My name is An Youxin. I was unemployed for nearly half a year and finally found a job. Work as a clerk in a private company. The company’s personnel manager is very human and helped me find a cheap rent house near the company. It was Fangting Apartment at No. 48 Changyan Street. This apartment seems to use someone else’s name, because it is not fragrant at all, only a musty smell, like a mop in the bathroom. The biggest advantage is cheap. I live on the fourth floor, the northernmost one. The whole floor seems to be me alone. When I come back from get off work every day, it’s so quiet. I can hear the water dripping from the tap or cockroaches rummaging through the trash can for my crusty bread.

In the second month I moved in, the weather fell suddenly. When I came back from overtime, it snowed heavily. I was shaking with cold, and a key couldn’t be inserted into the keyhole for a long time. At this moment, the door of next door 402 opened, and a woman poked her head out and said to me: “Oh, Euntai is back. We are here, where are you going?”

< br/> I looked back, puzzled, and made sure she was talking to me. However, I don’t even know her.

The woman saw that I was not moving, she walked out of the room, took my arm and said, “Entai, what happened to you today? Weird. I am your wife’s pearl Ah. Don’t you remember?”

Unexpectedly, I became married like this. But I really don’t remember. I was dragged into 402 by her, and it was warm and smelling of porridge. I said, “You are mistaken. My name is An Youxin, not Entai.”

But the woman who claims to be a pearl is like she has never heard of her A bowl of porridge was placed on the table and said: “I have cooked preserved egg and lean meat porridge. Come and eat it.”

On such a cold night, I was A bowl of slightly hot porridge defeated. The porridge was very sticky, and the shredded pork was very finely chopped. I sat at the table and ate slowly, Mingzhu looked at me with a smile and said nothing. I was so confused by her, I wonder if there is something wrong with her mind. Suddenly, her expression changed, she picked up the stainless steel spoon at hand and slammed it at me fiercely. When I heard the monologue in my heart, I panicked and hid on the side. But where her spoon fell, it was a passing cockroach on the table.

She covered her mouth and giggled: “A cockroach scared you like this. Sit down and eat the porridge.”

The cockroach on the table was smashed through his stomach, and he was kicking his slender feet half-deadly. Where did I still have the appetite for porridge, pretending to be thinking of something suddenly, said: “By the way, I worked overtime today, I forgot, don’t wait for me, go to sleep.”

“Then you go quickly. Business matters.”

I didn’t expect this crazy woman to be so knowledgeable. I panickedEscaped the door.


The next day, I got up late. When passing by the front management office of the building, I suddenly remembered the woman I met last night, so I knocked on the window and said to the security guard Wei Zhi inside: “Old Wei, what does my new neighbor do?”

Old Wei looked at me, and he was startled and said, “What neighbor, no one has moved here except you on the fourth floor!”

“Why is there no one? I drank her porridge last night.”

When Old Wei heard this, he waved his hand impatiently and said, “Go, go Go fooling around.”

I was annoyed by his attitude. I opened his door, took his arm and said, “Go, let’s go up to the fourth floor, you think I lied to you.”

Old Wei has always had a bad temper, like His body is the same five big and three thick. He picked up the key “wow”, said only one word, and left.

For the first time, I felt that the fourth floor was so empty, and the key in Old Wei’s hand was echoing. Judging from the appearance of Old Wei, it seemed that he really didn’t know the newly moved woman. Standing in front of 402’s door, Old Wei glanced at me from the corner of his eye, took the spare key and opened the door. I copied my hand and stood aside, posing as if I was watching a play. Old Wei hummed his nose and pushed open the door.

The room is indeed the same as what I saw yesterday. It is clean, tidy and well organized. It’s just that the woman is not there. Old Wei frowned, with a look of doubt, and mumbled something quietly.

“How about? Someone is coming to live, right?” I asked.

At this time, a familiar voice sounded outside the door: “Entai, you came back from overtime? Why didn’t you tell me if a friend came?”

Hearing the sound, Old Wei was obviously more surprised than I was. He looked straight at the woman, and his face suddenly showed strange horror. He stammered and yelled, “Don’t… don’t come over.” He stumbled to the door.

This surprised me too much. I didn’t expect that there are still things in the world that make Old Wei afraid. Mingzhu took my hand and said, “My husband, your friend is so strange.”

I withdrew my hand like an electric shock and said, “I…I’m going to work.”