In the middle of the night, Yin Anxiang drove home alone. When passing a sparsely populated woods, his eyelids could not help but fight. At that moment, he seemed to see a shadow dangling in front of the car lights, and then he heard a “bang”. Yin Anxiang didn’t know what he had hit, and instinctively stepped on the brakes. He was shocked. Once killed a man and accompanied a lot of money. He thought with horror: “Should we kill someone again?” He got out of the car with trembling. Seeing the dying fox lying under the car, his hanging heart was let go. The fox’s eyes under the headlights radiated a dark green cold light. Yin Anxiang’s hair straightened in his heart, and he shivered involuntarily. He swallowed. There was no human figure. There was dead silence around the road, let alone human shadow , There is not even a ghost, there is only darkness-darkness that can’t be seen. Yin Anxiang kicked the fox, who had died a long time ago, and said: “The damn thing scared me into a cold sweat. I should pay you some money.” Yin Anxiang reached out and picked up the fox and threw it at him. Under the co-driver’s seat, he got into the car and galloped away.

Yin Anxiang is like this, as long as there is a little benefit, he will not let it go, let alone a fox with a valuable skin? He drove the car while stroking the soft fur of the fox with his hand, as if he saw his wife smiling sweetly at him around the scarf made of fox fur. He lit a cigarette and thought happily: “It’s so heavenly. There are eyes, not only was it not a car accident, but instead picked up Zhang Xuezhong’s fox skin for nothing. People who are lucky can’t stop the door!” After arriving home, Yin Anxiang took the fox out and walked home. Suddenly he staggered, his pants seemed to be caught by something. Looking down, a small hand grabbed his pants—the hand of his 5-year-old son.

“Dad, why did you come back…” The son clutched Yin Anxiang’s pants. He raised his head and stared at him with dark eyes. The expression in his eyes was so similar to that of the fox in his hand when he saw him before he died. Yin Anxiang shivered all over his body: “It’s already late at night, why isn’t his son asleep?” He hugged his son and asked: ” Where’s mom?” “Mom didn’t come back, I didn’t dare to sleep alone at home.” Tears rolled in his eyes and said sadly. Yin Anxiang scolded harshly, and walked into him with the child and the fox. After his family put the child to sleep. Yin Anxiang sat on the sofa, lit a cigarette, and dialed his wife’s mobile phone.

“Hey!” His wife’s voice on the phone seemed weak and weak.

“Why haven’t you returned home yet, and you don’t care about your son, what do you want to do?” Yin Anxiang’s angry words echoed in the silent midnight along with the smoke.

“I have something…I don’t want to quarrel with you…”

“You have a big business and you can’t leave the child alone, right?” Yin Anxiang The anger is increasing.

“Let’s talk about it when I get home! I’m busy now…” Pa, his wife ignored him and hung up the phone.

Yin Anxiang took a heavy cigarette. After a while, he suddenly spit out the light blue smoke into the air, as if he wanted to spit out the unpleasantness in his chest along with the smoke. After smoking he angrily threw the fox on the veranda, and lay on the bed without taking off his clothes. Soon a snoring sound came from his mouth…

The next day In the early morning, Yin Anxiang was busy cooking for his son and took him to the kindergarten shuttle bus, and he drove to work. On the way, he called his wife who hadn’t returned all night, but his wife didn’t answer. When he was thinking about it, a fox suddenly appeared in front of him to stop him. Yin Anxiang was startled and hurriedly braked. The fox stood in the middle of the road, looking at him with a hateful eye.

Yin Anxiang was in a cold war and honked his horn vigorously. At this moment, another fox ran up from unknown place and looked at him with the same eyes. Yin Anxiang was shocked. A cold sweat. Honking the horn harder and slamming the accelerator, the car rushed forward like crazy. The fox gave him a fierce look, and after a vicious look, each screamed and ran away. Yin Anxiang became extremely flustered, always feeling a pair of dark eyes staring at him, and a miserable howling echoed in his ears… He was not in the mood to work all day.

