second grade. Parents are also counseling at home, and the child just doesn’t get the hang of it. The parents had no choice for the two of them, so they had no choice but to leave them alone. The teacher has exhausted all kinds of methods, and there is nothing to do with them. They also have a leisure time for this, and they don’t do their homework at all. Because of this, I also got a headache, and I had to follow him.
 This year’s final exam was taken, and both of them got zero points. The two children returned home. His father asked them how they had done this year. The younger brother took it and said: “This year we both have made a lot of progress. It’s just that my brother didn’t work hard. He scored a ‘0’ in the test.” “What about you?” “I! Give you a little suspense, why? In fact, this year’s question is very simple. But my brother still only got a zero score. You die so bad. Guess how much I did.” “My son is good! I will sell you new clothes during the New Year. Oh, don’t sell it to your brother, okay. Tell me how much you test and how simple the question is.” “I got “Oh” points on the test. Question! Is a 3×7 equal to how much, I don’t care about it. Twenty-one I am equal to twenty-four.” Father was speechless. It’s not the same!