1. Burial

This is the seventh day after Xiaodie’s death.

As usual I woke up from my nightmare, Fluttershy was lying quietly beside me, her complexion was pale, her face was peaceful, her eyes were slightly closed, as if she was sleeping forever The general.

She came back, lying next to me, but I was not afraid, because I love her, even if her flesh and blood rot, even if her bones are bare, even if her heart I will never beat again, I still love her, I want to go down with her, but I promised her to live well.

I am not greedy of life and fear of death, but her family, my family, all need my care, and I cannot die yet.

Sadness turned into a tide and flooded everything in me.

Seven days ago, the day before my birthday, she said that she would be separated from me for a period of time. Since we met, Xiaodie asked me not to follow her for the first time, and she said Give me a special gift. I still remember her playful look. I smiled and kissed her on the forehead and waved goodbye, but I didn’t expect the first parting to be a farewell!

A truck ran through a red light. The driver was so drunk that he didn’t mean to slow down at all. I seemed to see the scene of Fluttershy’s life dying in mid-air. If time can go back , How I want to be with her and push her away when the truck is about to hit!

However, it was too late. Her body temperature gradually dropped and she couldn’t warm it anymore. My heart was like ashes.

With tears in the corners of my eyes, I put on my clothes and picked up Fluttershy. It was still dark. I would drive to the cemetery while the neighbor was still asleep. When people see her coming back, otherwise the neighbors will be afraid, they will force me to burn Xiaodie’s body, so… she won’t come back to accompany me when I fall asleep.

The biting wind got into my coat and took away my body temperature. However, I am a living person. No matter how much my body temperature is taken away, as long as it gets to a warm place, it will recover again. Come here, but Xiaodie will not, her body will never be warm again.

I can’t bear this sadness anymore, I lay on the ground and cry in a low voice, she sat quietly in the car, looking at me with those eyes that would never open .

If it was before, she would come down to comfort me, she would wipe my tears away, she would make funny expressions to make me laugh, but now, all she can do Could it be looking at me, just sitting in the passenger seat, closing my eyes, looking at me, I don’t even have the chance to see her gentle eyes-I think too much, want to stare at each other again, The look in her eyes can soothe all the pain.

After a while, I packed my mood and dug up her grave——The tomb is intact and there is no trace of damage. I am sure again that she loves me deeply. Even if she is dead, she will crawl out of the tomb and stay with me in a way that no one knows. (Uncle Ghost: http://www.guidaye.com/ please keep the reprint!)

Since her death, I will wake up from nightmares every morning, and she will lie down quietly By my side, it’s like she’s never left, but she’s already dead, she has no body temperature, no heartbeat, and won’t open her eyes. She is really dead. The dead must stay where they belong. Place, otherwise I will be rejected by others, for her and for myself, I have to bury her in the grave again.

The shovel digs through the tomb that has been turned over six times, and then reveals the soil-stained coffin. I gently opened it, and there was nothing inside.

I walked to the car with a heavy heart, opened the door, and carried Xiaodie out. Her cold body trembled in my arms, as if resisting, I held it step by step. She walked to the tomb, I kissed her forehead, then put her in the coffin, I took a deep look at her, and then closed the coffin lid with tears.

Soil, cover the coffin little by little, and everything is restored as before.

I walked to the car and was reluctant to look at her one last time. After all, I was cruel and climbed into the car and drove home. (Uncle Ghost: http://www.guidaye.com/ please keep the reprint!)

2. The murderer

The police broke into I take it away.

Sitting in the interrogation room, I looked at the middle-aged man in a police uniform in front of me in confusion. He was the detective investigating the accident.

“Where were you on the day of the accident?” The tone was cold, as if interrogating a criminal.

I am not a criminal. The person who died is my favorite. How could he treat me like this!

“Watching TV at home.” I said in a bad tone, but still answered, “What do you mean? Suspect that I killed my fiancee?”

The detective ignored the second half of my sentence and directly refuted me: “Your neighbor saw you go out.”

My brows frowned: “I’m going to get a package “I did go out, and I did meet a neighbor.

As soon as my voice fell, he took out his mobile phone and let it in front of me: “This is a video from outside the community.”

On the screen, I I quarreled loudly with a strange man. He punched me fiercely. I was knocked to the ground, but I didn’t stop there. I fought with him, but the man was too strong, so he finally cut my right arm with him.The cut ends, the video ends here.

“Who is he?” I was a little panicked, the man I looked familiar with, but I never fought with him down, I unconsciously pulled off my sleeves, three inches apart A long knife wound appeared in front of me, and the black blood scab was like a cracked mouth, mocking my memory!

“What’s this! When did I get hurt! What’s the matter!” I was hysterical, but when I was pushed to the table by the detective, I struggled weakly, “This is not My wound! It’s not!”

It’s like a bunch of ants crawling into my heart, a mess.