When Yin Anxiang got off work, it started to rain, and the pedestrians on the street quickened their pace. He lifted his head and looked at the sky, big drops of rain hit his face. A burst of sadness surged in Yin Anxiang’s heart. I just asked my wife on the phone if she went home? The wife’s voice said indifferently and impatiently: “Not yet. I’ll talk about it later.” He felt that his wife was really spoiled by him, because he was 15 years older than his wife. According to their age, they should be considered a father-daughter relationship. His wife, Mei, was an orphan he picked up, and he began to recognize him as a daughter. Whoever wanted to give a few full meals, she turned out to be as beautiful as a flower. Yin Anxiang took her forcibly after drinking and she became his wife ever since. After marriage, his wife was going to college, so he allowed her to go to college. After graduating from college, Mei went to a trading company and soon became a sales manager. She was very busy every day. He has always regretted that he shouldn’t have sent Mei to college at that time.

When the rain was getting heavier, Yin Anxiang recovered his mind and found that he was soaked and there were not many pedestrians on the street, so he hurried into his Driving in the car quickly arrived home. He felt fatigue he had never had before. He lay in bed after eating early, and soon fell asleep in a daze–

The night was quiet In the darkness, Yin Anxiang drove restlessly to the dark woods. The usual white headlights turned into a faint yellow light under the cover of rain and fog, turning everything in front of him. Become hazy and mysterious. He reducedSlowly and at a constant speed, he was bumping slowly on the uneven road, vaguely feeling that evil spirits were attacking him. With a “bang”, the car hit something again. Yin Anxiang felt a cold sweat dripping down his forehead, and he pushed the car door. Phew, a gust of wind and cold rain hit him, and a group of green-eyed foxes outside the car circled around his car, and slowly approached him, one of them rushed towards him… …

“Oh! Don’t bite me!” Yin Anxiang yelled, turned over and sat up, panting with cold sweat on his face, he kept touching his chest and said : “It’s terrible, terrible, it scared me to death!”

“What’s the matter with you, have a nightmare?” Mei asked when he was awakened by his shout. (Uncle Ghost: please keep the reprint!)

“It’s okay, it’s okay…” Yin Anxiang reluctantly said while wiping the cold sweat on his head: “Did I tell you that I picked a dead fox when I was eating? In fact, I didn’t pick it up and killed it. I wanted to peel off the skin and make a collar for you, but I started doing it since I hit the fox. Nightmare, I feel that something is a bit evil.

“You have to make me a collar for such an evil thing, oops! Seeing your face is sweaty, go wash it. “Mei said impatiently.

Hearing Mei said that Yin Anxiang also felt cold behind his back. He smiled embarrassedly and said: “I just dreamed of a group of foxes coming at me. It scared me out of a cold sweat, you see the pajamas are soaked! “

Yin Anxiang came to the bathroom and took a handful of cold water and splashed it on his face. He involuntarily had a cold war. He looked at himself in the mirror, his eyes sunken and his complexion pale. The pajamas on his body were wet with sweat and pressed tightly to his body. He couldn’t help but frown, stretched out his hand to turn on the water heater, soaked completely red before slowly returning to the bed.

In the morning, Yin Anxiang woke up at ten o’clock in the morning. He opened the window and looked at the leaves on the ground. A trace of sadness inevitably grew in his heart. The cold wind outside the window filled the house, Yin Anxiang felt a little cold. He turned and walked over. Putting on his clothes beside the bed. Suddenly Yin Anxiang saw a small note on his wife’s dressing table, which read “444 Ansheng Street”. This is the address Mei gave him and asked him to find a master named Shen here. Resolve the evil spirit.

An Sheng Street is full of bungalows. He searched for a long time before finding No. 444. The dark door of No. 444 was tightly closed, and both sides of the door were covered. Plants. Like a strange giant eye peeking at everything outside. Yin Anxiang walked to the door and paused, feeling that this ancient building was exuding a rotting atmosphere. He hesitated a bit, and finally reached out and knocked on the door. br>

“Come in! “A sharp voice like a spring cat cry came from the room, Yin AnxiangThere was a cold war all over, and my scalp was numb. However, he forced his composure, opened the door cautiously and walked in.

The courtyard is silent, and it seems to be two completely different worlds from the outside. Not to mention that the buildings in the courtyard appear dilapidated. The creeper on the wall is also swaying in the wind with more yellow leaves than green leaves. The grass on the ground almost covered Yin Anxiang’s knee. You don’t understand why your wife called herself to such a ghastly place. He asked in a loud voice, “Excuse me, is there a Master Shen living here?”

“I am.” The sharp voice rang out again, like a ghost. The figure stood behind a half-opened door and continued, “Are you having nightmares these two nights and dreaming of many foxes? Are they avenging you with hateful eyes? Hey, you were caught The ghost of the fox is entangled, you are in big trouble!” Yin Anxiang opened his mouth wide in shock, unable to speak for a long time.

