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Reincarnation never forgets to repay

In many myths and movies, we can see the saying that people will reincarnate after death. Reincarnation as humans or beasts may be the idea of ​​persuading people to be good in religious culture. But there was an incident around me that made me believe in the reincarnation statement even more. Maybe you think it’s just a coincidence. Even if it’s a coincidence, the probability is much smaller than the.. Read More

Grandma, go and burn some paper money

Many years ago, there was a child in my neighbor’s house. I called him Pan Pan. He was about 3 years old. He looked very cute. I often like to hug him everywhere to play. He also likes to play with me until one day, he The sentence scared me. It was a summer, not far from the ghost festival on July 15th. After dinner, I sat at the door.. Read More

Cry in the latrine

There was a big fish pond in front of Lao Li’s house. Later, for the convenience of the villagers, Lao Li built a latrine beside the fish pond for the convenience of nearby residents. Suddenly one day, there was a rumor in the village that there were ghosts in this latrine, and people who entered the latrine at night would hear crying. Regarding such rumors, Lao Li must be totally.. Read More

Clay puppet

The story takes place in Xiaoli Village. Li Erhao is a 70-year-old man. One day, he was basking in the street with a cane on the pillar. As soon as his legs trembled, he sat on the ground. As soon as he wanted to get up slowly, a young man came to help. Li Erhao was heartbroken, and began to lean on the old and sell the old, yelling: You.. Read More

The transparent man

Liu Yang is a college student who is studying a major he doesn’t like and racking his brains every day to find ways to skip class. One day, when Liu Yang was visiting his school’s post, he suddenly saw a post that he called for someone else in class. The charge was not expensive. Liu Yang was very interested in this service and immediately contacted the other party and said.. Read More

The courage of the black joke

At the class reunion, Yan Xiaobei hurried away excitedly with a pair of chess, ready to find the feeling of playing under the big locust tree in the alley. Things did not develop in the direction Yan Xiaobei thought about. After a lot of food and drink, the old classmates began to talk about the house and the car. “You must have courage to be a man, I just dare.. Read More


At night, the candles in the shed light and dark. Xiao Lei, who was guarding the spirit, yawned and swallowed as he looked at the plates of tribute placed in front of the coffin. He pulled Xiao Huo aside and whispered: “Hey, let’s go steal some cakes to eat?” “What are you talking about.” Xiao Huo smiled and walked over and took it. A few tributes, “Obviously it’s okay to’take’.”.. Read More

Share food

My parents are on business trips these days, and Li Lei is the only one left at home. It’s summer vacation again, so he has been playing online games all night. This night, Li Lei played games late at night again. Suddenly, he saw a shadow outside the window. Li Lei nodded towards the shadow as a greeting, and then continued playing the game. A minute later, Li Lei suddenly.. Read More

I have a black hole

What’s incredible is that the cup with coffee fell to the ground! Black circle “Is it because I misplaced it?” Yang Wanfu couldn’t believe it. He clearly remembered that he put the cup on that piece of paper, and that piece of paper was on the table. How did the cup fall through the paper and the table and fall to the ground? Yang Wanfu’s eyes were quickly attracted by.. Read More

Live again

Gu Haicheng stood alone on the bridge across the river, and the night breeze was whizzing by. He looked at the rushing river below, and his heart was crossed, ready to jump down and end his life. “Wait!” A shout rang out in the void. “Who is it?” Gu Haicheng said in horror, “No one can stop me from committing suicide.” “I’m not here to stop you “A ghost appeared.. Read More