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Broken Soul Bridge

There are curses in the world, curses at people, curses at chickens, and curses at dogs. Have you ever heard of “swearing at bridges”? This bridge is a river bridge with concrete piers on the east side of our small town: Don’t underestimate this small river bridge. It’s called “Broken Soul Bridge”! Because of the terrain, there is a hillside to the east of the city, which is connected to.. Read More

Don’t pick up the transfer money on the road

Wang Ergou is a naughty child who is in the youth rebellious period and often causes trouble. He is the only seedling in the family, and his parents did not dare to say more about the mistakes grandpa and grandma took care of the calf. After a long time, Wang Ergou became savage and willful, self-centered, and in short, he was disobedient. One day, Wang Ergou wanted to eat popsicles.. Read More

Red Strap Ginseng

Once upon a time, there was a child named Tie Zhu in Shilibao Village. Tie Zhu’s father was a ginseng picker, and he often took Tie Zhu into the mountains to collect ginseng. One day, Tie Zhu followed his father into the mountain to collect ginseng, and Tie Zhu leaped forward. There are many people who gather ginseng. They need to worship the mountain god before entering the mountain, and.. Read More

Grandma gives birth

Once upon a time, there was an old lady named Zhang, who was nearly fifty and was pregnant. Zhang’s husband is a butcher in the village and his name is Qian Da. Qian Da is full of flesh, arrogant, and often bullies the villagers. The villagers also wanted to teach Qian Qian a big meal, but Qian’s waist was wearing a sharp knife, for fear of annoying him. Money slaughters.. Read More

Buy puppets to attract evil

I don’t know when, there was an old man who made a puppet next to Gao Fei’s house. The old man had gray hair and looked very old, but he was very strong. Gao Fei paid attention to this old man and started as a puppet. It’s not ambiguous at all, you can carve a cylindrical piece of wood into a lifelike doll. It is precisely because of the superb.. Read More

Road ghost

In the dead of night, a black car is running on the highway. On the road that was full of rain just now, when the vehicle flew by quickly, there was a splash of water. Chen Jicai rubbed his hazy eyes and stayed up all night, causing endless sleepiness to sweep over his body. “Yawn.” Rubbed his nostrils, yawned gently, and drank a cup of coffee on the car platform… Read More

Lock soul

Blood Corpse “We spent a lot of effort to enter this tomb. Could it be that the bamboo basket was empty?” Zhang Long touched his head dejectedly. The expression on his face was very disappointed. Uncle Leng squinted at the dark and empty tomb, and instructed the woman behind him: “A Ju, see if there is anything unclean in it!” A Ju is Leng Uncle’s goddaughter, a timid girl, looks.. Read More

Who is next

Wedge There are many strange people, strange things, and many things that cannot be explained by science. And all you have to do is control your greed. Because, once the door of desire opens, you don’t know what you are facing, or what you are about to lose, whether it will be your own life. 1. Strange frog It has been two months since Yao Xiaoyao left with the rich.. Read More

Nie Yuan

Half a month ago, when Liu Yang accidentally ran into his wife putting a yellowed insurance claim statement in the safe, Liu Yang felt a faint anxiety, maybe something should happen. Let this woman disappear before his eyes. Liu Yang knows that if he keeps asking, he will only increase his displeasure. His wife is notorious for being unreasonable. If time can go back to twenty years ago, perhaps Liu.. Read More

Three true ghost stories

1. Shan Jing Contribution: Malaysian Wenqing Like the anaconda ghost, this matter is also from my Indonesian worker Said. He said that in Java, Indonesia, there is a mountain spirit, which looks like a monkey, but stands upright and has its own tribe, but there are not too many ethnic groups. At first I thought he was talking about Bigfoot, but he said that he was not that tall and.. Read More