When I opened my eyes, I still saw the familiar room, but on the chair of the desk in front of the bed, there was an unexpected guest sitting.

“Who are you?” I asked aloud, but he didn’t respond at all.

I walked slowly to the chair, trying to find more answers. But the cold and stiff touch made me fall to the ground in fright.

That was a dead man.

I looked at his face carefully, but I still couldn’t establish any link in my memory. I don’t know him, nor have I seen him.

I try to calm myself, consider all possibilities, and look for more clues. But the data in his wallet and my logic still couldn’t give me the slightest explanation.

In desperation, I picked up the phone and prepared to call the police. But just before pulling it out, he hesitated.

What would the police think when a dead person appeared at home? I looked at the crime scene and tried to simulate it, and the answer that came out made me shake my head and sigh.

I went to the living room again, checked the door locks, and compared all the furnishings with the pictures in my impression. Then carefully searched the path from the door to the floor of the living room, looking forward to any clues.

However, the frequency of my chest rises and falls, and the temperature drops rapidly.

This dead man sat on the chair in my dormitory so upright. Such a clever murderer made me, who affirmed my innocence, couldn’t help wondering whether there were multiple personalities at work.

After struggling for more than an hour, I decided to destroy the body.

I dragged the corpse to the bathroom, relied on the little physiology that I had left, broke it into several large pieces, wrapped the corpse with various things, and stuffed it into a garbage bag In, and then drive to the garbage dump.

Along the way, I tried to recall my experience the night before, and I didn’t dare to miss any details. But I was sure that I returned home after seeking medical treatment, and then fell asleep in bed until dawn. The medicine is very effective, so it is impossible for me to commit a crime.

Today is the weekend. There are many garbage pickers in the garbage dump. The process of discarding it makes me scared from time to time. Therefore, after returning home, my exhausted body and mind quickly made me fall asleep.

However, when I woke up the next day, there was still a dead person sitting on the chair in front of the dressing table.

The shock that brought me this time was a more complicated mood and reminded me of many thriller novels.

The same strange man, also sitting on the only chair in my bedroom with unknown cause of death, and I also didn’t even feel anyone entered my room last night, but He just died there.

With inexplicable fear, I handled the corpse in the same way as yesterday. Decomposing, packing, digging, and burying, my trembling hands seemed to be contaminated with a little skill. On the return trip I drank a lot of coffee, turned off the lights late at night, squinted and waited for the murderer’s arrival.

Until dawn, there was no change in my door or window. Did the murderer stop committing the crime? Or did he discover that my clumsy hunter wanted to capture his trail?

I don’t know, but the dazzling sunlight made me lose the strength of attachment, and it also made me close my eyes with peace of mind.

When I opened my eyes again, it was afternoon, and the setting sun shone into my room, shining on the girl on the wooden chair.

From her scattered clothes and horrified eyes, I know that she suffered terrible torture before she died. But what made me even more numb was that there was a picture of me and her in the purse of this strange girl.

Of course, I am 100% sure that I have never known this girl.

“What a vicious murderer!” I cursed. Actually want to blame me so, and help him discard the body with artificial hands. The anger in my heart overwhelmed fear, and I vowed to find out the real murderer.

After processing the corpse, I installed a pinhole camera.

The murderer moved the body to my room while I was asleep. How did he do it? Who is he? I want to find the answer once.

In addition to the room, I also installed traps in the living room. After confirming that I was safe, I went to sleep in peace.

The next day, looking at the new corpse on the sofa chair in front of me, I snickered to myself. But when I opened the shooting file recorded in the computer, I felt the sky spin.

The images captured by the three cameras are all unchanging scenes, even the latest files that came in.

The wooden chair is always empty, there is nothing, no dead people.

I went back to the room and stared at the corpse I was sure there was, confused.

I could see him, touch him, and smell the slight body odor on him, but the pinhole camera didn’t capture anything.

Just when I was wondering whether the pinhole was a problem, I caught a glimpse of the reflection in the mirror, and the sofa was empty and there was nothing.

I kept comparing inside and outside the mirror, one clearly exists and the other is clearly nothing. I’m sure, if it wasn’t for me to hell, or I was crazy.

The education for more than 20 years does not allow me to have spiritual illusions, and scientific literacy compels me to be determined. So I tried my bestKnowledge, the books at hand, and internet data to interpret this weird phenomenon.

