Aaron is a movie fan, and he ran to the movie studio whenever he had time, thinking about a movie addiction.

This evening, Aaron met a director with long hair and a very artistic demeanor. He took a fancy to Aaron and said: “You are a skinny image. Not bad! I have a movie where you are very suitable to play the protagonist, come audition!” Aaron was very excited and nodded immediately.

The next day, Aaron found the crew and auditioned in a small room. Aaron thought: Being a protagonist is not easy. The director will definitely show some difficult skills. Who knows that the director only asked him to perform a frightened expression.

This is too simple! Aaron is confident that there is no problem at all. So, the director shouted “Start” and Aaron entered the situation. First, his eyes were big, his mouth opened into an “O” shape, and his face was extremely horrified. Finally, he rolled his eyes and fell straight back. ……

After the performance, Aaron can’t wait to ask: “How?” The director said unhappily, “Why is this scared to death? !”

So, www.guidaye.com Aaron tried to perform again. But the director was still dissatisfied, and finally got angry: “Are you scared to death like this? Old fifth, come here and teach him how to act!” Qing’s actor ran over. Hearing the director’s “start”, the old fifth’s back trembled violently, and stopped moving after tens of seconds. The director actually yelled “Qualified” and Aaron was very dissatisfied. What kind of skill is this?

The director sneered coldly and said, “Go ahead and have a look.” Aaron hurriedly walked around in front of the old fifth, wanting to see the look on his face. Next, Along was so frightened that he almost pissed, and saw that the old five was dragging a scarlet tongue to the ground desperately into his mouth! The director excitedly said from the side: “Do you understand? Even the tongue is scared, which is scared to death!”

Aaron suddenly foamed at the mouth and fell to the ground. , At that moment, he knew that he had met a ghost crew…