Looking at the computer screen, I couldn’t help but laugh out proudly.

I lightly pressed the mouse with my bright red nails, while happily nibbling on an apple with the other hand, I successfully lied to two guys this year! Blame them for being too stupid. I believe I will fill in the triangle outside the county with them, please! I was a famous scheming girl in college, and only these two idiots would believe what I said.

Think of these two fools. One is married and wants to transfer to the other half’s hometown. The other wants to transfer back to their household registration and marry their boyfriend. Originally, they only I planned to find someone to communicate with each other, but in the last class meeting, I knew the wishes of the two of them, so I quickly told them that I just wanted to mobilize, and then the two guys got hooked in a stupid way.

As for the last moment, what I have to do is simple, that is, not fill in the good places that I told them at the beginning, so these two fools will unsuspectingly think that they are stable. Don’t fill in other volunteers.

Deserve it! I thought to myself, this is the malady of the transfer of civil servants. They will not find out that they have been tricked until the list comes out at the last minute, and then they can only wait for next year!

“Bye bye!” I smiled at the screen, and the phone rang frantically. It seems that the two idiots were also shocked when they saw the list, and wanted to call Xingshi to inquire. ? No doors! I simply turned off the phone and ate the food at the table.

“You guys, deserve it! Think you can be sweet and happy after being mobilized? Don’t think about it!” I looked at myself reflected on the black screen, with a mediocre appearance and short stature, thick and fat. Fingers, I get angry every time I see those shameless couples flashing around on the road, this is good, you guys will be patient for another year!

If I knew about the chain reaction that followed, maybe I wouldn’t have laughed so happily at this time.

The nightmare came true

Afterwards, the two people probably also felt annoyed, and they confessed their fate. After a few days, they didn’t fight again. More than half a year passed without change.

Until today, when I was bored and turned the news around, I saw a piece of news that made me a little concerned: my wife had a dystocia and was sent to a doctor, but the husband drove back from other counties and cities but still hadn’t See the last side.

The news was only reported, but I glanced at the man on TV. It seemed to be my classmate, He Yongting, one of those two idiots, because the camera was shaking. , I’m not sure if what I saw was him. Is his wife dead? I felt weird in my heart, and I hurriedly checked the news about this matter online, but there was no detailed report on the Internet as to who the couple was last name.

ClosedComputer, I thought to myself: “What if it is really him? Even if he is successfully transferred, his wife will still be dystocia! It’s not my business to die or die.”

This didn’t affect me too much. Besides, after a few days, I didn’t hear any new news about this news. If it was He Yongting’s wife who had died, it could only be Blame him for not taking care of her! I have always been accustomed to pushing mistakes to others, but I actually don’t care much about it.

The summer nights are extremely hot and stuffy. I seem to have a little insomnia this night, but the air-conditioning just happened to make me feel quite uncomfortable. The more the electric fan blows, the more sticky I am, and I stand up thinking I went to the refrigerator to get something to drink, but when I just stepped out of the bed barefoot, I felt a strange feeling on the soles of my feet, as if I had stepped on some mucus. I looked down, and there was a blood stain on the ground.

The bloodstain stretched from the doorway all the way to under my bed and broke. It looked like some injured cat and puppy ran in. It won’t work. If it dies in my room What to do if it stinks? I squatted down and looked at the bed. The bed was dark and I couldn’t see anything clearly. I picked up the broom in the corner of the room and wanted to drive it out. Unexpectedly, when I waved the broom to the bottom of the bed, there was a burst of babies. Crying.

The crying sound was faint, but it really echoed in the room. I was shocked, and I didn’t realize that the broom in my hand fell on It was on the ground, but the crying did not stop at all. Instead, it ejected from the four corners of the room. I was so scared that I forgot to chase any small animals, so I jumped back to the bed, for fear of something strange under the bed. Will suddenly rush out and attack my ankle.

But when I just jumped into bed, I felt that there was something strange in the sheet. I opened it abruptly, and I didn’t know when there was a large blood stain inside.

A baby was crying and wriggling on my bed. The cry was so terrible that I couldn’t help covering my ears, closing my eyes and screaming, “Don’t cry! Don’t cry! “But when I opened my eyes, the bed was clean, leaving no trace of a baby. I was in a cold sweat and got a lot of goose bumps on my back. I patted my chest and told myself to calm down and not to be intimidated by this kind of nightmare, but I haven’t fallen asleep at all. Where is the nightmare?

“Thinking too much, I must be thinking too much, even if it is really that guy, it doesn’t matter to me, I just didn’t transfer to him, so I’ll be blamed Come on to my head?” I gasped, and walked quickly to the toilet to wash and calm my face. I splashed myself with cold water several times, and I stopped until my hair got wet. I looked up at my pale face in the mirror.

It’s not my face, it’s a woman’s face with a bloody grin and a disheveled face! (Uncle Ghost: please keep the reprint!)

