Wu Yong is a great athlete, good at track, field and ball games. However, his academic performance is really bad, and every time he is in the countdown in the exam, everyone laughs at him as an outstanding representative of “well-developed limbs and simple mind.”

At first, Wu Yong didn’t care about this irony, but now it’s different. He is pursuing Banhua, and Banhua’s criteria for selecting friends is a perfect person like “sports Lu Bu and IQ Zhuge”.

How to make yourself smart and perfect? Wu Yong asked Huang Qi, Zhan Yu and Li Baodong, the other three in the same dormitory, for help because the characteristics of these three guys were the opposite of his own: their academic performance was the top three, and their sports performance was the bottom three.

After discussing for a while, Huang Qi and the others said to Wu Yong: “Let’s play a bowling game tomorrow. It will make you smart and complete.”
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Wu Yong was puzzled and asked about the mystery, and the answer was: “You will understand then.”

The next day, four People came to the wasteland behind the school. Huang Qi said to Wu Yong, who was confused: “This style of bowling is different. There is no ball and bottle, but the participants act as the ball and bottle.”

See Wu Yong was still puzzled, and Huang Qi simply started to demonstrate. He said: “Wu Yong, you act as a bottle first, and the three of us act as balls, and we will show you how to demonstrate.”

In order to make the “bottle” stand firmly, (Uncle Ghost: http:/ /www.guidaye.com/ Please keep the reprint!) Huang Qi and the others tied Wu Yong to a small tree and ran to the opposite side.

When the three people turned around, they all had weird smirks on their faces. Just listen to Huang Qi saying to Zhan Yu and Li Baodong: “Are you ready? The bowling game has started. Whoever wins, the Banhua is the one.” After saying that, the three of them took it down at the same time. Own head. Then he threw the ball at Wu Yong’s head with his head…

Wu Yong finally understood that playing this kind of bowling can indeed solve his problem: no matter which one of the three smart heads preempts. His body will become a perfect person like “sports Lu Bu, IQ Zhuge”.