On this day, I have nothing to do, so I plan to shop for some gadgets in the antique shop. A man in a hat patted me on the shoulder suddenly: “Look at this paper head?” I was shocked. “Paper head” is the jargon in the tomb robbery, which means calligraphy and painting. That’s right, I was also a tomb thief before, and now I wash my hands and become an antique player.

When I unrolled the scroll, it turned out to be “Linhe Preface” by “Book Saint” Wang Xizhi. In the antique line, I love words and become addicted, and my heart is moved immediately, but my face is calm, and I only say: “Let’s take a step to speak.” The man’s hat was lowered and he couldn’t see his face. He followed me to the house. Secluded teahouse. I whispered: “You make a price?” The human said: “It’s true? This is a serious film.” I said: “I can only say that it is not a fake. This kind of goods cannot be shoveled. ……” The man suddenly took off his hat and showed a square face. He laughed and said: “Brother Nan Guo, I haven’t seen you in three years, you are still so slippery.”

“Liu Brother, why are you not here?” This person is an old acquaintance, called Liu Jin, who was the partner I had the most cooperation with back then.

After finishing the homework, I handed back “Linhe Preface” to Liu Jin. But Liu Jin didn’t answer, and said, “Go and get the gold back, go or not?” “Doudou” and “fishing for gold” all mean tomb robbery in the jargon.

“I said Liu Jin, how many times have I persuaded you? This fight is a matter of mutual anger and severance of children and grandchildren, but never again…”

< br/> “This time it is Tang Qianling of Emperor Gaozong of Tang Dynasty.”

I can swear to the eight generations of ancestors, since I recognize Liu Jin, I have made up my mind long ago, no matter what Liu Jin said I would never hesitate to refuse anything to persuade me to do it, except… except this Tang Qianling.

Qianling Mausoleum is the tomb of Emperor Gaozong of Tang Dynasty. According to historical records, when Emperor Taizong was dying, he instructed his son to bury himself in the “Lanting Post” of “The First Line of the World”. Later, tomb thief Wen Tao stole 17 Tang Dynasty royal mausoleums in one month, and checked the titles one by one, but there was no “Lanting Post”. In the end, only the Qianling Mausoleum remained unstolen. The reason was that when Wen Tao was about to dig Qianling Mausoleum, the wind and clouds suddenly changed color and the ground was shaking. He thought that it was the gods who were doing things, and his heart was empty, so he stopped. Since then, many people have speculated that “Lanting Tie” is likely to be in this Qianling Tomb. Because Tang Gaozong also liked calligraphy, he probably did not follow Tang Taizong’s will to bury the “Lanting Tie” but left it to himself. For many years, I have studied literary painting and calligraphy, and I have a good understanding of the ins and outs of calligraphy and painting in all dynasties.

I suddenly remembered something and asked: “Where is your disciple, Li Feng?”

“He, the way is not good enough, we have long since broken Li Feng is Liu Jin’s apprentice. After I washed my hands, Liu Jinduo and Li Feng were fighting together.

Liu Jin seemed to see that I was tempted, and said: “This “Linhe Preface”, although it countsIf you are not a masterpiece of calligraphy, it is also a masterpiece of “Book Saint”, even if it is a meeting gift for you by your brothers. When things are done, how about you and I follow the old rules? “

“The old rule” is divided into fifty-five, plus “Linhe Preface” such a big handwriting, I can’t help but think about it.” The demeanor of “the world’s first line of books”, my heart felt like a cat’s paw scratching, so I nodded slowly, and muttered in my heart: “This is the last time, the last time…” (Uncle Ghost: http://www. guidaye.com/Please keep the reprint!)

Liu Jin is worthy of being a master in the industry. Luoyang shovel, black dog blood, glutinous rice, candles, rope and other tools are already ready to go. Jin also handed me a long knife, and said, “Keep it self-defense. “He took one himself. I drew out the long knife and blew my mouth. It was a good knife.

As soon as it was dark, Liu Jin and I were quiet. I touched the imperial mausoleum in the northern suburbs. I twisted the soil on the ground and put it on my nose and smelled it. It turned out to be an ancient tomb that has been over a thousand years ago. This ability to touch the soil is another unique skill of me.

