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Since June this year, “Philosophia Philosophy Club” (hereinafter referred to as “Philosophy Club”) has no president. Most things are decided by collective votes of those involved in the operation.

“Including this interview.” Philosophy Club member W said that this new attempt has a joy of cooperation and co-construction. She mentioned a new tavern opened by a few young people in Wudaokou. “Restocking, finances, and entertainment are shared by the members. In this form of cooperatives, everyone negotiates together, which is very inspiring for us.”

Two years ago, W, a freshman in high school, joined the Philosophy Club. At that time, the Philosophy Club changed from an intramural association of the Experimental Middle School of Beijing Normal University to an inter-school organization for middle school students across the country.

In the WeChat group, members discuss various issues and publish them on the official account. Now more than 200,000 people are subscribed. In addition to the knowledge of popular science and philosophy, they also often respond to social problems.

Hui Jie is W’s high school alumnus. They are all interested in feminism and joined the philosophy club together.

The two are studying in a key middle school in Beijing, even though the school openedPhilosophy and other general education courses focus on cultivating students’ personal interests, “but even in this way, there are very few friends.

When she first joined, Huijie didn’t quite understand what everyone was talking about. Those theories, names, and book titles made her feel strange. She used her spare time to read a set of four-volume thinker guide series, covering famous names such as Wittgenstein, Arendt, Bakhtin, Foucault, etc. “I have to read hard. Someone in the group will recommend related books and articles. From a social point of view, it is also a kind of company.”

Now, Huijie, like other members of the philosophy club, has entered university. She believes that there are reasons why the club has always emphasized the attributes of middle school students.

“Relatively speaking, many middle school students do not have the conditions and ways to learn philosophy. By writing articles and being a community, we are very likely to achieve some knowledge fairness. Of course, this has little effect.”

1. The true philosophy should be related to justice

BW is one of the most active members of the Philosophy Society. After the third year of junior high school, he decided to study philosophy in the future.

As a sophomore majoring in philosophy, BW prefers to participate in discussions in philosophy clubs, such as a certain theory of Hegel or Spinoza, compared to his classmates in college.

“Many members are international students, and there are people in any time zone. I go to bed at 12 o’clock in the evening and wake up at 8 o’clock in the morning, and often receive more than 1,000 unread messages. If it is a domestic time zone, more people discuss Up.”

BW has liked to think about everyday things since he was a child. “When I learn English, I think, Apple, some people say’apple’, I say’apple’, there is no problem in communication practice, but does what we want to say in our minds mean? This is actually a topic of language philosophy, then I don’t understand it at the time, but I often think about it.”

Is it a luxury for middle school students to talk about philosophy? /”Campus Philosopher”

The junior high school Chinese teacher gave BW a lot of enlightenment. In class, teachers often introduce poetry, literature, and philosophical works, and free text appreciation classes will be held during the holidays.

Affected by this, BW read Feng Youlan’s “A Brief History of Chinese Philosophy” and Russell’s “History of Western Philosophy” and other introductory books. “I still remember the winter vacation on the first day of the new year. On the night of the new year’s 30th, watch “Crime and Punishment”. By 2 o’clock at night, I was very excited.”

Entering high school, BW continued to read the works of Heidegger, Kant, Hegel and others. The high school where BW is located is known for its free spirit in Beijing, and the students pay more attention to social reality.

“Later, I turned to political philosophy and some critical theories in my reading. Now I am reading the works of Lukács and Rawls, and I find it very interesting. I want to see our society more and think about some social issues.”< /p>

From left to right are “A Brief History of Chinese Philosophy”, “History of Western Philosophy” and “Crime and Punishment”

Speaking of college life, BW said that in order to get grade points, it is somewhat constrained to take courses of pre-Qin philosophy, Wei Jin metaphysics, and Buddhism that are not of interest.

“Indeed, you have to consider whether you like what the professor likes or not, and there are also a few professional courses that you don’t like. But the undergraduate has not yet entered the real academic work, and the thesis topic is very free. Last semester, my thesis score basically I have a score of 95 or more and I am very happy to write.”

Philosophy itself is complicated.

I liked Heidegger in BW middle school. After learning about his life, he discovered that Heidegger’s teacher Husserl was Jewish, and Heidegger later joined the German Nazis. BW did not understand at first, a great philosopher could not make the right choice when facing basic good and evil and morals.

“Philosophy has always been talking about how to be a human being and what a human being is. But if you study philosophy, you may not be the kind of person you are.There is too much relationship. I intuitively believe that a good philosophy should guide its learners to act justly. “

When BW was a child, his mother told him the story of Les Misérables, and Jean Valjean stole bread and was sentenced to 19 years in prison. BW is confused: Is this correct?

My mother replied: If a society forces a person to steal and break the law to fill their stomachs, it is not that the person is wrong, but the society is wrong. “The words my mother said played a decisive role in my future outlook on life.”

Second, new members of Philosophy Club

“How much do you know about philosophy?” “What does Kant’s “Copernician revolution” mainly refer to?” “Finally, what else do you want to add about yourself?”

The above question comes from the recruitment notice issued by the Philosophy Society in March. Applicants need to fill out a questionnaire. A total of 1,200 people applied, and more than 70 people eventually became members. Most of these members are from Beijing, followed by Guangdong, Shanghai, Sichuan and other places.

W said that Naxin will focus on absorbing younger students. In addition to the level of philosophical knowledge, we must also consider whether the values ​​are inconsistent.

