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The breakup of Zhu Zhuang and his screenwriter Zhang Ce is actually quite interesting. Both sides emphasized that the breakup was a peaceful breakup, but each of them sent their awkward thoughts to the media who inquired about the news early.

Once Zhu changed a video after he had been interrupted for more days because of this incident, the theme was that he was tired of being a tool man and didn’t want to read his lines according to the manuscript. Zhang Ce told GQ a year ago The Zhizu hinted that the relationship between him and Mr. Zhu is close to Han Xin and Liu Bang.

Of course, the manuscript of the GQ Zhizu is also flying, saying that once Zhu patted Zhang Ce on the shoulder at a dinner, he said, “Young people can’t get rich too early, it’s time to struggle. Age”-how to put it, this picture alone is very impressive-one can imagine how such a vivid and true bridge is in the current public opinion that hates capitalists as the correct collective memory. It is dazzling and quickly divides the ranks and teams to choose.

In September of this year, Mr. Fashion went to pick Zhang Ce again. The latter said that many companies offered high salaries to dig him, but he refused, because “I still have feelings for Zhu once.” Unfortunately, Tianyancha didn’t think so. The disclosed information showed that in June of this year, Zhang Ce opened his own new company with a registered capital of more than 10 million yuan. That is to say, he The procedures for breaking up with Zhu once have been written.

Of course, there is no character here that deserves to be criticized. The business of adults is like this. If there is mutual benefit, everyone will work together. If you feel that you are at a loss, you will say goodbye to each other. well.

As an asset, Zhu once was still held by Zhu once, and what Zhang Ce took away was a large amount of empathy in the creative industry. Everyone knew that it was necessary to support such a high level of content. The IP of the traffic is so difficult and need to be paid, but the attention that can be obtained behind the scenes and the front desk is completely disproportionate.

It is not difficult to see through the records that once Zhu did not deliberately “hidden” Zhang Ce, he emphasized the contributions from the team many times and pushed Zhang Ce to the stage to do it. Introduction, but if the sun always hangs in the sky, the moon will always be less noticeable, and this inequality has caused friction in cooperation.

The things that Zhang Ce complained about include that he went to the event with his boss, but the boss had a special place, he could only squeeze the stands with ordinary audiences, and even when the details were reached, Zhu did not give him a Weibo Like, he felt that this was ignoring his work, and the media reporting the breakup incident also helped him point out the most critical point, that is, once Zhu did not give Zhang Ce any share of the shares, this is in the modern corporate governanceIt’s unimaginable in the incentive system. Is it really that way?

△ Zhu Gen (left) and Zhang Ce (right)

This is also reminiscent of the separation of Luo Zhenyu and Shenyin back then. Everyone has seen the development later. Luo Zhenyu is tinkering with the listing, and there are probably not many people who know Shenyin now.

After leaving Shenyin, Luo Zhenyu began to transform. He no longer regarded personally making public appearances and recording videos as the only project. He turned around and built a platform to catch up with the wave of knowledge payment. This kind of precedent has a high probability It will also repeat itself on Zhu Shan’s side, cleaning the Trotskyism traces, and establishing a new core. The only problem is that Luo Zhenyu has done this, and it may not be possible that Zhu can also succeed. The title of the manuscript has been written: Leaving Zhang Ce From now on, Zhu once’s video will lose its internal taste.

In both China and the United States, the MCN market based on social media and online celebrity business is unprecedentedly hot, but in contrast, the valuation of MCN institutions is not good enough. This is still an old question, that is how The value of anchoring MCN, or is it really the assets it controls?

Just like at the beginning of the second season of “Black Robe Pickets”, people from the motherland went to the Walter Group’s boss who looked like Obama and called (Sa) board (娇), threatening that you don’t respect Lao Tzu, maybe Lao Tzu will quit, but Obama doesn’t care at all, saying that what you’re talking about is just one of the company’s assembly line products. The Water Group is essentially a pharmaceutical company. The formula of Compound No. 5 is our core asset. You’re a shit, go downstairs and eat. Milk to go.

The embarrassment of the MCN company is that they don’t have the No. 5 compound. After spending great efforts to cultivate an Internet celebrity, once the profit distribution collapses, the Internet celebrity can go on its own at any time. , You can’t tie people up, and even for the investigation of the cost of “popularizing”, there will be different understandings on both sides. Is it due to the historical process?It’s a personal struggle, but it’s actually unclear.

Therefore, the online celebrity of iron and the flowing MCN, the former can do the work of the MCN by itself, and use the main account as an incubator, but MCN cannot create a role that is entirely its own. Yes, because people have long feet, and they will leave if they say they don’t agree.

One year, Buffett mentioned an investment logic in his shareholder letter: “If a business depends on a superstar to produce good results, then the business itself will not be considered a good business. A family in your area The medical partnership under the leadership of the chief brain surgeon may have happily substantial and growing profits, but this does not mean anything for its future. With the departure of the surgeon, the partnership’s barriers Disappeared together. However, you can be sure that the success of the Mayo Clinic (one of the best hospitals in the United States) will continue, although You don’t know what its CEO’s name is.”

Like Li Jiaqi, it’s extremely rare to be in the honeymoon period with the brokerage company since it became popular, but it must be based on On the premise of “enough”, cross-shareholding is indispensable.

Then returning to Zhu once and Zhang Ce, it is still based on the difference between the actors and directors who are more responsible. In the mature film and television industry, this would not even pose a problem, but short videos are still For a new track, many common senses have not yet been established, and the end of the labor-management relationship may not be the relief they are seeking.