< br/> Before that, Liu Jin had already figured out the tomb, and some of the robbery holes had been dug up. Just dig down to be foolproof. After passing through the three-layer wall, we two dug in. Fortunately, Encounter the King Kong Wall. The “Vajra Wall” is a hard wall made of clay specially designed by skilled craftsmen in ancient times to guard the tomb. It is as hard as iron, and it is troublesome. Liu Jin tied the candle with a rope, probed the air, and said: “Okay, you can go down. “

We went into the tomb one by one. I don’t know why, my scalp felt cold, and my courage became smaller after many years. Liu Jin sighed: “It’s so big The tomb! “This is also the largest tomb I have ever seen. The emperor’s tomb is really extraordinary.

I walked in, and Liu Jin grabbed me: “Beware of the mechanism!” “Throwing out the sticks one by one, “Swish” a few times, shooting out countless dark arrows. With a “squeak”, a big tomb rat was nailed to the wall. This thing lives by eating human flesh in the tomb. It is fat and big, with a pair of long fangs exposed outside, looking shocking.

Liu Jin and I walked through the dark arrow area along the sticks. After walking for a while, stone piles appeared in front of him, under which was a pool full of mercury. Mercury can keep the corpse from decay all year round and it is also highly toxic. People who fall into the pool will never survive.

I looked at the sequence of the stone piles and nodded secretly.

“Did you see the way?” Liu Jin asked.

“This is the number of roads in Qimen Dunjia, most of these stone piles are dead piles, only eight are live piles. Step on the live piles, the piles will not sink, wrong Step on a dead pile, and you will definitely die.”

“I’ll go, you’ll count.” Liu Jin said, “I believe in you.”

This is tantamount to handing my life in my hands, I naturally dare not main idea. Pinching the fingers for a while, it is clear that this is the “Qimen Zhigui” Dafa in the gossip array. The changes are complicated, and sometimes it is necessary to take three steps and take a step back.

I am good at calculation, I think this may be an important reason why Liu Jin asked me to cooperate.

“Wait Brother Liu, there seems to be something in the mercury!” The mercury flows back and forth like a living thing. After flowing, something seems to be constantly squirming at the bottom of the pool.

Liu Jin halted in a hurry, took a look, and said, “This is the corpse of the burial of the king of Tang. It is sealed in mercury and will not be damaged all the year round. After a long time, it will inevitably be a dead body. Rest assured They can’t get out.”

After the stone pile array, a tall red wooden coffin was exposed in front of us. I tapped the coffin lightly, and the voice was crisp, and I felt a little more confident in my heart: it really was Nanmu’s. In ancient times, this precious wood could only be used by the relatives of the emperor.

Liu Jin has a solemn expression on his face. First he put the prepared glutinous rice wine on the coffin, then put a few charms on it, spit out the yellow wine, and pushed it with both hands. Gai Pingping flew out, with a “boom”, splashing feet-high flying dust.

Liu Jin and I looked into the coffin at the same time, and were overjoyed: the coffin is full of treasures, and I don’t know how many rare treasures there are.

Liu Jin cheered and stuffed the sack. I just installed two gold cups, and with a “wheeze” in the coffin, I sat up with something, dressed in yellow, holding his black hands flat. Being rushed by it, the Underworld Device fell to the ground.

Liu Jin hissed: “Zongzi is coming out, hurry!” I was so scared that my scalp was numb: What kind of zongzi is this, I can’t even seal the charm. His legs seemed to be filled with lead, and he couldn’t move half a step. The pair of black hands looking at the dumplings had already touched my cheeks. I smelled a foul smell, and suddenly got a clue, I got into the shelf hole under the coffin when I was short.

I was secretly rejoicing that I had escaped. I touched something slimy with my left hand. It was thin and long, and it seemed to be a dead leg. There was something under the coffin that came before me. . I was so scared that my internal organs turned over, and I was about to call for help. The “thing” suddenly covered my mouth and whispered: “Don’t make a noise, let’s go out together.” I immediately felt relieved: “It turned out to be a colleague. “Now nodded desperately.

The zongzi jumped out of the coffin, jumping around, hitting the coffin “boom”, but my legs couldn’t bend, so I couldn’t help it. I turned and chased Liu. gold.

Liu Jinzheng was so anxious that he couldn’t get past the mercury pool without my guidance. The zongzi jumped so fast, it floated in front of Liu Jin in an instant. He screamed, his face wasFive blood stains were cut. Liu Jin shouted, “Southern China, which one is alive?” But I can’t protect myself, so I dare to scream. Liu Jinqiang stepped on the stone pile. As soon as he stepped on one, the stone pile sank. I screamed, seeing Liu Jin about to fall into the mercury pond. Unexpectedly, Liu Jin’s skill was really good. During the crisis, he drew out the long knife with a “swipe” and plunged it into the pool vertically, just to hold his body, and the mercury touched the tip of his nose just a little.