Legend has it that a long time ago there was a family of three. Before lunch, the daughter was cooking and disturbing the group, and the mother was turning over the quilt. At this time, the daughter shouted from the stove: “Mom, thick.”
 Mother said to her daughter, “Add water.” while flipping the bed.
 Waiting for a while, the daughter shouted again: “Mom, thin.”
 Mom said to her daughter: “Add noodles.”
  Just toss and toss like this, the pot can’t fit in, and the daughter hurriedly shouted: “Mom, the pot can’t fit in.”
 When my mother heard angrily, she said, “I’m not under the quilt, I’m here to break you.”
 Dad was laying the chimney at this time, and he was even more angry when he heard the words of his mother and mother: “Hey! I was not in the chimney. I stepped your mother and your mother in the chimney all day.”