Su Hong especially likes to eat snake meat, but she dare not kill snakes herself. She often goes to restaurants to eat freshly slaughtered snake meat. Her husband is not at home that day, and she is too lazy to cook, so she takes her children to the restaurant to eat snakes. meat. The boss specially jumped a wild snake for her. She watched the chef clean up the snake with her own eyes, and her mouth was drooling. After a good meal, she and her children returned home.

After putting the child to sleep, Su Hong began to play online games ecstatically.

The child lying on the bed in the small bedroom did not fall asleep. The computer made a loud noise. He was awakened. In the dark he suddenly saw something slowly moving on the roof. , A car light flashed by, and he clearly saw a snake on the roof spitting out his red tongue.

A scream almost awakened the people on half a floor. The little boy cried and ran to Su Hong. He said he saw the snake and was on the roof of his house. Su Hong didn’t believe that there would be snakes in the building. She turned around and said impatiently: “Why cry? Go back to the bedroom…” The little boy turned and looked nervously at the door of the bedroom. The black hole was dead and heavy without a trace of light. His crying voice is louder.

Su Hong pulled him into the bedroom angrily, and the little boy shouted “Mom, I’m afraid…” Su Hong ignored his cry,” With a bang, I turned on the light in the bedroom. There were no snakes on the roof and no snakes on the ground. The hut was small, so it was basically clear. She angrily told the boy not to lie. Then let him lie back on the bed. When the door was closed, she didn’t pay attention to the child crying and saying something. She sat back at the computer, and an email popped up in her QQ mailbox. She clicked on the QQ mailbox. When she clicked on the mailbox, the light of the computer became very weak, and the note in the drift bottle was dark and unreal. She put her head close to the screen, and suddenly the outline of the black word suddenly became bigger, and Su Hong could see it clearly. Now, her heart slammed, and her chest almost burst open.

She remembered what her son said crying when she came out of the bedroom: “There are countless snakes moving in the computer.”

She stood up violently , Feeling a bit soft in the legs, shivering unconsciously.

The computer suddenly turned on, bright and dazzling. (Uncle Ghost: please keep the reprint!)

Indeed, it is a bunch of touching snakes entwined with each other. The larger snake is about to swallow the smaller snake. Su Hong opened his eyes wide and watched that those snakes were finally swallowed by a big snake, and its whole body was shining with a pale blue light. Suddenly, it stared at her with eyes like fish-eyes, and then slowly stretched its head out of the computer screen.

Su Hong’s eyes opened wider, his body could no longer support his body, and he touched the ground with a sound.

After Su Hong became seriously ill, fromNever dare to eat snake meat anymore.