Problem description: Condition description (onset time, main symptoms, symptom changes, etc.): The patient is 83 years old. Male, he often hiccups for a few days, stop for a few days, and hiccup again for a few days. It has been repeated for five years. What is this symptom, and where is it specializing in the treatment of this disease? No medication, previous medical history and operation history: none
Question date:2020-09-07
Patient information:Age: 83 years old Gender: Male< br />Problem analysis: Hello, in this case, you should consider gastroesophageal reflux, or neurological hiccups, which are prone to recurrent attacks.
Guiding suggestions: Please indicate whether the patient has a history of gastric disease, whether there is recurrent acid reflux heartburn, bad breath, bad breath, hiccups, abnormal stools and other symptoms. Whether hiccups will occur due to fatigue, cold, emotional tension and excessive stress, etc., so that we can judge the condition clearly.
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