Dafa celebrated his birthday today, and his relatives came to celebrate his birthday, and his nephew Li Yong who went to elementary school also came. Dafa’s education level is not high. He doesn’t want Li Yong to be like him, so he educates him: “Li Yong, I have never gone to college, nor have I worked in a literate place like a university. You can’t be like me. Study hard, and work must enter the university door!” Li Yong nodded solemnly and said, “Uncle, this requirement is too simple, I will definitely be able to complete it!” Dafa smiled relievedly: “Good job! Come on! Come on!”
 Time flies, time flies. In a blink of an eye, Li Yong was admitted to the university, when Dafa was already an old man. “He was very happy when he heard the news, and thought to himself: Is this kid Li Yong good enough to be admitted to college.
 Four years later, Li Yong graduated and started working. Dafa was already full of gray hair at this time. He wanted to see what kind of work Li Yong did. He asked around and found that Li Yong actually worked in a university. He was very happy. He hobbled into this university and happened to see Li Yong, but he didn’t look very good. Dafa didn’t care, and stepped forward and asked: “Li Yong, you are great, you are a teacher!” But Li Yong was not excited, but hesitated and said: “Uncle, I… Not a teacher.” He was puzzled: Who else is there besides the teacher when he works at the university? Li Yong replied: “I worked as a security guard for the school.” “Huh?” He said sadly: “Then you didn’t meet my requirements?” “No, I did it. I’ve already done it to enter the university!”