I haven’t had time to respond,The woman in the mirror suddenly screamed and stretched out her hands to protrude the mirror to face me. I instinctively backed up, and there was a pain in the back of my head. I hit the towel rack, but I didn’t care about the pain and rushed out of the bathroom. , Picked up the phone for help, no, I should ask clearly, all this must be after I read the news to scare myself! I was holding my mobile phone and wanted to call my classmates to confirm He Yongting’s current situation, but I stopped suddenly.

Except for He Yongting, I don’t even have any other university friends’ phone numbers to contact? But I can’t call He Yongting and ask him, “Hey! Hello, I saw on the news that your wife died in a dystocia, is it true?”

I remembered I also have another person’s phone number, which is Stupid No. 2-Miao Yulin. Although I should be hung up after calling her after the last incident, I must ask if I was thinking about it. If it is confirmed that He Yongting’s wife is okay, I won’t have this horrible nightmare again, right?

I bit my head and dialed Miao Yulin’s phone. After rang several times, she picked it up with a very cold voice, “Shen Liting, I’m not mistaken, right? You dare to call Call me?”

“Okay, okay! The last time I was wrong, right? Sorry! I really want to ask you for something!” I cheered She pleaded, Miao Yulin is a well-known good lady, even if she is angry with me, she won’t be angry for long, right?

But it seems that she is really angry this time, and the cursing voice on the other side of the phone is endless: “I’m sorry? You want to confuse you when you are sorry? I beg you, okay! One year! You made me have to wait another year before I have a chance to be transferred back to my hometown. It’s you instead, I’m sorry, do you want it?”
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I took the phone away, and when she had enough scolding to catch her breath, I hurriedly asked: “If you want to scold, scold it later! I ask you something very important. He Yongting paid it back recently. Okay? Have you contacted him?”

She was silent for a while. I felt bad in my heart, but she finally said the answer I didn’t want to hear. “His wife passed away a few days ago. He is dealing with funeral affairs these days. Several of our classmates have gone to help.”

Listening to Miao Yulin’s words made me even more troubled. My heart sinks to the bottom. I didn’t read it wrong. The person on TV is really him. So, what I saw just now was not what I imagined? Is it really aimed at me?

“But even if his wife passes away, it has nothing to do with the joke we made, right?” I tried to quibble for my actions, trying to downplay what I had done with them. It was a joke, but she was silent for a while, then quietly said: “But, He Yongting seems to think you killed his wife.”

“What? His surname is Lai? His wifeWhat’s up with me? “I hurriedly argued, I just didn’t mobilize with him, can’t even rely on me for such a big thing?

“No, someone wanted to tune with him this year, but He rejected the man because he had already talked to the two of us, but when he found out that you were playing tricks, he was very angry, but he was helpless, but his wife seemed to be unable to accept it!

She was very melancholy until the time of childbirth. On the day of her premature delivery, He Yongting received a call when she went to work. He hurried back but was still too late. He always felt that if he could make it, his wife Probably not to die…” Miao Yulin’s voice suddenly became very serious.

“Maybe you think you are just joking with us, maybe his wife’s death has nothing to do with you. , But I also think that you can’t completely shirk responsibility. For us, your joke is a long-awaited chance to return home, but it was ruined by your joke! “

Hearing what she said to others, I can’t help but speak well. I don’t know what to return to her. Suddenly, there was a rustling sound in the microphone, and I couldn’t hear what she said. .

“Hello? Hey? “

“Give me back my baby!” “Miao Yulin’s voice suddenly turned into the cry of a strange woman. I was so frightened that I pressed the hang up button, but when I took the phone away from my ear, I saw a red thing on the screen, I didn’t realize it yet. What is that? Suddenly a small hand passed through the red and stretched out, and then the screen turned into a small eye, blinking and staring at me curiously.

“Sugar! “The woman’s stern cry turned into a baby’s laughter, but it was even more weird and terrifying. The little eye followed me around. I screamed and threw the phone on the ground, but the phone started to make a baby cry again. It’s like I’ve just fallen to the ground as a baby!

I fell on the edge of the bed with my legs, and the phone suddenly shook on the ground, then little by little. He moved in my direction, “No… don’t come near me! “I grabbed the pillow on the bed and wanted to throw my phone, but I caught a handful of things like threads, but I wanted to throw them out. With this force, I pulled the bunch of threads in front of me.

A pair of bloody eyes hanging upside down stared at me. I held a sticky handful of black “silk thread” attached to her head. She looked at me in astonishment, but instead With a grin, she was lying on my bed with her head hanging in the air and being pulled by my hand, and I was shocked for a while and forgot to let go.

She lifted it up On her top, a row of twisted black silk threads was on her belly. She stretched out two hands and placed them on the black threads, and then she pulled them to the sides, and her belly was pulled in half by her. In her belly, there was a small baby sitting, reaching out her hand as if to crawl to me.

I couldn’t help it anymore, screaming, not knowing the strength that was born, I jumped up desperately to flee, go there, I don’t want to stay in this bloody room anymore , I ran to the corridor, the cry of the baby still followed me, I pressed the elevator desperately, when the elevator opened in front of me, I was stupid.