There are two canteens in a middle school. The master in the canteen cooks for the students. In addition to cooking and stir-frying for the teacher, Master Huang in the small canteen also provides a small number of students with a small stir-fry because the parents have already greeted Master Huang when the school starts.
 Later, some students were lazy and didn’t like to bring vegetables from home to school, so they asked their parents for money and went to the school cafeteria to buy food. These students ate the food in the cafeteria for the first time and felt that they tasted good. Those students who have just eaten the dishes cooked by the chef in the small canteen always boast: The dishes cooked by the master Huang are delicious and fragrant!
 Some greedy classmates also ask their families for money to go to the school cafeteria to buy food. There are more and more students going to the school cafeteria to buy vegetables and eat, and often make the master can’t stand it. Master Huang only sells vegetables to the students, and sometimes forgets to save vegetables for the belated teacher, which leads to the teacher who later has no food. The teacher has great opinions.
 After careful consideration, Master Huang decided to write a notice to be posted at the entrance of the small canteen.
 As soon as the notice was posted, a teacher surnamed Hu took a look, walked into the school cafeteria, and seriously said to Master Huang, “Master Huang, please go outside and look at the scary notice you posted yourself”
  “Teacher Hu, you know that I am illiterate, the notice was written by my little daughter based on what I said,”
Teacher Hu said: “I will read it to you. After research, it was decided that the school cafeteria originally only sold teachers and a small number of students. Taking into account the actual situation of some students in the school, it now sells students. But the teachers must be sold before the students. , While stocks last.”
Master Huang was a little bit dumbfounded when he heard that, walked out the door, angrily tore off the notice that was just posted, and said angrily: “This notice is too terrifying. If you let someone who doesn’t understand the notice see it, you will mistake it for it. I am a trafficker, not a cook.”