“The victim Lin Xiaodie bought two insurances before his death, worth hundreds of thousands, and the beneficiary filled in your name.” The detective said viciously, “And you , Gambling! I owe a debt!”

“What do you want to say! I never bet money!” I struggled to get up, I never remembered that I bet Qian, I just graduated from university. I met Xiaodie at school. We were looking for a job together. That insurance was provided by the company we applied for, and I have it too!

But the detective did not give me a chance to speak, and said indignantly: “The person arguing with you on the screen is your creditor, so you For money, communicate with that guy to make such a car accident, but that is your fiancee, the fiancee who has been with you for four years, what did your heart do?!”

What is going on, why does the police know differently from what I remember? what the hell is it? I had a splitting headache and lost the thought of rebutting. The detective saw me silent and said, “Did you confess your guilt?”

“No!” As soon as I heard this, My mind exploded, “I’m not guilty!”

“The evidence is in front of me, how can you deny it?” He sneered and asked someone to take me into the cell. (Uncle Ghost: http://www.guidaye.com/ please keep the reprint!)

3. Injustice

To kill is to pay for life, Of course, there is a category of people who can escape the sanctions of the law, but I do not belong to them.

I squatted in my room. The police were very nice. They gave me a separate room, perhaps because I was about to die-because of too much evidence, they tried me Surprisingly quickly, in a month, I will be sent to the death penalty bench to end my “criminal” life.

If my memory is really wrong and I killed Fluttershy, then I won’t have any complaints about this trial. Without Xiaodie’s life, there will be no attachment value.

But, will I kill Fluttershy?I keep asking myself this question, but the answers are the same, I will not, never will, if one of us must die, I would rather be myself! Because I love her so much, and I am so selfish, selfish enough to make the one I love suffer.

Does everything make sense now? I gave a wry smile, no, the evidence is sufficient, and I don’t have any chance to reverse the case. What I want now is time to pass quickly so that I can go to another world to accompany Fluttershy earlier.

Will her parents agree that we are buried together? Probably not, after all, I am a murderer.

I don’t know when I started to think of myself as a murderer. My spirit is not normal. I think, maybe Fluttershy was digging from the grave unconsciously. Come out, and put her next to me, isn’t there such a TV series? A man who has lost his love, digs out his lover from the grave every midnight, and then sleeps with the cold body, because he loves her so much.

I love Fluttershy so much, will I kill her?

My mind is messed up again, I will not kill her in any way, but what is the evidence? There is also the inexplicable scar on my arm. When I think of the scar, it starts to faintly hurt. Why has it not hurt before?

I rolled up my sleeves again, looked at the blood scab, and unconsciously took it off with my nails-I have a habit of eliminating blood scabs.

I carefully cracked out a crack and slowly lifted it up. I saw tender red meat, but it didn’t hurt as much as I expected. Then I gritted my teeth and tried hard, and it came down. .

There was no bleeding and no pain, I was stunned, and then I touched the tender red flesh with my fingers, still no pain!

My head exploded with a bang, and hurriedly rubbed the seemingly flesh and blood thing with my hand. I saw it slowly disappeared from the friction of my fingers, and finally appeared intact skin. It really is fake! The scars are fake!

I was wronged! (Uncle Ghost: http://www.guidaye.com/ please keep the reprint!)

However, no one cares about me, the video, the witnesses, everything proves that I am a pervert Murderer, in everyone’s eyes, I killed my fiancée, I was a lunatic.

No one will believe the words of a madman, never, I hate it, not that I am wronged and will die, but that the murderer who killed Xiaodie is still at large! (Uncle Ghost: http://www.guidaye.com/, please keep it!)

4. Visit.

Ziming came to see me. His father was a well-known businessman with a wealth of money and wealth. In our freshman year, after we broke away from the relationship between rivals, we became our best friends.

I looked into his eyes and said sincerely: “I was wronged.”

Ziming looked heavy, and he nodded heavily “I believe you. No one knows how much you love Fluttershy than I do. This is why I took the initiative to quit.”

“Thank you.” I was touched and almost wanted Cried out, “But, I’m dead.”

Ziming smiled slightly: “I asked my father to hire the best lawyer for you. He can help you restore your freedom, we can’t Let the murderer who killed Fluttershy go unpunished!”

There was a hint of warmth in my heart. I no longer know how to express my gratitude to him. I could say heavily: “Yeah.”

“You have to take care of yourself. There is still half a month before execution. We will definitely find clues to reverse the case!”

“I think, I found it.” I want to tell him what I found.

Ziming was a little surprised. He was taken aback and asked eagerly: “What clue?”

I stretched out my arm and rolled up my sleeves , Pointed to the place where the scar should have been and said: “The scar is fake.”

Ziming pondered for a moment, then clapped his hands and exclaimed: “With this clue, there is a chance. You wait, I will tell the lawyer, you will be saved! You will definitely!”

After saying that, he left, my heart was already dead, at this time Hope arose, and a smile appeared unconsciously at the corner of his mouth.