The shadow took a few steps forward and looked at Yin Anxiang and asked: “Do you want to resolve this?” Yin Anxiang vaguely saw the outline of Master Shen. He felt that this Master Shen seemed to have known each other before, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen it. Master Shen’s icy gaze, a face without a trace of expression, and the strange tone of yin and yang, looked like a talking corpse in this dilapidated, gloomy courtyard.

Yin Anxiang shook his head vigorously to get rid of something in his heart. He thought: “Since the master can tell my symptoms and ask me if I am willing to resolve them, why not ask him to try?”

“Yes, my purpose is to come here. I want to ask Master to resolve this matter for me.” Yin Anxiang replied hurriedly.

“It can’t be resolved, it can’t be resolved! You will die within ten days…” Master Shen murmured.

“What are you talking about? Is there no other way to resolve it? I’m willing to spend as much money…” Yin Anxiang staggered and almost fell to the ground.

Master Shen shook his head and walked into the room and said, “There is no way, your sins can only be eliminated by death.”

“Liar, definitely It’s a liar…” Yin Anxiang shouted loudly, his eyes full of doubt, panic and panic.

Yin Anxiang stumbled out of the tomb-like house, and it started to rain lightly. A gust of wind blew by, and Yin Anxiang couldn’t help shaking.

Yin Anxiang drove to the kindergarten in a trance. He unexpectedly wanted to see his son today. The son took his hand and shouted that he wanted to eat KFC. He didn’t wait for a long time for Yin Anxiang to reply, “What’s wrong with you, dad?” The son sensibly said, “If you are not happy, I won’t eat…”

Yin Anxiang picked up his son and said, “It’s okay with my father.Base? Go…”

The son cheered excitedly in his arms, and Yin Anxiang showed a smile at the corner of his mouth when he looked happy.

Yin Anxiang Bringing his son out of KFC, he also brought a piece of chicken drumsticks for his wife Mei, and his son was talking excitedly in the car along the way. Yin Anxiang stroked his son guiltily, and he and his wife have been busy at work, often neglecting Son, he decided to compensate his son well in the future, as long as he is still alive…

Yin Anxiang drove silently on the road. When the car was driving in the woods, his breathing was obviously short. Get up. He saw a fox standing in the middle of the road, staring at him with a pair of big black eyes. Yin Anxiang never dreamed that this damn fox would haunt him endlessly, and his mind rang again. Master Shen’s words that you will die within ten days, he cruelly slammed the accelerator to the end, and the car rushed towards the fox like an arrow. However, in the blink of an eye, the fox disappeared, and what was oncoming A big truck. Yin Anxiang hurriedly stepped on the brakes, but the car still rushed toward the hurried truck. He had a reaction in his brain, “Oops! The brakes failed? With a loud “bang” at the moment, the two cars collided head-on.

After Yin Anxiang recovered from a brief coma, the first thing he thought of was his son. , He turned to look at his son sitting next to him, and saw that his son was leaning on the seat with his head covered in blood and motionless. He struggled to beat the door of the car, but the door was locked tightly. No. He slammed into the glass window with his fist frantically, without any reaction. A more terrible thing finally happened. Yin Anxiang saw a thick smoke rising from the front of the car, and the red flame immediately surrounded him. A severely deformed car.

In a slowly approaching car in the distance, Yin Anxiang’s wife Mei and the Master Shen sat, and she watched the car that was getting more and more burning. The car cried frantically to drive the door out.

Master Shen held Mei tightly, and he said, “Don’t go, it’s no help…”

Mei, hiding her face and crying bitterly, “Son…my son…”

Master Shen said blankly, “Who knew he would pick up the child, let’s Planning for so long, isn’t it just waiting for the day that can cause his accidental death? Hehe…I will not only let him die, but also take his family property as his own…”

Mei looked at her elder brother in surprise, thinking that he was hitting him for Yin Anxiang The revenge of the dead father? Or want to seize Yin Anxiang’s property? She feels that her brother has changed, and even her own nephew is not let go for revenge.

Mei’s eyes are staring tightly. With the blazing flames in front of her, the fire shone on her pale face, and her pupils were jumping with red light. She seemed to see the child beckoning to her, and her heart was broken.Blocks, finally she pushed open the car door and ran into the fire…