Xuande Blue and White Porcelain Vase

This is a small underground auction. The goods are usually dug out from the cemetery, and it is called “Tongjia Collection” in the antique industry. Such goods are not easy to be fakes, and relatively cheap, as long as you have the ability to wash the goods.

The host is almost eighteen years old, and it is estimated that he is a wealthy and unemployed host. The young man took out the first auction item, a piece of Han Dynasty jade pendant with a puff pattern, with a warm color and a good piece of jade.

Cao Pingyang pushed Wang Xiong. Wang Xiong closed his eyes and ignored him sleepily. Wang Xiong didn’t open his eyes until the auction of the Xuande blue and white porcelain vase.

The host read according to the book Xuanke: “This blue and white jade pot spring vase was made during the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty imitating the blue and white blue and white of the Ming Dynasty Xuande. The imitation is excellent, the glaze is white and greasy, and the surface is plump. Even the glaze bubbles of different sizes in the glaze are the same as the real one, and the “Daming Xuande Years System” underneath is particularly colorful. This Qing Dynasty imitation is the same as other imitations. Due to the soil quality, this imitation is The black spots are dyed with artificial pen contacts…”

“If everyone has no objections, then now…” The host is about to drop the hammer for the auction.

“Wait.” Wang Xiong suddenly stood up and said, “I asked to check the bottle. “

Underground auction houses are not as well-defined as formal auctions. In many cases, buyers can personally “handle their eyes”.

The host has not responded yet. When he came over, Wang Xiong had already walked to the auction stage and picked up the bottle to take a closer look.

He quickly put it back: “Excuse my eyesight, I think this jade pot spring bottle is not clear. On behalf of imitations, but modern do. This counterfeit is very well done, and even the flaws of the Qing dynasty imitation are very well portrayed. But everyone has overlooked one point. Generally, porcelains that are more than a hundred years old can be seen in the light of’clam light’, but this spring bottle has a sharp edge, and it is almost a fake, and there are white particles in the bottle. Is to let go of the ashes. “

The crowd in the audience boiled, and the fakes were forgotten, and the ashes were filled. This is really bad luck. After the auction master “palm eye” came up I went down again and didn’t say anything. Everyone knew that this piece was indeed a fake.

The auction was still going on, but no one was willing to buy the bottle, just when it was about to pass. Cao Pingyang raised the sign and bought it with a hundred dollars.

Cao Pingyang went to the backstage to fetch the bottle by himself. When he just hugged the bottle, the lights in the entire building were dimmed. When he came down, he saw air-conditioning from the small mouth of the bottle, and then a pair of thick hands stretched out strangely from the mouth of the bottle. Cao Pingyang wanted to throw the bottle away but couldn’t move. He watched as his hands pinched his neck.

Bada Shanren

Cao Pingyang returned to the hotel where he was temporarily staying. He touched his neck and choked and said that there was a ghost in the bottle.

Wang Xiong smiled and ignored him. He took the bottle and threw it forcefully. The bottle broke into pieces, and a pool of red fluid flowed out of the middle.

Cao Pingyang exclaimed: “Blood, there is blood, I didn’t lie to you, there is a ghost in this bottle!”

“What are you afraid of? It is estimated that something like black dog blood came in.” Wang Xiong leaned over and picked out a piece of silk fabric that seemed to have been waterproofed from the “blood”. “Finally found it!”

It turned out that Wang Xiong’s grandfather was a master at making fake porcelain. His grandfather once found a landscape painting about Ming Dynasty treasures and put it in an imitation porcelain.

But in a catastrophe in the last century, all his grandfather’s porcelain was lost. He told Wang Xiong the secret before he died, otherwise Wang Xiong would not have seen it so quickly. That porcelain is a fake.

Wang Xiong used alcohol to clean the silk and silk. There was a landscape painting on it, and the signature beside it was “Cry it”.

“It’s not crying, it’s’Bada Shanren’. This is a painting by Zhu Di, a Bada Shanren. My grandpa said that there are a lot of treasures hidden in this painting.” Wang Xiong took him. Grandpa’s previous inferences came out, “At the end of the Ming Dynasty, the king broke into the capital, Chongzhen hanged himself, and then Li Zi succeeded or failed to retreat from the capital. The Qing soldiers found that the Ming Dynasty treasury was empty, and many people speculated that it was taken by the King Chuang, or taken by Nanming. The purpose of restoring the country. But people have overlooked one point. At that time, Zhu Da’s father happened to pass through the capital, and then he hired the escort to leave Beijing overnight. When Zhu Da was 19 years old, his father passed away, so he escaped into the empty gate to swim in the mountains. Even his mother was invited to the temple by him, and so was his brother. You must know that the Ming Dynasty nobles were not the only ones in his family, but he was the only one who left the world completely. Why do you say this?” (Uncle Ghost: http: //www.guidaye.com/ Please keep the reprint!)

“Could it be…” Cao Pingyang was so surprised that he couldn’t speak.

“Yes,” Wang Xiong stood up and said, “The treasures of the treasury at the end of the Ming Dynasty are in Zhu Da’s line, and the secret lies on this silk painting!”

The two of them observed for a long time, but they couldn’t find the difference, and finally gave up and went back to their respective dormitories to sleep.

In the middle of the night, Wang Xiong felt chest tightness and uncomfortable. He struggled to wake up. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw someone outside the window lying on the glass, eyeballs staring at him. Wang Xiong took a closer look, and that person was Cao Pingyang!

This is a thirteen-story building. There is no balcony outside the window. Why is he outside the window?

Wang Xiong opened the window, there was nothing outside. He thought of something, and opened the head of the bedLooking at the cabinet, the silk and silk landscape paintings of Bada Shanren are gone!

Wang Xiong ran to Cao Pingyang’s bedroom, but as soon as he opened the door, he saw a faint blue light on the bed, and the blue light reflected a pale, paperless face.