Although I was still taken back to the cell, I no longer resent and fear, the truth will surface, Ziming will help me catch the murderer, for the sake of Butterfly revenge!

The days go on like this, day by day, I don’t know when Ziming will come to see me again, and then help me clean up my grievances. The hope in my heart slows down as death approaches Slowly disappear.

“He doesn’t know what he can do.” As soon as I thought about it, I shook my head and threw the despair into my mind, “I want to believe him, he is me Best friend, he will definitely save me! He must be very anxious now, I have to trust him…”

Three more days.

To this day, I was still squatting in a dark cell, waiting for Ziming to rescue me. When I was thinking about it, the cell door suddenly opened.

It’s the prison guard, with today’s food in his hand, is it time to eat again? I gave a wry smile and walked over.

“Have you changed?” I looked at the strange face and couldn’t help but talk.

The prison guard did not reply. He kept looking around. I found it strange. He opened the door and I walked over to pick up the food. At this moment, he suddenly choked my neck. , Whispered in my ear: “Don’t move if you don’t want to die!”

A bright knife was placed on my neck, and I was extremely scared.

“Follow me!” He dragged me out as he said.

“What are you going to do?” I couldn’t help asking in a panic. He severely slashed my arm, and the pain instantly covered my body. I was cold and sweaty, never again. Dare to talk.

“No more nonsense, the next knife will cut your head off!” he said grimly.

Another prison guard greeted us and asked strangely: “Where are you taking him?”

The man who kidnapped me took a knife Moving behind him, he smiled and said, “Take him to the wind. He will die in less than half a month. It’s okay to see the sun.”

The prison guard smiled friendly Laughing: “That’s right, look good, don’t let him run.”

The person who tied me: “That is, if he can run away from him, he can run away. God.”

“Haha.” The prison guard smiled heartily, “I won’t disturb you anymore, you continue.” After speaking, he walked away.

I really want to shout, but I dare not. The knife is behind my heart. As soon as I speak, he will kill me immediately.

In this way, he took me out without danger.

There is no one around, and the long-lost sun shines on me with warmth, but I have no time to enjoy it.

“What are you doing?” I said tremblingly.

The prison guard who kidnapped me smiled: “Someone hired me to kill you.”

“What!” I was taken aback and ran away subconsciously, but I was held tightly by his big hands. He took out a vial from his arms. I thought it was poison, but he didn’t pour it into my mouth, but rubbed it on the wound I had scratched by him. His wound, smeared by the potion, immediately improved. (Uncle Ghost: http://www.guidaye.com/ please keep the reprint!)

“What kind of medicine is this!” I don’t believe that he will treat me so kindly. More scared.

“Healing medicine.” He smiled yinly, “The wind is over, I will take you back.”

In this way, I was taken outside for a circle, and then returned to the dark cell. The strange guard never appeared again. Although the wound was healing quickly, my heart was not at peace for a moment.

A few days later, Ziming came to see me, with a middle-aged man dressed as a lawyer beside him. I looked a little familiar with him, but I couldn’t think about it for a while. I have seen it since.

Ziming smiled and said: “We have found the flaw in this case. As long as you prove that the wound is fake, we can reverse the case!”

< br/> I felt relieved, but when I suddenly remembered what happened a few days ago, my face changed immediately.

“What’s wrong?” Ziming said with some worry as he watched my expression change.

“I…” My heart sank to the bottom.

“What the hell is going on!” Ziming realized something, his face changed greatly.

I stretched out my arms, rolled up my sleeves, and the scar cut by the weird prison guard was exposed in the air.

“This…” Ziming was speechless.

I told him one by one what happened that day, Ziming’s expression became heavier and heavier, and finally he slapped the table severely: “Don’t worry! We have enough evidence. Let your death sentence be delayed! There must be other loopholes, please think about it!”

My face is bitter, how can I say that I can find out if I find out, this meeting Before Ziming left, he repeatedly told me to think about it and let me not give up hope…

5. End

That one, finally came.

I am dead.

The bullet passed through my brain and ended my life. My soul was in mid-air watching the corpse slowly fall. I saw all my relatives scolding me, I Seeing everyone applauding for my death, I saw Ziming cremating Xiaodie’s body, and I saw Ziming standing with the lawyer laughing.

I suddenly remembered.

That lawyer was the supervisor in our interview, the creditor who fought with me in the video, and the weird prison guard!

I suddenly realized that all of this is a conspiracy. Ziming didn’t come to me to save me, but to find out if there were loopholes in that plan!

I naively gave the only life-saver to my enemy!

But all this is over, my soul is floating in the air, flying over the noisy city, flying over the quiet suburbs, flying over the road I have walked in my life, I am back Place of birth,My relatives are holding a funeral for me.

I looked at the familiar faces, and finally froze on the face that was dreaming.

Fluttershy looked at me quietly, her eyes were so gentle, her figure was so gentle, she opened her mouth gently and said, “I always… Waiting for you…”