1. Death induction

Staying with mental patients all day long, even those with the best mental quality may be infected. For example, Mary, a nurse at the Tal Psychiatric Hospital, often has some inexplicable dreams.

One night, Mary dreamed of a dementia patient she had been caring for these days. Perplexed, she felt that the patient was struggling with his body on the hospital bed, and his mouth was struggling to open and close as if to tell someone something. After a long time, the patient gave up struggling and closed his eyes with regret.

Early the next morning, Mary came to the hospital and asked her colleague on night shift how the patient in Room 521 was. The answer is that the patient died last night. Mary patted her chest with her hand, and said in surprise: “What a coincidence, I dreamt that he was dead last night, and he really died.” The colleague glanced at her and smiled and expressed his disbelief.

That night, Mary dreamed that the dementia patient had come back to life. He sat up, turned his head and smiled strangely at her, then got out of the morgue and walked away…

After dawn, Mary arrived at the hospital and was about to talk to her colleagues. In this dream, my colleague smiled and asked her if she dreamed that the dead person disappeared? Mary was surprised and asked: “Yeah, did you dream it too?” The colleague said to Mary that she didn’t dream of it. This is the real thing. The body in the morgue was gone.

At this time, the head nurse came over and said to Mary with concern: “Are you sick, do you want to take a day off for a few days?” Mary shook her head in astonishment and said to herself It’s okay. The head nurse sighed and said, “I know that you were wronged by the last star nurse selection, but don’t be discouraged. There will be more opportunities in the future.”

Select star nurses It was a month ago that in order to improve the quality of service and stimulate the enthusiasm of nurses, the hospital decided to appraise five-star nurses as role models, so that everyone could learn from each other and make progress in the competition.

This time the star-rated nurse is voted by hospital patients. Mary, who is enthusiastic and caring for the patients, is determined to be on the list. However, the general evaluation of excellence requires two factors, one is the support of voters; the other is the care of leaders. Although Mary did her best to the patient, she was not as good as the leader in communicating with the leader.

The final result of the star rating nurse was that Mary’s name was announced on the list, but when the award was issued a few days later, the certificate that originally belonged to her was filled with another woman Nurse An Li’s name. Mary didn’t care about the star title, but she was robbed by others after the evaluation, and her heart was unavoidable. Although she still insisted on going to work with a smile every day, everyone thought that she would get sick sooner or later if she was so depressed.

One morning more than ten days later, Mary hurried to the hospital, but she ignored the colleague who was on shift but went to the ward first.After that, he breathed a sigh of relief. When a colleague asked her what was wrong, Mary said: “Fortunately, my dream may be accurate.” Upon seeing her, the colleague asked her if she dreamed of the death of the patient again, and smiled understandingly and said: “How can there be such a precise dream? Think about it. By the way, you also have to remember to take your medicine on time.”

Everyone thought Mary was mentally ill, and Mary couldn’t explain it, so she had to smile wryly.

But when it was about to get off work in the afternoon, the patient who appeared in Mary’s dream really died. The identity of the deceased is a tainted witness for the police. The police came soon after his death. A young police officer named Cohen asked Mary about some nursing details and let her go home.

At night, Mary dreamed that the corpse of the dead person got up from the morgue during the day and went out.

The next day, the body really disappeared. Cohen immediately strengthened the police to investigate the matter because the deceased was related to a very serious case. The deceased was also a criminal suspect in a very serious case. After being caught, he was willing to be a tainted witness for the police. Before the trial, the suspect’s lawyer said he had intermittent mental illness and was therefore sent to a mental hospital. I wanted to wait for the tainted witness to charge another criminal suspect after he was discharged from the hospital, but I didn’t want him to suddenly die in the hospital and his body was also missing. Therefore, at least two questions are left now, how did the patient die, suicide or homicide? Where is the corpse? The police investigated for a long time, but finally found nothing.

At this time, someone told Cohen that Mary had said that she had dreamed of the death of a patient and that the corpse had run away. Cohen found Mary and asked her to elaborate on what she had seen in both dreams. Regrettably, what Mary said not only did not help Cohen, but made him more doubtful. How could Mary foresee the life and death of others in her dream? The corpse really went out by himself?

A few days later, Mary was dreaming again. When she woke up, she immediately called Police Officer Cohen. Cohen asked her who dreamed of dying again, but Mary was frightened and woke up before she knew who the man was. Cohen quickly drove Mary to the hospital, and went straight to the ward as soon as he entered the gate. Sure enough, another person died.

Cohen immediately called for a forensic doctor. Upon examination, the deceased was brain cell necrosis, which should have been natural death.

According to the experience of the last two times, the deceased will flee tonight, and the hospital will be enveloped in an atmosphere of terror. Koenga sent police to guard near the morgue, wanting to see if the body was stolen or if it was a legendary corpse.

In the evening, several police officers ate a bit of potluck in the hospital cafeteria, and then stood guard outside the morgue.