We in Changsha mouth-to-mouth, biting the tongue is called kissing. Actually, I like the kiss the most. Of course, the person opposite must be a woman. If it is a man, I have no interest in killing me.
 I remember that I only learned to kiss this sport when I was in love with my wife. Only once, I became obsessed with it. This is not. I have maintained this hobby for more than 20 years after being married. When we wake up every morning, the first thing we do is kiss. This not only increases the feelings between husband and wife, but also saves toothpaste and toothbrushes. Therefore, I think that the benefits of kissing are really many.
 What activities were held in our community yesterday, the drums and gongs shook the sky. We were bothered by the noise at home, so we were going to have a look.
 When my wife and I came to the square to take a look, it turned out that this place is selling a multifunctional toothpaste. On the stage, there were five charming beauties sitting side by side.
 The host said that the toothpaste produced by their factory has a fragrant smell and is long lasting. Today, a special kiss contest was held here. Five bold men were selected from the scene to personally kiss their five beauties. The longest time is the champion, and they will receive 50 special toothpastes as prizes.
 When my wife saw this kind of game and knew my hobby, she told me jokingly, “You too?” Don’t you like kissing the most?
 Actually, I have been itching for a long time, but I am afraid that my wife will be jealous. So I have been enduring it, and now my wife said, although she knew she would not really want me to participate. So I immediately followed the donkey downhill and went to the stage to report.
 The competition officially started. The five of us men rushed to the beauties like wolves and hugged their heads and started kissing wildly. On the surface, they wanted to win prizes, but in fact they all wanted to lick the oil.
This sport is the most joyful for me. Unconsciously, in a happy game, two hours have passed. I looked sideways. There are still me and another pair on the scene. The other three teams are already there. Lost in battle. I looked at the man panting, and it is estimated that he will say goodbye to me soon. And me, it is the moment when I am most proud of my performance. I looked at the man provocatively, making me more intimate.
 Just as I was drunk and maintaining my best condition, I suddenly heard a shout from the host, and the championship was born!
 As soon as I opened my eyes, only me and this beauty were left on the stage. I stopped kissing and prepared to get up, but the beauty refused to let go of the hand holding my head. The host hurriedly came to the beauty and said loudly, beauty, this man has won, don’t kiss anymore.
  But the beauty still refuses to let go, so we continue. It’s not that I want this, but that beauty refuses to let go.
 At this time, my wife got angry. As soon as she rushed to the stage, she pushed her hands towards me, only to hear a scream from the beauty, I fell on my back on the stage. And that beauty,Blood slowly flowed out of her mouth.
 The host hurriedly helped the beauty. The one who is concerned asks what is going on, and asks the beauty why she refuses to let go after the game is over?
 The beauty was crying and she said that she could not bear the kiss a long time ago, because when I was kissing her, one of my violent teeth was stuck in her teeth and couldn’t be pulled out. So I had to continue, and made me confused as a champion.
  I said it’s no wonder why the beautiful women have been holding my head tightly from beginning to end. I thought she liked me a lot, it turned out that my front tooth was just stuck between her teeth.
 It seems that it is better for a man to have his teeth, and he can win both the championship and the prize.