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Blood revelation

A messy picture is jumping on TV, and a recently unusually popular series is being staged. I lay on the head of the bed and didn’t see much at all. The plot was terrible and even more difficult for me to understand. The actress was also famous and sang a few songs. I couldn’t compliment her voice. Soon, my attention turned to the roof, and I looked up every once.. Read More

Demon wife

The demon is my wife picked on the way. The day I was on my way home, she was definitely following me. I go, she goes, I stop, she stops too. He was thin and wrapped in black. Although there was dust on his face, it was faintly visible that the eyes were black and white, very clear, and looked at me flickering, but just didn’t speak. I suspected that.. Read More

Test psychic ability

People have always asked how Xiaoyong can see ghosts and the like, but it really depends on the situation. Including your birth date and the like, there is a test below, which is fairly accurate. You will know when you do it. 1. Do you believe that there are ghosts in the world? Believe – (go to question 9) Do not believe – (go to question 5)   2. Has.. Read More

Wild fox of yangbo

People: Yang Bo/Sitong. An Qi Location: Between Dream and Reality Time: The name of Yang Bo has basically disappeared from Sitong in August 1998. When you mention him, many people still remember it because he is a Sitong There are a few people who use mobile phones and laptops to surf the Internet. You can see him at any time. Ask him every time, not on the train, but in.. Read More

Moon Night Werewolf

Author: pigtail knife before writing this story, we briefly explain pigtail knife, she is one of the most popular night of Stone MM, the most crazy when you can soak twenty hours a day and never see any friends After her….. (please don’t mind my act of leaking privacy, I think it’s a warning to netizens) The reason why you know this secret is from a traffic jam, Mid-Autumn Festival.. Read More

Hell Correspondent

It was an early spring night, the wind was very cool, and the small armour was lying on the back seat of his uncle’s truck, warm and safe. Since his father’s death, Xiaojia has been running transportation with his uncle and learned to repair the car with his uncle. He didn’t do it during the day or night, because he knew he could do nothing but this, because his right.. Read More

Dangerous game

1. Boring time I remember that it was my second semester in the third year of high school. At that time, I almost didn’t see the class teacher several times a month, every day. Some boring self-study lessons. Because it is very playful, plus the self-righteous review is almost the same. Therefore, I played with some of my “buddies” in some self-study classes without teacher supervision. At that time, it.. Read More

Paper doll for little girl

If you see a very ugly baby face painted on a paper ball, don’t say that it is ugly, because… Xiang painted a face of each doll on a paper ball on the table, exactly Say it was just a baby face with two curved blue eyes and a curved red mouth without even a small nose, that face smiled evilly at you, making you shudder. After the painting of.. Read More

Cursed Internet Cafe

  The university I am studying at has a small restaurant opposite the door. There are only two people, an old man and an old woman, both the boss and the buddy. Their business is not good, because the old man is fierce and often collects more money from others. Although the old woman is not bad, she will still help if her old man has done the right thing… Read More

Haze over the town

One day at the end of autumn, a girl named Qing Qing suddenly disappeared inexplicably in Chaokou Town. People searched everywhere and did not find her. Later, some people suspected that it might have been eaten by monsters in the nearby mountains. But, how could a healthy girl of seventeen or eight be so easily taken away, besides sleeping in her own house at night, no one was in the.. Read More