Liu Zhang underwent a retinal transplant and he almost recovered today.

A car accident a year ago made him lose his sight, and the endless darkness replaced everything about him. Fortunately, money can make ghosts go around. As the big boss of the company, Liu Zhang quickly found a matching retina. In this way, the operation went smoothly. Now, he was lying quietly on the hospital bed and greedily sucking the long-lost light.

It is about one o’clock in the morning, and there is dead silence in the hospital. Liu Zhang also felt sleepy at this time. He rolled over and closed his eyes.

Just when he was asleep, a cool breeze rushed from the corner of his back into his back, and he woke up with a sharp spirit.

He stood up and looked out. It turned out that the door of the ward was wide open and the wind came in from there. But just when he disagreed, he suddenly found a person standing outside the door!

The white light was spread out in the dark corridor outside the door, and the man happened to be standing in the middle. The man was wearing a black Tang suit that was inconsistent with himself, and stood at the door of the ward blankly. The light made his skin pale and snowy, lifeless. A pair of black holes staring straight at him!

“Who are you?” Liu Zhangzhuang asked boldly.

The man stared at him without speaking.

Liu Zhang felt his scalp numb, but he insisted on asking, “Who are you?”

The man still didn’t speak up.

“If you don’t speak anymore, I can call someone!” Liu Zhang was anxious.

“You slept in my seat.” The man finally spoke.

Liu Zhang’s heart suddenly touched his throat. When he recovered, the door was already empty.

Liu Zhang didn’t close his eyes this night.

The next day, Liu Zhang lay down on the bed groggy, thinking about the man in Tang suit. His wife brought him breakfast, he just took two bites and threw it aside, and then retracted into the quilt. It may be the reason for staying up late, he actually fell asleep in a daze. He slept very deeply, so it was already night when he was woken up again.

The person who woke him up was Zhao Fang, and she was Liu Zhang’s nursing nurse. This was when she checked Liu Zhang’s body.

Liu Zhang habitually passed his hand to Nurse Zhao to take his blood pressure, staring at the opposite wall in a daze.

“Mr. Liu, your spirit doesn’t look very good. Your eyes have only recovered soon. Pay attention to your body.” Nurse Zhao interrupted Liu Zhang’s thoughts.

“Ah? Oh, thanks. Uh… that Nurse Zhao… I want to ask you something. “Liu Zhang said.

“Well, ask. “

“My bed…before…has it been…dead?” “

“Yes, one died just before you came!” “Nurse Zhao replied without hesitation.

Sure enough! Liu Zhang’s heart was picked up, it was really dead! That person last night…he told me ……

“You slept in my seat…” A voice came in suddenly.

Liu Zhang shivered, then slowed down Slowly turn your head out of the door.

It’s the man! Uncle Ghost Ghost Story

Liu Zhang’s scalp exploded. When I opened it, his face turned pale, and his eyes turned black for a while. He yelled.

“Mr. Liu? Mr. Liu? what happened to you? Mr. Liu? “Nurse Zhao was taken aback.

“Door!” door! Outside! He yelled, pointing at the door.

Nurse Zhao immediately turned her head to the door, but she turned back suspiciously and said:” President Liu, there is nothing outside the door? “

Liu Zhang froze. He stared at the man outside the door. The man stared at him. Then he turned his head to Nurse Zhao, Nurse Zhao looked confused. I glanced at himself and outside the door.

Nurse Zhao couldn’t see that person!

Suddenly, he understood.

Liu Zhang suddenly remembered a movie he had watched before he was blind. The heroine of the story changed her retina just like herself, and then a series of terrifying things happened around her , She saw some “things” that no one else could see. Yes, Liu Zhang felt that she had experienced the same thing as the woman in the movie-hell!

Thought of this , He actually calmed down. He looked out the door carefully again.

The man was gone again.

Nurse Zhao was also gone. Now!

At this time, Liu Zhang became like a puddle of mud and collapsed on the bed. He closed his eyes tightly and did not dare to open it again. He regretted it.< br>

A year ago, Liu Zhang deliberately killed his tit-for-tat rival Zhao Gang, but he did not expect that a car accident happened while he was murdering and escaping. He is blind.

If he had not murdered Zhao Gang, he would not have been in a car accident; if he had not been in a car accident, he would not have been blind.;If you are not blind…

At this time, he found that the whole hospital was silent, there was no sound, and it was still lifeless. he knows. When people lose sight, their hearing becomes very sensitive.

Just as he was completely silent, a voice penetrated his ears, like an unsuspecting thunder.

“You slept in my seat!”

Liu Zhang suddenly opened his eyes, and a white face came into view. The man was almost face to face with himself, grinning at himself with a grin.

“You slept in my seat!”

Liu Zhang’s nerves were tense for a long time, and finally reached the limit at this moment and broke.

He broke down.

Liu Zhang is dead.

Before he died, he poked himself blind, then he rushed out of the balcony like crazy and fell to death.

In a short while, many people came to watch, and people were talking about it. Among the crowd, Zhao Fang and a man in a black Tang suit were among them. The man was her younger brother Zhao Yuan. In the moonlight, the two looked at Liu Zhang’s body and smiled.

They have the same father named Zhao Gang.