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Drowning ghost looking for a stand-in

Pulling the curtain to worship the mother river beam, look at the eyes of tears withered in white worry. In the miserable Chaimen night, it is better to have children than nothing. My hometown is in a remote mountainous area in the southwest. There is a beautiful river in front of the village, which is one of the sources of Wujiang River. I go back to my hometown every summer.. Read More

Ghost Possessed

The story Before the liberation, there was a year of severe drought, and there was no harvest of crops. In order to satisfy the hunger, wild vegetables and leaves were looted. Later, the victims really didn’t make a living, so they helped the old and the young to leave their homes and flee the famine. In the famine escape team, a couple took a 16 or 7-year-old daughter. Unfortunately, both.. Read More

Fighting with the dead

The Er Lengzi in the village is an unbeliever! Over the years, seeing the houses next door to the left and right demolished and rebuilt, and seeing everyone living in the bungalows, his heart is also itchy. So together with his wife: his wife raises pigs at home on a large scale, while he goes to work outside the city, and when he saves enough money, he demolishes the old.. Read More

Resurrected after death

The god mother was not surnamed God, but she liked to believe in God fortune-telling, divination and draw lots. She was more effective, so she passed ten, ten hundred, and she was famous in Fangyuan Baili. After that, everyone used to call her. She is “mother-in-law”. The god-in-law has no children at her knees, and lives with her wife. The two of them have deep feelings. In half a century.. Read More

Old doctor knocking his pipe

The old man has excellent Chinese medical skills and has rescued countless villagers who were on the verge of death. At the age of high, old doctors rarely visit doctors now, unless the ordinary doctors are helpless and unable to treat, he will go out in person. A few days ago, the second sister-in-law of Wang’s wife at the village head suddenly became ill. Not only was she full of.. Read More


> The old carpenter didn’t say anything aside, and did the work at his hand unhurriedly. In the afternoon, Wang Nianxiong’s funeral arrangements were almost done. No one expected that Wang Nianxiong, who was lying on the bed, moved suddenly, and then he spoke slightly and asked his wife to cook some porridge for him. Within a month, he was sentenced to death by the doctor. “The Wang Nianxiong began.. Read More

Deadly Red

Once upon a time, there was a village in Li’s family. There was a poor scholar Li Shan in the village. He had married a wife named Xiaolian. On this day, Xiaolian felt cold, and Li Shan went into the city to get medicine for Xiaolian. When they met an acquaintance, they forced him to drink, but couldn’t avoid it. The two of them had a drink, and they were.. Read More

Wilderness Black Dog

Wandering, barking often echoes in the dark night. The voice was rather bleak, even like a sob and cry, which was moving. The faint-hearted are talking about it, someone must be dying. As a result, everyone in Guangfu City is in danger and hides when they see a dog during the day. Several households even abandon their dogs and drive them away. For a while, the stray dog ​​ranks on.. Read More

Card Game on Tomb Hill

When we were young, we all lived in bungalows. At that time, after dinner, many neighbors sat under a vine in front of the house and chatted, but they always talked and talked, and some elderly people would talk about ghosts. Stories, these stories always make us fascinated and remembered. Grandpa Zhang likes to tell stories very much, and he tells them vividly and vividly. Once he told everyone a.. Read More

Unlucky people will naturally hell

The ghost story I told you today was personally told by the person involved, Shaobo. After finishing this ghost story, something happened to Shaobo. One summer, my neighbor Shaobo, about 30 years old, came back from a job in Guangdong and brought a beautiful girlfriend from outside. He was either Adidas or Nike. He also wore a gold necklace. He also bought many health products and health equipment for his.. Read More