Due to work, I need to travel frequently, and the station has become a place I often go in and out, and because of business relations, I often travel to various cities and counties. To be honest, I don’t like to make trains too much. Our national trains have one There is a smell, an unpleasant smell, and an unpleasant smell. Almost all trains nowadays are sealed and there are no open windows, so the smell is not very good. I will go to a mountainous county at a time, from a nearby county Take a bus to the county, and take a car to the county in the mountains.

It’s a little bit back, the road is blocked, and I can only go by train. I go to the county station in the evening to buy a ticket. This is a station that looks very old. There is a small station on the outskirts of the city. It is quite old at first glance. If you don’t say anything else, go ahead and buy tickets. Only at 9 o’clock in the evening and the next afternoon. After thinking about it, it was there in two hours, just find a place to live. I still have time to buy food and hang out outside the station in addition to the lobby.

This county is a small county. There are a few shops near the station. I went to the small supermarket and bought some food and took it to the waiting hall and started eating. I looked up blindly to see that this station is really old, and on the porch of the waiting hall is written Serving the people, and there is a red star on it. It feels like I stayed here during a special period. The seats in the waiting hall are all the yellow three-plywood hard seats in rows. The old-fashioned large window glass makes this waiting hall very spacious. After I finished eating, I was alone in the empty hall. Thinking about it, this is not the main road where there are so many people. I bought a short-distance green leather car. Few people are willing to make a green car so late, and do it at night after eating too much for urgent things.

I saw that the time was still early. After a day of running today, I found a pillar and leaned the backpack behind me and closed my eyes to rest. I planned to call the hotel to sleep when I arrived at the place at 11 o’clock. Hey, I’m just running around. I sighed and opened my eyes to see that a lot of people came. Many tourists are resting in the lobby, but I didn’t expect many people to come. This car is also quite hot. I looked at the clothes of the passengers and felt awkward. A gay man opposite me was wearing a gray tunic suit and a standard pen was inserted in the right breast pocket next to him. There is a black file bag with the commemorative words of xxx commune. I looked at these strange travelers strangely. I wondered how these people dressed up as if they were in the eighties. I was really out of place in a jeans t-shirt and a bag, and I was not in a remote mountainous area. I think these people look at everything. So calm, as if turning a blind eye to me, I looked at my phone and was about to start checking tickets. Something weirder happened. How do these station workers wear blue and black overalls? Isn’t it already eliminated? Look at the faces of the staff who check the tickets and look a little bit unreal, holding the tickets in their hands and walking slowly like the platform behind the train, the evening breeze at night brings a chill, look at the long tunnels I’m hereDo you want to make a movie? I looked back at the passengers who came with me, and suddenly I noticed something abnormal. Those passengers looked a bit too white on their faces. They were under the yellow lights in the waiting hall before. So obviously, the faces of many passengers who came to the platform were darker and more bloody. Wait a minute. I remember that the energy-saving lamps in the waiting hall turned into yellow light bulbs. I looked back at the waiting hall behind me suspiciously. It turned out to be a yellow light bulb. Maybe I remembered it wrong. At this time, I saw a middle-aged comrade take out an old-fashioned thermos mug to drink water. I knew that it was some years old by looking at the plastic thermos mug. I saw the gay man sitting across from me just now, so I went up to chat with him. “Big brother, when will this car arrive?” The big brother looked at the watch in his hand. Say it will take three hours. ‘Three hours. Didn’t it mean two hours? The ticket seller lied to me. I said something casually. The eldest brother smiled and looked at his watch, ‘I often sit for three hours, nothing so fast, haha’ ‘Oh, got it, haha’ I also smiled and answered. I paid attention to that older brother’s watch, a Shanghai brand mechanical watch. Like my dad’s antique watch, I used to play it when I was young. How many years have passed since, this big brother still has. Awesome. I can’t help feeling that this big brother is really good. After a while, I became familiar with the green leather car slowly pitting into the station. I lined up at the back of the line unhurriedly. I inadvertently looked at the ground. The faint light shining on my shadow looked so lonely and blinded. How could it be possible that my brain flashed through. A line of seven or eight people, the shadow of me alone on the ground seemed so lonely. I looked at the people in front of me again, and looked at the floor of the platform, I couldn’t help stepping back a few steps, and for a time weird pictures flashed through my mind. These things are not human, right? Ah, I was so scared that I backed up to the pillars of the platform, and looked at these’people’ who seemed to be living in the 1980s with fear. The train arrived, and the flight attendant got off the train and started to check the ticket, watching me standing there. She shouted to me with a smile. Although the sound was not loud, it could enter my heart. Comrades come, check in and get on the train. The car was about to drive, and the people in front of me all looked back at me with a weird smile, “Come on, get in the car, the car is about to drive.” I was scared to death. You’re making an international joke. I won’t catch up even if I’m killed. I want to run, but I can’t take a step at all. These two feet are not my own, so I can’t move. At this moment, two men came out of the team to pull me into the car. I wanted to call, but I couldn’t call. Watching them approach me, I fell into indescribable fear. Can’t hang here. Ghost. My eyes suddenly became dark, “Wake up, wake up, take care of your own things.” A policeman shook me up. I hurriedly replied, “I know, I know.” I was in shock. Looking at this bright station illuminated by energy-saving lamps, I panted and wanted to scare me to death. Thank you, police brother, or brother. Xiaoming will explain.

Until now, I can’t forget the bizarre experience at the time. I shouldn’t be in a dream at the time, it feels so different from dreaming , Use one word to describe the dreamlike illusion. I didn’t dare to take any train that night. I decisively decided to take the train the next afternoon to the mountainous county. I often think about what happened at that time, but I still can’t find the answer.