As soon as I went to work, Brother Jian, the cashier of the unit, told us that he would receive the firework fee.
 I will forget this money almost every year, and I still feel very warm when I receive it when it is cold.
  I asked, how much?
  He said, 37.5 yuan.
  I said, it’s impossible? Still so many?
 He said, there are so many.
 I was a little angry, and asked Sister Juan on the side, Sister Juan, it seems like this is so much for us to participate in work?
  She said, yes.
  I said, I remember that I participated in so many jobs. I started working in 1983. In other words, 37.5 yuan, I have received 29 years?
  She said, almost.
 I am a little angry. 37.5 yuan was equivalent to one month’s salary at that time, but now it is equivalent to half a day’s salary. I remember a few years ago, I heard a section-level cadre in a county government office complain about this. I didn’t expect that his complaint did not attract the attention of any county magistrate.
  I said loudly, did our previous mayors and county heads never think about this 37.5 yuan? It is better to take it away than not to move for decades. Anyway, this little money can’t do much now. Who is this kind of warmth ridiculing?
 Brother Jian said, don’t be angry, it was adjusted in 2012.
 I am overjoyed and asked, how much did you adjust?
  I think, instead of increasing by 1,000, it should be at least 375.0 yuan.
 The words that Brother Jian said almost choked me to death with a sip of tea in his mouth. He said that it has grown by 0.5 yuan and has become 38 yuan.
 2012, 1, 11, Jianfeng and his girlfriend Ami graduated from University for 5 years. Their relationship is so good that they can’t wait to get married immediately. But the boat of their love is that they can’t sail into the harbor of love, and there are big logs in the river-houses.
 Every time I mention the house, Jianfeng is like a fishbone stuck in his throat. The annoyance in my heart is a kind of suffocation, which is more uncomfortable than pain.
 Amei’s parents live in the city and are old employees. They have suffered for a lifetime, and they don’t want their daughter to suffer. I don’t dislike my son-in-law as a township elder, but to take their daughter, only one condition is mentioned, and he must buy a house in the provincial capital.
  Seeing that Amei is approaching Bensan’s age, she is about to become a super leftover girl, and she is nagging about getting married all day, and Jianfeng is under more pressure than anyone else. His father died ten years ago, and his mother left him last year, leaving him only three old houses in the country and a few acres of fields. After working for so many years, I have only saved tens of thousands of quick money. This savings is in the provincial capital, and I can’t even buy a bathroom!
  This day, he was in a bad mood by Ameixu again. He wandered online and saw a forum in the same city., There are a lot of people without a house are showing their homes. In a rage, he posted the three old ancestral homes of his own family, with photos. His family is in the countryside, with fertile fields and ponds in front of the house, bamboo forests and mountains behind the house, it is like a paradise, but these are not worth the hundred-square-meter house to attract phoenixes in exchange for a wife!
 In the end, he was angry and wrote: Welcome to those big bosses in the city who want to experience the sufferings of the people after they are full, change their houses, and go to the countryside to experience the feelings of the local people. After posting the post and leaving the phone call, he felt funny himself. It was okay to have a dream in broad daylight!
 One month later, Jianfeng was at work and suddenly received a strange call.
“I am a retired professor at a provincial capital university and I have a house. I saw your country house on the Internet. I am very satisfied. I want to visit your hometown. If I like, I can swap with you.” The person who spoke was an old man. The voice is very kind.
  Jianfeng didn’t react for a few seconds, thinking it was a dream. If he wins the 5 million prize, he might believe it, but if he expects to change his house to get married, he would not believe it.