“It is okay to care only about philosophy and not so much about society. But if you show strong hostility towards women, ordinary workers, and sexual minorities, you cannot accept it.”

Beauvoir’s “Secondity”

Spark joined the Philosophy Society during this time. He still remembers being asked about feminism when chatting with W, and he gave a “standard wrong answer”. Afterwards, he started from Beauvoir’s “Second Sex” and slowly learned about gender issues that were ignored in the past.

“I said at the time that women’s rights are already pretty good, and I’ve done too much. I have practiced boxing and Sanda, and I have always felt that it’s safe to walk at night. Why are you worried about this?”

The philosophers that Spark likes are Foucault and Bourdieu, who are biased towards sociology. He comes from a family of civil servants in a small city in Sichuan. He was admitted to a private middle school in Chengdu in junior high school and received a scholarship. In school, Spark felt a clear gap between the rich and the poor, and was somewhat inferior.

When visiting a shopping mall, he saw a pen with a price of more than 300 yuan, and thought to himself that the money can eat a lot.

“I had a naive idea at the time. Those uncles and aunts who grew up with me worked hard every day, but they didn’t dress well and drive good cars like my classmate’s parents. Is this fair? ?”

In high school, Spark saw that metaphysics was defined in textbooks as “the way of thinking that is opposite to dialectics, observing things from an isolated, static, and one-sided perspective”, which aroused his doubts.

Ask the teacher, the teacher wants him to search the Internet. “There is no prefix of a discipline, it should be derogatory.” On the Internet, Spark read many related articles and found that Aristotle had long had a different definition of metaphysics-objects “beyond physics”.

“At that time, I thought philosophy was quite interesting.” Spark understood that metaphysics is just a branch of philosophy. “The interest in philosophy is more of a rebellion.

Later, I told my teacher that metaphysics does not mean this. But he was very resistant to the discussion and only said ‘I don’t want to tell you’. “

After joining the Philosophy Club, Spark has more partners for discussion and can get more information.

“For students, finding philosophical literature is very troublesome, especially in foreign languages. But when asked in the group, someone will analyze it. Middle school students want to learn philosophy by themselves, it is difficult to find peers in school, everyone is busy with the college entrance examination. The atmosphere in my home is also relatively depressing. When I discuss philosophical topics, I will definitely be scolded.”

3. After 00, it doesn’t necessarily mean young people

Many people on the Internet criticized the Philosophy Society, saying that its members “live in Beijing, have rich families, and come from well-known high schools.” Therefore, discussing philosophy seems extravagant and looks like a kind of empty talk.

Some people complained that the official account does not open messages, “They are unwilling to communicate with people, a little arrogant.”

In fact, the reason for not leaving a message is simple: the official account is registered after June 2018 and does not have the message function.

“In the Internet environment, people can only receive certain information, but do not meet a real person face to face. This situation is easier to label, and everyone’s hostility will be more serious.” W said.

“I know what Zhihu’s comment on the Philosophy SocietyPrices are basically negative. One of the criticisms is that we can only use abstract words and cannot penetrate into social life. “BW stated that members of the Philosophy Society are also working hard to participate in actual social actions.

In the first half of the severe epidemic, he and some members called for attention to sanitation workers on the Internet, and raised masks and supplies for them.

“The relationship between Zhihu’s critics and us reminds me of Hegel’s judge and evil soul. As evil souls, we are essentially one with the judge. We must accept the judge’s question It is precisely because of the judge’s questioning that we realize that we have no real power to act and will continue to look for suitable practices.”

In the philosophy club, many members reflect on their “advantages”.

Zhihu has some comments about Philosophy Club.

Hui Jie said that most of the early members were in Beijing, but their family backgrounds were also very different. Many people’s families were only middle class or below middle class.

“Some people will be weak in the group, such as saying that they are too poor, saying that a certain Top10 or Top20 university they attend is too bad. Such remarks are caused by anxiety, but they will undoubtedly cause more anxiety. Therefore, everyone should also pay attention to avoid this kind of discomfort discussion.

Many international students will laugh at themselves: ‘No one really thinks that they are admitted to the top 20 prestigious schools, do they rely on their own efforts? ‘” Huijie said that the community cannot accept those views similar to social Darwinism, such as “people’s poverty and misfortune are attributed to their laziness and stupidity.” “This view is arrogant and even more wrong.”

When it comes to the division of post-00s and post-90s, W believes that mainstream media often presuppose the narration of post-00s, and post-00s are also told by the media.

“For example, most of the post-00s in the media are from cities, admitted to two or more colleges, love online social networking, and playgame. But these statements at least mean that they have to have smartphones and mobile data. Those post-00s who are from remote backgrounds or even have no network ports can hardly speak up and are not paid attention to by the media or mainstream discourse. “

Hui Jie feels that the biggest advantage of post-00s is youth. “This is not much different from post-90s and post-80s, and post-80s and post-70s.”

Many post-95s and post-00s are still young, but they are already old.

BW, who has gone through a year of college life, joked that he no longer understands the distress of middle school students. He believes that the post-00 generation does not necessarily represent youth.

“I think the division of ages is rough. If you have been concerned about social dynamics, you are not always thinking about achieving the best GPA and winning in internal competition, even if you are in your 30s or 40s, you are still very young.

There are some classmates in the university who think about which courses to choose and get the best points. They never want to choose which courses to learn well.

Although internal competition is actually the most rational and helpless choice at present, they are already old when they are so young. “

This article is from WeChat official account:There is a university (ID: youjian-university), author: Zhao Jingyi