Tang Ling has been sitting in front of her father’s portrait for nearly two hours, and the tears in her eyes have already dried. Tang Ling bought a suitable wig for his aging father. The father in the wig was very kind, but a little haggard.

Tang Ling walked helplessly into his father’s bedroom, sat down at the desk, and opened the drawer. The drawer is full of diaries, all written by his father before his death. Father had two hobbies during his lifetime. One was to keep a diary. He always liked to record all the big things and small emotions that happened every day and his feelings; the other was to go for a walk before breakfast.

In the early morning of August 17, my father went for a walk as usual. Whoever thought, he went but never came back. At noon, the hospital called Tang Ling and told Tang Ling that her father had been hit by a heavy truck and died when he was taken to the hospital.

Tang Ling thought of this, tears streaming down again. She opened a diary, and the cover of that diary had no design or color. It was very plain black and she bought it for her father. This diary is the last one of his father’s life, and the pages of pure white paper are his father’s vigorous and powerful fonts.

The diary was turned page by page, August 15, August 16, August 17… “August 17th!” Tang Ling shouted aloud This date, August 17 is the day when his father died. I saw two bright red words written on the white paper: I hurt! The bright red color seemed to be dripping blood, dripping into Tang Ling’s heart drop by drop. Tang Ling sat blankly, she felt unprecedented surprise and fear. Is this written after his father died? Tang Ling didn’t dare to think about it anymore, but looked at the two bright red words “I hurt” innocently.

At this moment, someone opened the door and came in. It was Tang Ling’s brother Tang Yuan. Seeing his sister staring at the diary, Tang Yuan comforted her and said: “Ling, my father is dead, you have to cheer up, there are many things waiting for you to do. You…”

“No!” Tang Ling yelled frantically, “Dad is not dead, he still wrote a diary today!”

“Tang Ling, don’t talk nonsense!” Tang Yuan said and said. I turned the diary page by page. Suddenly, his face was also occupied by an expression of astonishment.

“Look, Dad is not dead, he has written a diary, he is back!” Tang Ling choked.

At this time, Tang Yuan had recovered his calm, and sensibly said, “No, stop thinking about it. It may be that my father remembered the day wrong, maybe.” The siblings held their hands. Breathe, turn the diary forward, August 17, August 16, August 15… one day next to each other, he remembered correctly! The two panic again. For a long time, Tang Yuan glanced at Tang Ling, his eyes full of anxiety, “Don’t think too much, go to bed early, keep the diaries with me. I will burn all these diaries when my father’s sacrifice day.” He went back to his room silently.

The next day, Tang Ling asked for leave from the company. She is sick. Every night, she suffers from insomnia. The two clear words in the diary on August 17 made her no longer able to raise her mind to do other things. All she can do is to stare at the portrait of her father, look closely, and return. There are tears. Tang Ling remembered that her father liked the wig she bought for him very much. He always wore it no matter where he went. When I was a child, my father taught herself how to calligraphy and took her to the park to play. After her mother left, she and her father got closer. My father was an old feudal man with a strong sense of tradition, and he liked to take care of everything, but he just left and suffered misfortune. In this way, Tang Ling recalled the past events every day, unconsciously, a short day ushered in a long night. This night, the wind was blowing.

Tang Yuan has not returned yet. Tang Ling knew that her brother had to go to his girlfriend after get off work every day, so she would go home very late. Tang Ling suddenly heard a strange noise in her brother’s bedroom. She quietly came to the door of Tang Yuan’s bedroom. Put your ear on the door and listen carefully, but the sound is gone. “Could it be that brother has returned?” She thought so, and gently opened the door. Brother is away! Only the window of his room was half open, creaking by the night wind with raindrops. From time to time, bright lightning ran across the sky outside the window, followed by dull thunder. Although there is wind and thunder, the night is surprisingly quiet! This is the fifth night after his father died.

Tang Ling slowly sat down at the table and opened Tang Yuan’s drawer. There is only the black diary in the empty drawer, August 16, August 17, August 18…Oh my God! Tang Ling was already oozing cold sweat, and her rapid breathing and heartbeat made the night even more strange and restless. The diary is still recorded! 18th, 19th…22nd! That diary has been recorded to this day. There are only two blood-red words on each page, in order: I hurt, broken leg, murder, grievance, retribution…

“Kang Dang !” A sudden noise broke the silence of the night. Regardless of the fear and fear in her heart, Tang Ling propped up her limp legs and ran to the living room. She saw the portrait of her father fall on the floor, and the glass in the frame of the mirror fell to pieces.

