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Paper Wife of Poor Scholar

The story takes place in a certain area in the northeast of the Republic of China. Zhang Fu was originally a scholar in the late Qing Dynasty. His family only had an old mother and a distant uncle. When the Qing Dynasty fell, the old mother also passed away. Zhang Fu didn’t have any living skills, so he was helpless and infected with opium. After that, his life was worse.. Read More

Huangpizi enters the house

The story happened to the aunt’s family. The aunt’s family lived in a place called Babao Village. The aunt’s family had three children. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the living conditions of the aunt’s family were considered a well-off life at the time, but before the aunt’s house was an ordinary rural family, and the life was a little It is clear and poor, but everything must start.. Read More

Ghosts pay tuition

Zhang Xiaofu teaches in the mountainous area, and he likes to be with the ranger Lao Li Penkong the most. Lao Li served as a soldier in the Northeast when he was young, and there are endless stories. Lao Li also likes Teacher Zhang, knowing that he was teaching in a high school in the city, and he has become more cordial. Lao Li’s grandson and granddaughter went to school.. Read More

Old man looking out

There is an old man in the village who is close to one hundred years old, and is still the oldest old man in the village! But now there is a record of an old man in the village chasing him. Today, let’s talk about the late old man. We all call him-Old Liu Tou It is said that when he was a child, he was from an ordinary family,.. Read More

Kill the pig and fight the ghost

The ancestor of Liangzi in the village used to kill pigs for three generations, and his generation is no exception. He is a connoisseur in his twenties, and his craftsmanship is particularly good. In the summer of that year, a big black dog in a classmate’s house in a neighboring village was hit and killed by a car. After he got it home, he asked him to clean it up… Read More

Destined to ghosts

, I bought all burning paper, and used your tricycle to drag me to the crossroads. “ Oh! Five hundred yuan of burning paper, this old Wang’s hair is that crazy! The old Zhang, who runs the store, puts burning paper on the tricycle and dare not ask. At the crossroads, Lao Wang drew a big circle on the ground, took out a piece of paper to write on the.. Read More

Cheap clothes

Xiao Min likes to buy some cheap clothes online, the one with free shipping for 9 yuan. It didn’t take long for roommates Chen Jing and Bai Xiaoyu to discover that Xiao Min’s personality was changing every day. No, today she changed into a ruffled dress, and she suddenly became a cute girl, and her speech became a baby girl. Bai Xiaoyu couldn’t help it, and asked: “Who are you?”.. Read More


During his lifetime, Wang Dafu did a lot of harmful deeds in order to make money. After he arrived in the underworld in fear, he discovered that it was actually a “money” society. It takes money to eat, money to buy a yin house, and a lot of money to go to the pass to visit relatives in Yangjian. Relying on the money burned by his descendants, Wang Dafu still.. Read More

What’s missing in fate

Dong Qiang was very unlucky. His work was gone, his girlfriend broke up, and he was obsessed with gambling and lost his family. Dong Qiang felt that the reason why he was so unlucky might be due to the bad feng shui at home, so he specially visited a fortune teller. Dong Qiang came to the master’s house and found that there were two men who were fat and thin.. Read More

The fool by the Wangmu River

There is a river in the south of Fugui Village called Wangmu River. The courageous villagers often go to wild baths. But the old people in the village said that there are ghosts in the river and they cannot go swimming there. Guan Da in the village likes to swim very much. He took off his clothes that day and took a bath in Wangmu River. Sister Xu, who was.. Read More