In terms of philosophy, there is a considerable distance between phenomena and things themselves. The distance from shaping one’s own cognitive process to the medical argument is that my brain receives unreal message.

More simply, it is an illusion. (Uncle Ghost: http://www.guidaye.com/ please keep the reprint!)

The corpse does not exist, but my brain believes that it exists, and the sense of touch, sight and smell are the same Be confused. The camera and mirror are proof that the corpse is just my fantasy.

In order to prove the correctness, I took the digital camera again and the sofa chair in the photo was still the same lonely. Then I shot the corpse with a fruit knife. Although it was inserted straight into the non-existent corpse at first, I closed my eyes for a few seconds, and it returned to the correct position behind the backrest of the sofa chair.

Everything is an illusion. However, the problem still exists.

Why do I have hallucinations? Why does my mind create such a disgusting illusion? There must be a cause and I want to find out the cause and effect.

I sent a letter to the company to ask for leave, and then I asked a friend of mine to see a doctor. He is a classmate of my elementary school, a best friend for more than ten years, and is now an authoritative psychologist.

I let the corpse sit in a chair. Although I can’t fully accept it, I can only take it away. The next day, there was another person in the chair, and my untreated body disappeared automatically, and a new face appeared.

I smiled and sighed and drove to my friend’s clinic.

“A rare case, very special.” After listening to my narration, he tilted his head in thought and said.

“What do you think can cause this condition?” I asked him.

“It’s hard to tell, it may take a deep treatment to understand.” He said, and then wrote something, “I have a nerve stabilizer. You take it after a meal, and then take it well. Rest and see if it’s better.”

I smiled and waved goodbye, swallowed one before leaving, and returned home happily.

There is a bigger surprise greeted me in the bedroom, there is no dead body on my chair, there is only air. Although I am a little worried about the side effects, the magical effect of the pills makes me willing to bear it.

I can finally sleep peacefully without worrying about the illusion tomorrow morning.

I closed my eyes, and after a long time, the doorbell suddenly rang.

I got up from the bed and rushed to the lobby to open the door. It turned out that it was my colleague Lao Ye.

“What’s wrong? Lao Ye?” I opened the door and asked.

He was carrying a big bag of food, and when he saw me, he wondered and said, “Hey, who are you?”

I pulled He walked in, smiled and said, “Why? I haven’t seen you in a few days, even if I don’t know him?”

Lao Ye walked in with a puzzled look, looked around, and then sat down. .

“Are you Ajie’s friend?” he asked.

“What are you talking about? I’m Ajie!” I replied in surprise. Did I change a lot? But I haven’t seen it for a while, where can it be changed?

“Nonsense, is it okay for Ajie to look like this? You don’t fool me.” Lao Ye took out a photo from his wallet. I saw it, my face couldn’t help but sink.

There are two people in the photo, one is Lao Ye, and the other is a new corpse this morning.

He is Ajie, then who am I?

I felt everything in the living room begin to distort, and I fell into a severe dizziness. When I regained my sanity, I was already lying on my bed, and the sun of dawn led me to wake up.

Is that a dream? Or an illusion? As usual, the first thing I do to get up now is to observe the chair in my bedroom.

Empty, nothing.

There are no chairs in my room, but a broken bed and a few walls.

I walked out of the room with a confused memory. One accidentally tripped over something in front of the door. It’s a corpse.

His eyes were staring, his mouth wide open, and he was lying on the floor of my door. The difference is that there is a bunch of disgusting green liquid coming out of the corner of his mouth.

Am I seeing hallucinations again?

I desperately searched for the psychiatrist’s medicine. I knew that the medicine was stuck somewhere in my clothes.

Finally, in the pocket of the body, I found the bag with only the last pill left. I stared at the pill in a daze, and then remembered the pile of cold medicine I took that night.

As I thought, I looked at the green liquid that became more and more familiar, my memories gradually aroused, and the sense of fear spread all over my body for a long time.

Now it is, resistance? However, if I continue to eat, in addition to hallucinations and body fluid overflow, it is difficult to guarantee that the memory of my current recovery will also be washed away by the next host…

“Your’medicine’ is really terrible.” I looked at the body of the previous host and said.