“Dad!” Tang Ling knelt on the ground, holding her father’s portrait and burst into tears. The father was still smiling, but the smile was a little weird. “Dad! How did you die?” Tang Ling collapsed to the ground, tears in her eyes. At this moment, Tang Yuan opened the door and came in. He might have just returned from his girlfriend. Seeing my sister slumped on the ground, only a few incomplete pieces of glass remained on the portrait of the father in her hand.

“What’s the matter?” Tang Yuan asked anxiously, “The room is so dark, why don’t you turn on the lights?”

“Diary, I’ll read it again I wrote that diary every day, until today, August 22. Also, the portrait of my father fell by himself, and…” Tang Ling said incoherentlyAs he said, his face was completely horrified.

Tang Yuan rushed to his room like crazy. After a while, Tang Yuan’s crazy screams came from the room. Tang Ling ran in, and she saw Tang Yuan holding the diary in her hand and sitting stiffly on the chair. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning fell from the sky, illuminating the night sky and the room.

“Who?” Tang Ling exclaimed. Tang Yuan turned his head and looked at the window. There was a man standing at the window. No, that’s not a person, it’s a clothes hanger, standing in front of the window, with father’s wig hanging on it! Tang Yuan’s face began to change, becoming distorted, distorted to make people frighten. “Dad’s wig! Wasn’t it burned together at the crematorium? How could it be there?” Tang Ling cried next to him, “Brother! Dad died unjustly, he is back! He hurts! He said he hurts! Dad! I’m back! Why did my dad’s portrait fall by itself? My dad’s soul is on it!”

“Stop talking!” Tang Yuan knelt on the ground with a “plop”, hoarse. Shouted, “Stop… Dad, I’m sorry, I killed you, I killed you, I am a brute!”

“Brother, what did you say? You …Killed my dad?” Tang Ling asked in disbelief, she couldn’t believe it.

“Yes, I hired someone to hit him with a truck. He is an old feudal man, and he is not allowed to have a girlfriend who works in a ballroom. I, I have no other choice but to do this. , I really like her, I don’t want anyone to interfere with us!” The stubborn Tang Yuan collapsed completely, tears bursting into his eyes.

“You killed Dad because of this? He is our biological father! How can you!”

“I can’t control me either! Myself, I regret that I…everything is over!” Tang Yuan stopped talking, only quietly looking out the window. The wind stopped, the rain stopped, only the sound of breathing, and the strange atmosphere filled the air, like resentment, like the smell of blood, the room was extremely dark.

After a long time, I don’t know how long, Tang Ling said: “Brother, go surrender, it’s not too late, and beg Dad to forgive you. Otherwise, why do you live in this world? Go down?”

“I’ll go.” Tang Yuan uttered two words calmly.

The next day, Tang Ling went to work at the company, and she was about to start again. Her father’s affairs finally came to an end, and Tang Ling was also satisfied with the plan she designed, and everything was in her grasp.

It turned out that her father’s death made her feel very strange. On the day of my father’s accident, my elder brother was too calm, and went to his girlfriend as usual after get off work the next day. You know, because of his girlfriend who works in the dance hall, his father quarreled with him countless times, and he still didn’t obey his father when his father died.

So Tang Ling imitates her father every dayIn her handwriting, she wrote two bright red characters and the date of the day in the diary. She went to the store and bought a wig exactly like her father’s and hung it on the hanger…

Results The brother was defeated and told the truth.

What Tang Ling didn’t expect was how could the portrait of his father suddenly fall off that stormy night? Could it be that his father was really in this room?

After get off work, Tang Ling went to visit her elder brother who was in detention and told him the matter. Tang Yuan was taken aback for a moment, and then calmly said, “Sister, thank you. I hope my father Quan Xia You know can forgive me, I was wrong.”

In the evening, Tang Ling returned home, Is already exhausted. She hung up the portrait of her father again, put on three sticks of incense, and worshipped three times. Then I went to my father’s room and packed all the diaries in that drawer, preparing to burn them all tomorrow. By the way, there is the one in my brother’s room. She went to her brother’s room again, opened the drawer, and the black diary was still lying quietly in it. Tang Ling stroked the cover and opened it habitually.

One page, two pages, three pages…August 17, August 18, August 19…Looking at her masterpiece, she smiled, so powerful The fonts are like those written by my father, and my father will be proud of her!

She continued to scroll, August 21, August 22, August 23…August 23! Tang Ling was stunned. She clearly remembered that the diary was only up to the 22nd, so this extra day was… Tang Ling didn’t dare to think again.

Two bright red, familiar words are written on the white as snow paper: Forgiveness.